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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 569 - Pleasing Her Majesty (24)

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Chapter 569: Pleasing Her Majesty (24)

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When Lord Zhou came into the palace, he met with some accidents so he arrived a bit late. However, when he looked at the scene, Lord Zhou felt that he was redundant.

Really redundant.

“Lord Zhou.”

Ming Shu called him slowly.

Lord Zhou felt cold sweat beading all over his body.

“Are you trying to make me die of hunger?” So that you can inherit my throne!

Ming Shu had gotten a chair from somewhere and she was sitting in front of the burning Yangxin Hall. She had her right leg on the edge of the chair and her hand was on her knees. The dragon on her dragon robe moved along with the heat and danced on the cloth.

There were people groaning all around her. Meng Liang and Ning Furong looked the worst. At least… from their faces, they looked the worst.

Ye Mochen had disappeared.

Ming Shu had her other leg on Ning Furong. She looked as though the world was hers.

“Come, Lord Zhou, where is the drumstick that I asked you to get?”

Lord Zhou: “…”

Lord Zhou took out an oil paper bag and pa.s.sed it to Mister respectfully. He felt hopeless. What emperor would do such a thing?

Ming Shu smiled at Lord Zhou. “Lord Zhou, let me make you the prime minister.”

Any official that gives me drumsticks is a good official.

Lord Zhou glanced at the prime minister below Ming Shu’s feet.

Can you not be so casual!

“It’s settled.” Ming Shu confirmed her words and ordered the new Prime Minister Zhou with her drumstick. “Come, take this past prime minister away.”

“Dongqing, what are you!” Ning Furong shouted in fear as though she’d just regained consciousness.

She didn’t know how to describe what she just experienced.

Is that what a human should be like?

She thought that she saw… h.e.l.l.

Ming Shu retracted her feet. She smiled and said, “You make it sound as though you are something.”

Ning Furong: “…”

“Lord Prime Minister, she is not Dongqing!” Ning Furong suddenly shouted at the new Prime Minister Zhou. “She is not human, she… she is a devil. She killed so many people alone. It is not possible. No human can do it. Yes, she is a devil. She must be a devil.”

Ning Furong started rambling toward the end.

“Lord Zhou, she is not Her Majesty, Her Majesty has been killed at her hands.” That was the only way to explain why her att.i.tude toward her changed so much.

If she could be reborn…

This means that there are other demons and devils in this world.

“Her Majesty must have been killed by her!”

The new Prime Minister Zhou wiped his cold sweat away. “Your Majesty, what shall we do with these rebels?”

Hah, he would be crazy to provoke her now.

“Dongqing, when did you start planning all this?” Meng Liang was calmer than Ning Furong.

She transferred all the imperial guards out of the palace so that they would not meet much resistance when they come in.

However, when did she prepare all this?

Ming Shu took a bite of her drumstick and chewed twice. Then she smiled and said slowly, “Do you want to know?”

Bulls.h.i.t, if I didn’t want to know, why would I ask you?

Ming Shu continued angering him. “I will not tell you.” Let me anger you to death.

Meng Liang: “…”

The new Prime Minister Zhou continued wiping his cold sweat. They did not know when she started planning everything, but he knew.

The moment she released him, she started ordering him to do things.

When she was organizing the disaster relief, she took the opportunity and transferred a bunch of people out of the palace. Although these people were under General Meng, Ming Shu knew how to make them listen to her. Hence, the last group of imperial guards left the palace.

When the plague started to spread and the palace was a mess, she didn’t care about it and another bunch of people was sent out.

After that, she ordered him to prepare himself and be ready at any time. She said that a big show would start soon. According to the plan, once he saw the signal from the palace, he would bring the people ambushed outside the palace in.

In reality, he didn’t do much.

Maybe… he just brought her the drumstick?

Then, he became the prime minister.

He might be the first person in history to become a prime minister because of drumsticks.

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Why does it seem so weird?

On a barren mountain outside the imperial city…

The appearance of Meng Liang and Ning Furong broke the silence in the mountain.

Ning Furong panted heavily. The dizziness made her feel uncomfortable and she took a while to realize that her location had changed.

Ning Furong frowned. She looked at Meng Liang with a strange expression. “Who are you?”

How did he get her here in such a short time?

Meng Liang glanced at Ning Furong and then picked up some stones at the side. “You don’t have to care about who I am. My aim is the same as yours.”

Meng Liang had saved her life. Ning Furong panted. “Why do you want to kill her?”

“That has nothing to do with you.”

Ning Furong felt that Meng Liang’s tone had changed. It was cold and indifferent like she was something redundant.

Ning Furong’s eyes turned in their sockets. “Haven’t you convince your father already? Why didn’t he appear? He didn’t even give you any men…”

Meng Liang frowned and interrupted Ning Furong. “Do you think that the appearance of my father would change the situation tonight?”

Ning Furong was stunned.

The scene seemed to play out in front of her again.

There was no blood.

However, it was scarier than any b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

Ning Furong grabbed her clothes instinctively. “What is she.”

Meng Liang glanced at her. “Human.”

“That is not possible!” Ning Furong refuted him loudly.

“What do you think she is, then?”

“I don’t know…” Ning Furong shook her head. “But she is not human. How can a human do those things?”

Ning Furong would never believe that the person who frightened her so much was human.

Meng Liang smiled coldly.

Ning Furong shivered for some reason. She shrank back and looked at Meng Liang vigilantly.

Just now, Meng Liang had been giving her a weird feeling…

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