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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 566 - Pleasing Her Majesty (21)

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Chapter 566: Pleasing Her Majesty (21)

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The rain lasted half a month. Half a month later, the rain stopped and the weather suddenly turned hot again.

Refugees from the south had begun to move towards the capital, and the plague then broke out without warning.

Just within a few days, countless people died. The plague went into the capital along with the flooding refugees, and soon some people in the capital city were also infected.

When the outbreak of plague was first reported, refugees were banned from the capital. But unfortunately, there were always dignitaries returning from other places, and so the plague was brought into the capital in this way.

The plague broke out quickly and violently, giving little time for people to react. The whole country had been overrun by the plague now.

In order to prevent the plague, they also began to disinfect the royal palace, making the whole palace full of the unpleasant smell of medicine.

Right at this time, the rumors began to spread that because Ming Shu was fatuous and favored the conquered emperor of the past dynasty, such a punishment fell from heaven.

“… They also said you should put the royal concubine to death so as to quiet down G.o.d’s anger.” Lianxin shivered as she reported the rumors outside to Ming Shu.

“Why don’t they just drive me out of the throne room?” I haven’t done anything yet, and G.o.d has sent the punishment?

This G.o.d must be a fake one!

“…” Lianxin didn’t dare pick up the topic. Those people would avoid something offensive as long as they hadn’t arrived at the final moment.

“Has the royal physician sent everyone out?”

“Yes.” Lianxin nodded her head. “The imperial physicians have received the command and worked day and night to study a prescription for the plague. There should be results soon.”

Ming Shu nodded.

But the plague was far worse than they thought. All the imperial physicians worked together, but they couldn’t produce a useful prescription.

The streets and alleys in the capital city had begun to smell of rot, which was particularly unpleasant in the hot weather.

Ming Shu had the capital city quarantined, with the infected and the uninfected separated; food was distributed, and the people’s riot was barely stabilized in this way.

But it couldn’t be counted as the final solution.

The real solution was to find a way to contain the plague.

Ming Shu didn’t know how to handle it, and neither did Ning Furong.

There wasn’t such a plague in her previous life.

“Prime Minister, perhaps let’s start the war?” Yi Lang suggested Ning Furong. “This is a good opportunity. Now the imperial city is in panic, and they all say the one on the throne is fatuous and she has caused this punishment from the heavens. This gives us a good reason.”

Ning Furong shook her head. “If the plague can’t be resolved, what’s the use of taking that throne? The most important thing now is to find a solution to the plague.”

Only by resolving the plague could they get the people’s support.

By then, even if she started the war, it would be complying with the common wishes, not a rebellion…

“Prime Minister, you can be rest a.s.sured and rise up, I’ll fix the plague,” Meng Liang suddenly said, sitting in the corner. “Of course, if you can trust me.”

“You?” Ning Furong just wanted the Meng family’s military power, she didn’t like this person.

Through recent contact, she still didn’t like him.

Perhaps it’s because he liked Dongqing…

Meng Liang nodded his head. “I can fix it, you just need to do what you want. But, Prime Minister, when we successfully arrive there, I hope you can leave Dongqing to me.”

The reason Meng Liang made the alliance with her was very simple—he wanted Dongqing.

Ning Furong pondered for a long time before finally making the decision.

She didn’t know how Meng Liang had talked to the old General Meng, but the old General Meng agreed to cooperate with them.

She felt a little excited in private… She could feel her blood surge inside. She originally intended to plan everything slowly, but the plan went off the rails again and again, and now they even had an unexpected plague, perhaps… This was the opportunity G.o.d had shown her.

Ning Furong looked in the direction where the royal palace lay and slowly clenched her hands.

Ning Furong began to actively prepare for the rebellion. Meanwhile the plague spread faster and everyone in the palace became worried.

Ming Shu spent all day long scheming something with Lord Zhou, and the imperial court fell into chaos.

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Ye Mochen sneered. “She has Dongyu’s blood in her body, so she’s your enemy.”

Junjue caught Ming Shu’s hand and stated his stance. “Royal Uncle, it’s over.”

“Then don’t blame me. Since you like her so much, go to h.e.l.l with her.” Ye Mochen grunted coldly and the people beside him pushed forward again.

These people Ye Mochen brought here this time were powerful seniors. Ming Shu felt a little tired. She glanced over the hall and made a prompt decision to take Junjue and run outside.

Lianxin happened to arrive with their men. Ming Shu pushed Junjue to them. “Take the royal concubine away.”

Junjue was protected by the imperial guards in the middle and they retreated outside.

But Ye Mochen brought many people. They lured the imperial guards to the Xianyu Palace first, and now there were still many circling around outside.

They were surrounded.

Ming Shu broke the siege and came back to the guards.

“Dongqing, how do you think I can get into the palace so easily?” Ye Mochen walked out of the hall. He had taken off the mask, revealing the male protagonist’s handsome and glowing face.

Ye Mochen and Junjue looked alike, but the former was harder and domineering, which made him more like a mighty emperor.

In the firelight, a smile spread across Ming Shu’s face. “How do you think you can get into the palace so easily?”

Ye Mochen thought over the path he came in, and nothing seemed wrong…

Ming Shu rested the sword on her shoulder. “If I didn’t open the back door for you, you couldn’t even touch the walls of the palace. Do you really think the palace guards are so few?”

Ye Mochen’s pupils shrank slightly and he looked around swiftly. There are indeed very few imperial guards here…

It was really very smooth for them to get in tonight, and they didn’t meet any obstacle.

His men were powerful and they could manage to enter the royal palace easily alone. But there were so many of them today…

Ye Mochen began to doubt and hesitate, but he didn’t totally believe what Ming Shu said.

Ming Shu sighed with a beaming smile. “Even needing my help for a rebellion, so what kind of rebellion are you planning exactly? You’d better go home and farm your land.”

Ye Mochen: “…”

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