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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 565 - Pleasing Her Majesty (20)

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Chapter 565: Pleasing Her Majesty (20)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

No one took the initiative to stand out. Probably they thought if they stood out, they would admit that they planned to divert money.

In the end, Ming Shu made all of them draw lots together.



The gate is over there so just get out right now. Why do I need ministers who can’t share my burdens!

The ministers could only swallow their complaints and accept Ming Shu’s method—drawing lots.

“Lord Zhou, what does this mean?” One of the ministers showed his pegwood to Lord Zhou.

It read steamed bun.

Lord Zhou held his pegwood on which read steamed stuffed bun and put it into his sleeves silently. He stared straight ahead into nothing.

The fellow official didn’t get answers from Lord Zhou, so he turned to ask other fellow officials nearby.

The words on the pegwoods were all related to food.

Ning Furong also drew a food name. She frowned and looked at Ming Shu, while the latter looked at her with a smile.

It was a tender and soft smile, warm-looking, but she just felt creepy to see it.

After everyone had picked a pegwood, Ming Shu breathed out and said slowly, “Okay, those who have food names can go home and eat breakfast, but the one who has the pig, pack up and go to the North Gate. You’ll set off immediately.”


A minister standing not far from Lord Zhou exclaimed, and the others rested their eyes on him at the same time.

The director of Dali Temple was a little dumbfounded… I-I-I… I’m in charge of cases, how can I go to relieve a disaster?

Your Majesty, this doesn’t seem to be right!

Ming Shu looked at the director of Dali Temple with a smile. “Set off right now. Minister, do you have any opinions?”

“No…” The director of Dali Temple wiped off his cold sweat. “I’ll set off right now.”

The ministers reacted now that the one above said “set off right now.” It meant that while they were still arguing about who should take the job, she had already arranged everything well, just waiting for the one who would be chosen.

Under the gazes of his fellow officials, the director of Dali Temple walked out of the hall, visibly dumbfounded.

Who am I, where am I, and what am I going to do?

“See, it’s settled.” Ming Shu yawned and stood up, waving her hand casually. “The session is ended here today.”

Later the ministers came to know that besides the director of Dali Temple, several officials were personally appointed by Ming Shu to a.s.sist the former and go with him.

The a.s.sistance now looked… more like monitoring.

Those ministers who were quite smart and sensitive began to realize something from this. Her Majesty did conduct many absurd behaviors, but judging from the way she handled this matter, she didn’t seem to be absurd at all in big issues.

Ning Furong walked out of the throne room. It was raining outside. Waiting until all the ministers had left, she began to walk out of the royal palace.

Meng Liang awaited her outside the royal palace. He helped her get into the carriage with an indifferent look.

“I just saw the relief procession set off. How is it the director of Dali Temple?”

Ning Furong sneered with anger. “Do you know how she chose the candidate?”

Meng Liang paused for two seconds. “How?”

Ning Furong gritted her teeth. “Drawing lots.”

She had imagined every possible way before, but she never expected her to decide the matter in this way.

Meng Liang: “…”

Meng Liang soon continued, “Since the candidate has been chosen, don’t waste more time on it. I’ll persuade my father and get the commander’s seal as soon as possible, you should speed up your actions as well.”

Ning Furong suddenly looked up at Meng Liang. “I’m curious. Why are you so easily persuaded by me?”

Meng Liang’s face showed some vague anger. “Don’t you forget what you did to me, Prime Minister.”

Ning Furong shook her head. “General Meng Liang, that’s not enough reason for you to be on my side.”

Meng Liang said, “She would rather choose the conquered emperor over me, is that reason enough?”

Ning Furong stared at Meng Liang for a while, then changed the topic. “How will you persuade your father, General Meng Liang?”

“That’s not something you should bother yourself with, Prime Minister.”

Ning Furong let a smile tug at her mouth. “Then I’ll just wait for your good news, General Meng Liang.”

Ming Shu kept Lord Zhou back and told him to pay attention to Ning Furong, then let him go.

“Lianxin, where’s my jujube?”

Lianxin came running with small and quick steps. “Your Majesty, what job?”

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“I have a world waiting for me to take care of it, I don’t have time to play with you.”

Junjue carried a box over from beside him, then opened it in front of Ming Shu. The sweet aroma came to Ming Shu’s face.

Ming Shu sat back with a smile. “I’m very busy, but I can stay just a little longer.”


Junjue fed the dessert to Ming Shu and held her in his arms at his convenience. Having something to eat, Ming Shu didn’t stop Junjue.

The two sat there just like that for more than half a day.

Junjue didn’t know why he liked her, but… His subconsciousness told him he should like her, or he might regret it.

He believed in himself and wouldn’t allow any regrets to take root.

Although it was a little… annoying.

Junjue sighed. I must’ve been kicked in the head by a donkey, making such huge trouble for myself.

It’s also irritating to think about that!

“Your Majesty, kiss me.”


“Your Majesty…”

Junjue deliberately drew out the words which made Ming Shu feel gooseb.u.mps all over her body. Junjue didn’t give up and kept calling her in that tone.

“Stop, stop.” Ming Shu couldn’t bear it. “I’m still alive, what soul are you calling!”

Junjue: “…”

In the books, when the male protagonist calls the female protagonist in this way, isn’t it described as having a softening effect on the entire body?

Why does it not work for me?

WTF. It’s a lie!

Ming Shu looked up and kissed Junjue whose anger was rousing. “Speak normally, okay? Don’t be a harlot.”

Who is a harlot!

You’re the harlot!

Junjue lowered his head and bit Ming Shu’s lips.

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