Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 56 - Gorgeous Doctor (3)

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Chapter 56: Gorgeous Doctor (3)

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Who’s this little goblin! Who dares to knock over my roasted meat!

Drag them out for a beating! Beat them to death!

Ming Shu glanced at the shadow who’d hit against the trunk heavily along with the meat. Information flashed across her mind. They were wearing the uniform of the Imperial School.

They were all students of the school.

Don’t ask why there was a word for uniform in a Xuanhuan world. There just was. No matter if it was reasonable or not, it was needed for the plot.

Bai Yanran also studied at the Imperial School. This time she came to the Windy Mountain Range of Demons just because of an organized school activity for students to practice.

“Yang Shufeng, take it out!” Several people in the same uniforms jumped out of the forest, including men and women.

After they yelled, they surprisingly found some others were with them, which abruptly froze them where they stood. The air turned stagnant at once.

Liu Feng and Hui Xue returned to Ming Shu. Ming Shu was staring at the dropped meat sadly, the meat she hadn’t gotten the chance to eat.

“Aren’t they Bai Yanran’s people? What are they doing here?” Someone recognized Ming Shu.

“The Bai family is very powerful. We’d better not offend them.”

One of the boys stepped forward and held his fist in the other hand. “We are solving some personal grudges, it’s none of your business. So please forgive our unintended offensive.”

Ming Shu was still staring at the meat and didn’t respond.

Hui Xue and Liu Feng didn’t dare to say anything either. They just looked at those people.

The group over there hesitated for a while, thought they were agreed, and turned their eyes to Yang Shufeng again.

Yang Shufeng slowly stood up by holding the trunk. He ignored the pain forcibly and said angrily, “You’re going too far. I found it first, why should I give it to you.”

“Hahaha, you found it? Who can prove that?” a boy on the opposite side sneered. “Hand it over and we will let you go.”

“Thieves!” Yang Shufeng was too angry, blood spraying from his mouth. And coincidentally, it was sprayed on the roasted meat.

“What a jerk! Yang Shufeng, you asked for it.” The young man who spoke winked at his companions and they swiftly flanked Yang Shufeng on both sides.


The girl’s pleasing voice pierced through the air like the sound of beads dropping on a jade plate, crisp and cheerful.

People on the other side had to stop, turning to the boy who gave orders just now.

“You are Miss Zhi Po, right?” The boy approached several steps. “You work for the Bai family, and we don’t intend to be your enemy. But if you are going to help Yang Shufeng, then don’t blame us for fighting. Perhaps a single one of us couldn’t surpa.s.s the Bai family, but all of us combined would be a worthy rival.”

“Relax. I’m a reasonable person.” Ming Shu walked past Hui Xue with a smile. Her long dress swung with her steps, forming a graceful figure. She pointed at Yang Shufeng. “Liu Feng, take him.”

Yang Shufeng’s eyes widened. He apparently didn’t know when he had offended the girl before him.

Hearing this, the students on the other side also didn’t know what to do.

“And them.” Ming Shu turned around, pointing at the others again.

Those students were stunned. “Miss Zhi Po, what do you mean?”

Ming Shu smiled lightly. “Wasting food is shameful behavior, especially… wasting my food.”


How was this related to the food?

Liu Feng’s combat power was far beyond these students. Within a short time, he had taken down all of them to throw at Ming Shu’s feet. Then, with a stony face, he retreated to one side.

“Miss Zhi Po, in what way did we offend you?” The students piled on the ground were muddled and they began to question Ming Shu one after another.

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“Was it Bai Yanran who told you to do this to us?”

“Run! There’s a sixth level spirit beast behind us.” The man shook off the student’s hand with a frightened expression. “Don’t grab me. You want to die, but I don’t!”

The spirit beasts could be divided into ten levels. Those between levels one and four were common, those of level five were less common, and those of the sixth were rare. If the students worked together to fight spirit beasts between levels one and four, they might have a chance of winning, but level six…

They would be killing themselves.

“Let’s run.”

“What about him?” Someone pointed at Yang Shufeng, who was leaning against the trunk weakly.

The leader gritted his teeth and said, “Yang Shufeng, take out the healing herb!”

“You’re dreaming!” Yang Shufeng spat on the ground. “I’ll never give it to you thieves!”



Just as the two were at a stalemate, some noises came from the gra.s.s. Everyone was alarmed and stared at the source.

Two figures came out from the gra.s.s. After seeing many people before them, the two were also alarmed. Behind them, more figures showed up in quick succession, all wearing the same school uniform. They were students, too.

“Zhi Po.” A girl’s voice broke the weird silence first, and its owner walked straight to Ming Shu. “Where have you been? Why didn’t you come after me? Do you know I almost died?”

Ming Shu looked up to give her a glance. This girl was Bai Yanran. With a pea-like face, she should be very popular.

“It doesn’t matter to me whether you live or die.”

Bai Yanran’s eyes widened disbelievingly. Her spoiled Miss’s temper burst out all of a sudden. “Aren’t you here to protect me? You dare talk back to me! Go kill that beast quickly! Or you will be punished. Go! What are you looking at? Just go!”

“Miss Bai, may I remind you that it was you who abandoned our Miss before.” Hui Xue couldn’t stand Bai Yanran anymore. Besides, the Miss also said she wouldn’t tolerate Bai Yanran in the future. It was unnecessary for her to eat humble pies now.

Bai Yanran shouted back fiercely, “Who do you think you are! Cheap slave! I’m talking to her, you shut up!”

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