Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 558 - Pleasing Her Majesty (13)

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Chapter 558: Pleasing Her Majesty (13)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Ning Furong didn’t come alone. Since the situation was already like this, Ning Furong could only wave and order the people hiding in the shadows to come out.

Luckily, these people were smart. They pretended that they just found this place and shouted as they rushed towards Ye Mochen.

“Protect Her Majesty and Lady Prime Minister!”

Ye Mochen didn’t think that these people would suddenly arrive. They hid so well that he didn’t even notice they were around.

They were blocked at the outskirts of the hunting ground. They couldn’t get close to Ming Shu and still had to deal with these people.

“Prime Minister, are you really not going to consider working with them?” Ming Shu kept urging Ning Furong even as she was being protected at the back. “This is such a good opportunity. If you kill me here, you can get the throne.” I can also take the opportunity to hit you until your parents don’t recognize you. This business deal is mutually beneficial.

Ning Furong wanted to stab Ming Shu with her sword.

She had not dealt with the old officials in the imperial court and she didn’t have military power, either. What could she use to rebel?

Ning Furong took a deep breath and ordered the people beside her, “The empress is frightened. Send her away first and ensure her safety.”


Ming Shu didn’t want to leave. “Let me stay here and watch the show first.”

Ning Furong came prepared. Ming Shu guessed that she wanted to catch Ye Mochen. As a professional Hatred Points gainer, how could she let her have things her way?

Ning Furong: “…”

When did this woman become so irritating?

Can a single person change so much within such a short period of time?

A seed of suspicion was planted in Ning Furong’s heart. She felt that Ming Shu was acting strange, but this wasn’t the time to think about it.

“Your Majesty, you might get hurt.”

Ming Shu ate her fruit preserves and said softly, “I have thick skin.”

Do you mean the skin on your face?!

Ning Furong turned around and looked at Ye Mochen, who was surrounded. She didn’t have much patience left. “Don’t let them run away. Catch them.”

No matter what, capture him first and think of a way to get Ye Mochen out later.

The sound of weapons clashing rang out. The people that Ning Furong chose were all people with abilities. They had already injured one of the other party.

Ye Mochen warded off the first round of attacks and retreated. However, he realized that there were people waiting behind him. There was no way he could turn back.

The knife flashed right before his eyes.


The person suddenly attacked him. Ye Mochen looked up. A masked man was running toward him.

“Master, do we retreat?”

Ye Mochen didn’t say anything and just rushed to the walls.

Ning Furong had men outside the walls too, but she couldn’t let them make any moves now. Ming Shu was still here. How would she explain the people that appeared outside the walls?

If it happened once, it might be a coincidence. However, if it happened twice, it would not be a coincidence anymore.

She watched Ye Mochen leaving and clenched her fist. She felt hatred in her heart. If it wasn’t for Ming Shu, she would have caught Ye Mochen today.

“They ran away.”

Ning Furong: “…” They came to kill you. Why are you still smiling!

Ning Furong gritted her teeth. “Send the empress back.”

It didn’t just end there. When she went back, Ming Shu punished Ning Furong for this attempt and gave her 20 slaps. A bunch of officials pleaded for Ning Furong, but they were all beaten by Ming Shu.

Ming Shu said in a very foolish empress kind of way, “Since you all are such good friends with the prime minister, you should go through thick and thin together.”

That night, they camped in the mountains and didn’t return to the palace. Junjue sat in his tent and looked at his elbow. It had already started bleeding from his scratching.

He glanced at the herbs beside him. He silently crushed them and spread them on his wound. His elbow felt cool and the itchiness was gone.

“Your Majesty.”

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The sound of greetings could be heard outside the tent.

Ming Shu left the tent. Lianxin was waiting for her outside. “Your Majesty, is he still not eating?”

“Make some porridge for him,” Ming Shu ordered in a low voice. “Get the royal physicians who came along to check on him and burn some Chinese mugwort around his tent. When you all have finished boiling the water, send some to him first.”

Lianxin: “…”

Your Majesty, what are you doing!

“Did you hear me?”

Lianxin quickly regained her sense. “Yes.”

In the tent, Junjue was pondering if he should go out and get some things to eat when Lianxin brought over some eunuchs carrying a tub. “Your Highness, this water can help to relieve your tiredness. I think that you are tired today. Do you want to take a bath first? After that, the royal physician will come and examine your body.”

Junjue frowned. “Who asked you to come.”

Lianxin bowed and replied respectfully, “Your body is precious. Nothing can happen to it. Hence, an examination is necessary. Please do not worry, Your Highness.”

Junjue: “…” He got happy for nothing.

He watched the eunuchs filling the tub with water and then undressed in a bad mood. Lianxin bowed and left the tent.

Once he finished bathing and after the examination by the royal physician, Lianxin brought over the porridge.

The smell of the porridge was fragrant. Junjue was already hungry so once he smelled the porridge, his stomach started growling.

Lianxin opened her mouth before he could say anything. “I saw that you had not had any food so I prepared some porridge for you. Have some.”

Junjue’s words got stuck in his throat.

“Please have some. I will take my leave now.” Lianxin took the opportunity to leave the tent and patted her chest as she heaved a sigh of relief.

She didn’t know what Her Majesty was thinking. Since she cared about the royal concubine so much, why didn’t she want to let him know?

Her master’s heart was so hard to understand.



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