Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 555 - Pleasing Her Majesty (10)

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Chapter 555: Pleasing Her Majesty (10)

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The living palace was located in the mountain, so the environment was naturally not as comfortable as in the royal palace.

Junjue was arranged to live next door to Ming Shu. But Ming Shu then told Lianxin to take him over.

Junjue came obediently with a pillow in his arms. He only wore a thin clothes, and as he walked, the clothes corners flew up and down, looking very amorous.

“Your Majesty.”

Junjue called.

Ming Shu nodded as she ate the millet porridge freshly served by Lianxin. She said vaguely, “You sleep on the floor.”

Junjue was stunned at the place. “The floor… It’s hard and cold.”

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows and looked at him. “Do you want me to sleep on the floor?”

Junjue looked hesitant. He pinched the pillow and didn’t make any sound until after a long while. “I can sleep with you, Your Majesty, I’m your royal concubine right now, aren’t I?”

“You sleep on the floor.”

Junjue: “…” I have dressed myself like this and used up all my acting skills, she should asks me to sleep on the floor!

What a cruel woman!

I’ll sleep on the floor then!

Junjue put his quilt on the floor and got in it angrily. He closed his eyes, preparing to sleep.

Ming Shu walked around the room, and the noise was very clear that he couldn’t fall asleep at all.

Junjue didn’t know how long had pa.s.sed, but he felt Ming Shu walk beside him.

“Don’t pretend.”

Junjue was kicked once. He really wanted to open his eyes and gave a fierce glare to her. But after comforting himself inside for a while, he slowly opened his eyes in the end. “Your Majesty, don’t you sleep? I need to sleep.”

Ming Shu stood beside him and looked down upon him from a commanding position. The broken lights glittered in her eyes, as if having been filled with clear wine, making people intoxicated. “Didn’t you say you’ll help me hold the throne for long? What now, are you here to enjoy your life?”

Junjue had to sit up. He held the quilt in his arms and said slowly, “Your Majesty, the biggest threat for you now is the prime minister. But thankfully, the prime minister hasn’t grown strong enough. Yet you don’t have enough military power in your hands, Your Majesty. You should find a way to hold the military power first.”

Junjue paused. He lifted his chin slightly and glanced at Ming Shu, sounding like tentative inquiry as well as a suggestion. “General Meng Liang is from the Meng family, and drawing him over will gain everything and lose nothing, Your Majesty.”

“Oh? Are you implying that I should take him?”

Junjue’s face darkened and he lay back. “As long as you’re happy, Your Majesty.”

She surely likes that little white face!

What the h.e.l.l…

I can’t curse any words.

Junjue turned over to show his back to Ming Shu.

“Ehh, you’re angry now. You stay with me only for your own safety, why are you angry? It doesn’t seem to have anything to do with you as for who I’m going to take in the imperial harem, does it?”

Right, I only need to finish the mission. It’s none of my business how many men she would like to have.

Who the h.e.l.l knows why I’m angry.

Junjue remained silent and he even blocked his ears with the quilt. I don’t want to listen to her voice. So annoying.

“Knock knock…”

“Your Majesty, have you fallen asleep?”

Meng Liang’s voice sounded from outside. Junjue almost sat up, but he held back the impulse.

He heard Ming Shu’s footsteps go afar, and the hall’s door be pulled open, making out harsh noises.

The hall’s door was a little far from his position. He didn’t know what Meng Liang told her, but she didn’t come back until a long while later.

Shortly after Meng Liang left, Ning Furong came. Junjue was so angry that he gritted his teeth. Are these people done or not!

“Your Majesty, I’m worrying you might not feel well, so I’ve made a bowl of ginseng soup for you.” Ning Furong sounded very tender. “The living palace’s condition is tough, Your Majesty, you must take care of your body.”

Ming Shu leaned against the door with a smile. “I’ll award it to you.”

“Your Majesty, I made this personally for you.” Ning Furong stressed the “personally”.

“Thank you for your kindness, Prime Minister, so I want to award it to you.”

Ning Furong: “…”

Taking a deep breath, Ning Furong asked tentatively, “Your Majesty, did I do anything wrong? Please tell me.”

“There’re a lot of things and I’m just too lazy to list.” Ming Shu yawned. “Prime Minister, please spend the night on watch here, I’ll go to sleep now.”

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The love confession came as quickly as a tornado.

“Is your brain frozen?” Ming Shu made out a low laugh but she didn’t push him away. “I’m your enemy. You like your enemy, are you not afraid that your royal father will come out of his coffin to you?”

Junjue was silent. He murmured after a long while. “You didn’t destroy the Afterglow.”

He put his head on Ming Shu’s shoulder. “The country has been gone, but I want to live my life. Your Majesty, I don’t want a revenge, and I just want to live my life. I don’t want to be under the house arrest and I don’t want to go back that place.”

“So you like me?”

“No… it’s not like that. Your Majesty, do you believe in first sight love?”



Junjue got closer to Ming Shu, and the gap between the two was gone.

The dim lights made the room look very vague.

Junjue whispered to Ming Shu’s ears in an extremely tiny voice. “But I do.”

Junjue was the youngest royal heir of the Afterglow. Being suddenly pushed before the throne and faced with a broken country, his inner heart should be fragile and helpless. Junjue mastered the emotions very precisely.

Junjue began to act absorbedly in the middle of the night. Ming Shu was a little speechless and needed snacks to calm down.

Where’s the basic trust between one and another?

Can’t he just sleep?

Ming Shu patted his back. “Love at first sight is a lie. Just sleep.”

“Your Majesty, do you not like me?”

Ming Shu didn’t answer him.

Junjue asked again, “Your Majesty, what don’t you like me about?”

“You’re too good-looking.”

Junjue: “…” What’s this new way of refusal? Isn’t it good to be good-looking? Do you like the ugly people?

The villain’s taste is unique?

Do I need to ruin my face then?

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