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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 554 - Pleasing Her Majesty (9)

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Chapter 554: Pleasing Her Majesty (9)

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Ming Shu had appointed Junjue as the royal concubine, but she never went to the Xianyu Palace, and Junjue never stayed overnight at Yangxin Hall, either.

Such a situation comforted those ministers a lot.

It seemed the rumor was true. Her Majesty did it in order to anger the prime minister, and she liked the prime minister.

While because Ming Shu didn’t play the game according to rules, Ning Furong’s plan was disturbed. She intended to see Ming Shu, but Ming Shu didn’t call her, so she had no chance to cause any more troubles then.

The autumn hunt came as scheduled.

The place for autumn hunt was some distance away from the imperial city. Ming Shu sat in the carriage. She was now in a less complicated outfit than in the royal palace, but which was still burdensome.

Ming Shu shook her head unintentionally out of sleepiness, looking very cute.

The procession stopped. Meng Liang moved slightly and lifted open the curtain to look outside. Meng Liang happened to show up at the window. “Your Majesty, we’re taking a rest now.”

Ming Shu was a little confused on how to start gaining Hatred Points from Meng Liang. Will he hate me if I give him a beating?

“Your Majesty?”

Meng Liang got out of the carriage and said to Meng Liang, “Come with me.”


Junjue sat in a carriage in the rear. Seeing Ming Shu leave the procession and walk toward the nearby forest with Meng Liang, he jumped down from his carriage immediately without thinking.

“Your Highness?”

Junjue waved away the man went up to ask him and walked toward the forest. But Meng Liang’s imperial guards stood in a line and blocked him. “Your Highness, for your safety, you can’t wander about.”

“Let go of me!”

“Your Highness, please go back to your carriage.”

Ming Shu never favorited Junjue so they inevitably looked down on the royal concubine. The imperial guards blocked in front of him and spoke in a cold tone, without showing any concession.

Ning Furong may have heard the noises and she came over riding on a horse from the front. “What’s going on here?”

“Prime Minister.” The imperial guards made a neither humble nor pushy salute. “The Royal Concubine wants to leave here.”

Ning Furong got down from the horse and sounded quite polite. “Your Highness, we’re not in the royal palace now. If you have something to do, you can order the servants to do it, and please go back to your carriage.”

“What if I don’t?”

Ning Furong smiled and turned to give the order to imperial guards. “Watch His Highness carefully, and don’t make him get hurt. Otherwise if Her Majesty blames, we won’t be able to afford the punishment”

The imperial guards took the order and blocked Junjue’s way tightly.

Junjue: “…”

This little b.i.t.c.hes must be on purpose!

Ning Furong bowed to retreat. At the moment she looked up, however, and wondering if it was just her illusion, Ning Furong thought the way Junjue looked at her was not right. But when she took a closer look at him, Junjue just stood there and looked afar angrily.

Ning Furong frowned slightly and rode on the horse to leave.

After a long while, Ming Shu came back; as soon as she came back, Lianxin ran to report things to her. “Your Majesty, the royal concubine said he didn’t feel well.”

“Didn’t feel well?”

Ming Shu walked toward Junjue’s direction. There were many servants standing by the carriage, and seeing Ming Shu come over, they saluted one after another.

Lianxin supported Ming Shu to get into the carriage. Junjue sat inside in a corner with a pale face. There were some food beside, but which was untouched.

“How do you feel uncomfortable?”

“The jolts in the carriage make me feel sick and dizzy. I want to vomit.” Junjue maximized the Host’s femininity.

“I can’t take you to fly there. Just endure a little longer.”

Junjue wasn’t convinced, though. “I can’t. I feel horrible.”

Ming Shu thought for a while. “Do I need to send you back?”

Junjue choked.

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WTF? Who the h.e.l.l says that!

Whoever got an inexplicable beating wouldn’t feel happy.

“What happened?”

Meng Liang looked up slightly to see Junjue in Ming Shu’s arms, and his face turned paler. He gritted his teeth and answered, “We met the Two were caught, but the rest escaped.”

“General Meng, the killed himself.”

Meng Liang looked to the sound source, then bowed to Ming Shu quickly and left. “Your Majesty, please wait for a while. I’ll go check it out.”

“Your Majesty, that General Meng likes you.” Junjue’s voice sounded faint as if he didn’t speak anything.

Ming Shu lowered her eyes to look at him. He still had a pair of reddened eyes, but the expression was normal, and there wasn’t any sign of timidness on his face now.

Ming Shu was almost angered into laughter.

Why is he so good at acting? The entire world owes you an Oscar!

“How do you know he likes me?” Ming Shu pushed him aside.

Junjue grunted unmanly. I know it at a glance.

There’s always someone waiting to steal my girl.

All the caught were dead, and Meng Liang didn’t find any useful clue. Ning Furong came to show her caring face pretendingly, and Ming Shu stared at her, wondering that she didn’t seem to have planned this…

Although they met an accident, the procession needed to march on. The autumn hunt was the Purple Moon Nation’s tradition and couldn’t be abolished.

Junjue didn’t comment on the matter, but Ming Shu’s carriage had been ruined, so she had to share the same carriage with Junjue.

Lianxin rearranged the carriage a little. Sitting on the layers of silk quilt, Junjue was finally satisfied.

Held by the matter, it was already dark when they arrived at the living palace for the autumn hunt.

There was another round of bustling before the living palace quieted down.

“Your Highness, the royal concubine said there’re insects in the living palace and he can’t fall asleep.” Lianxin was so tired. She heard that the man was very delicate as early as when he was under the house arrest. He would rather starve than eat the bad food given by the eunuchs, and he must change his clothes everyday.

Judging from the current situation, he was far beyond delicate.

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