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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 553 - Pleasing Her Majesty (8)

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Chapter 553: Pleasing Her Majesty (8)

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Having experienced the first shock yesterday, which was followed by another one today, all the ministers could help but think the empress was doing this in order to force the prime minister to agree.

But only Lianxin knew in the heart why Ming Shu acted like that yesterday.

If it weren’t for the matter yesterday, and Her Majesty proposed to appoint Junjue as the royal concubine, the ministers would have raised the roof.

But being presented with Ning Furong’s matter first, after which Ming Shu proposed her real intention, the ministers below would think like “at least he was a man” and forgot his serious ident.i.ty.

Even Ning Furong, the prime minister, had no ways to stop her.

Lianxin couldn’t help respecting Her Majesty now.

This matter was thus settled down like this then. The ministers choked, but at least he was a man…

It hadn’t been over half a year since the previous emperess’s death, so the ceremony wouldn’t be held in a big way. Issuing an imperial decree would be enough. As long as they didn’t advertise it, who would know that the royal concubine was the conquered emperor of Afterglow Nation.

However, they were proven naive.

Ming Shu issued a consecutive three imperial decrees to announce that the new royal concubine was the former dynasty’s Xuan Emperor Junjue.

Do you think whether they feel angry?

They are mad!

“Why did you do that?” Junjue was also very confused. “Making it public is not a good thing for you, Your Majesty.”

She is pushing me to the knife blade…

Why is she so evil!

Ming Shu revealed a beaming smile. “I want the entire world to know that you’re my man. Don’t you like it?”

Isn’t this what you want? I’ll give it to you! How kind I am!

Do you really think I’ll cooperate with you?


Watching Ming Shu’s smile, Junjue felt something beating fiercely between his eyebrows. This psycho is not only vicious but hypocritical…

“Your Majesty.”

Meng Liang came in from outside and ignored the newly appointed royal concubine. “The autumn hunt will be in a few days. Do I need to prepare anything?”

Junjue looked at Meng Liang and then suddenly walked straight to Ming Shu, leaning beside her.

Meng Liang: “…”

Ming Shu smiled. She reached to hold his waist and bring him into her arms.

Junjue only intended to lean on one side and didn’t expect Ming Shu to move. He lost balance and rushed into Ming Shu’s arms.

Meng Liang’s face darkened all at once.

Junjue was stunned at first, but then he naturally leaned on Ming Shu, resting his eyes on the desk before her. There were some memorials casually placed on the desk, and beside them was a plate of desserts.

Junjue gave a look to Meng Liang who was still making his statement, then reached to take the dessert.

Ming Shu suddenly reached out to grasp on his wrist. “Be good, don’t touch my stuff.”

Junjue felt a little painful by the pinch, and he protested coquettishly. “I just want to feed you, Your Majesty.”

Meng Liang in shock: “…”

Ming Shu seemed to study him, then she loosened her hand a moment later. Junjue took one piece of dessert and pa.s.sed it to Ming Shu’s lips. Ming Shu bit on it cooperatively.

During these days, Junjue found that she seemed to hold a kind of… overbearing persistence on food. So he didn’t dare to feed himself and had to serve her.

Surely the villain are all psychopaths!

What’s my mission again?

Hoh hoh, I’m even scared myself to speak it out.

I will be a s.e.xy b.i.t.c.h that make the mission target like me so much as to wreck the country and bring ruin to the people!

Isn’t that easy? A s.e.xy b.i.t.c.h?

Keep calm! I can win this!

Meng Liang’s face turned extremely pale and ugly. He raised his voice and asked, “Your Majesty, which ministers would you like to bring to the autumn hunt with you?”

“Lianxin will give you the list later.” Ming Shu held Junjue’s hand and pressed it down a little.

“Your Majesty… Will you bring the royal concubine?”

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The emperess went out of the royal palace and would naturally bring with the imperial harem’s people. Right now there was only one royal concubine in the imperial harem, so Meng Liang felt he just asked an unnecessary question…

Little Beastie grunted. My claws itch!

Ming Shu was lazy to pay much attention to it. She unveiled the gauze, and the wound had been almost healed with some light pink flesh growing.

Unless it was suicide, the wounds on her body would take time to heal.


Ming Shu smelled food fragrance and lit up her eyes immediately. But she looked up to see Junjue come in with a few exquisite dishes in his hands. He stopped at the screen.

Apparently he didn’t expect Ming Shu to be changing the medicine.

“Why are you here?” Ming Shu didn’t avoid, though. “Can’t stand the long night alone?”

Junjue sneered in his heart. He wished he could cover the dishes onto her head. Can’t she say something nice?

But Junjue picked his professional spirit as an actor. “I’m your royal concubine, is there anything wrong for me to come here?”

He put the dishes down and walked to her front, lowering his eyes down to look at the wound in her arm which looked a little hideous. “I heard it’s stabbed by a man when you were going to favorite him, is that true, Your Majesty?”

“What, do you want to stab me as well?”

Junjue gritted his teeth and sneered. “No.”

He squatted down and took the medicine nearby, then held Ming Shu’s arm to change the medicine for her.

“How was it feel to lose a country?”

Junjue paused. As he looked up, Ming Shu saw the hatred in his black eyes. “What do you think, Your Majesty? The home and country both are gone, all the friends and relatives have died, and I’m trapped in a house prison.”

Ming Shu smiled lightly. The smilingness between her eyes and eyebrows made her entire person look warm, and it made others who saw her feel comfortable.

“Why are you laughing, Your Majesty?” Junjue stressed his tone a little.

Ming Shu compressed her lips. “Nothing.”

You really work hard on your acting.

Junjue thought Ming Shu was a little strange. But thinking again that the psychopath’s brain was different from normal people, he didn’t care about it much. “Your Majesty, if I clear up all the obstacles for you, can you promise me one thing?”

“What is it?”

“I’ll tell you at the right time, Your Majesty.” Of course it’s fall in love with me!

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