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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 552 - Pleasing Her Majesty (7)

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Chapter 552: Pleasing Her Majesty (7)

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“Yes.” Junjue lifted his chin up. “For better or for worse, I’m the former dynasty’s emperor. Even if you appoint me as the royal concubine for other reasons, Your Majesty, I don’t hope there will be anyone else in the imperial harem.”

What if the other men steal her away?

“What are you talking about? If I don’t take more of them, who will you govern?” Ming Shu smiled wider. “As the royal concubine, you must be generous.”

“Sorry, Your Majesty, but I’m not,” Junjue said blatantly.

This body he had taken right now was brought up by indulgent parents and had his arrogance. Although having been under the house arrest for so many years, he still had the temper.

So there was nothing wrong for him to say something like this.


Ming Shu sighed helplessly, but also sounded like a casual respond. She curled a beautiful arc at her mouth and got up from the dragon bed, walking over toward the nearby writing desk. “I’ll issue the imperial edict today. Where do you want to live?”

“Yangxin Hall.”

Ming Shu chutted. “Do I need to give the throne to you?”

If you want, I can also take that.

Of couese Junjue didn’t dare to say this. He just murmured unwillingly, “Before I lived in Yangxin Hall, in the Xianyu Palace.”

He stressed the last two words clearly and projected them above the former ones.

“Not the Fengluan Palace?” That’s where the royal concubine was supposed to live.

Junjue shook his head. It was too far away from the Yangxin Hall. I have to live closer, in case that this psychopath will be hooked up away by others.

Ming Shu lowered her head and began to write the imperial decree. Junjue stood opposite the desk and saw the lively and vigorous Chinese characters appear on the cloth one after another.

Junjue averted his gaze soon and asked, “Who do you trust most among the people around you?”

“Does it matter?”

“If you want to hold the throne, it matters a lot.”

“Lianxin,” Ming Shu answered.

Junjue pondered for a while. “I need to know the current situation.”

He couldn’t directly begin his a.n.a.lysis, or it would cause suspicion. How could a man under the house arrest know the imperial court’s situation.

Ming Shu put down her brush. “There’s nothing worthy of discussion. I just want to punish Ning Furong, and the rest is not important.”

“Don’t you trust her most?”

Even he was under the house arrest, he knew about this. Ning Furong was always her favorite.

“I wanted her to enter the palace and live, she refused. Don’t you think I should punish her?”

Junjue: “…”


Why does she want Ning Furong to live in the palace, isn’t she a woman? She was disguised by a man? No no no, no way, Ning Furong is definitely a woman.

WTH? Isn’t it this psychopath likes women and just uses me as a shield!

Why does it sound so scary!

Ming Shu didn’t know what Junjue was imagining. But judging from his changing expressions on the face, he mustn’t be thinking anything good.

What a fool actor.

“Lianxin,” Ming Shu called and raised her voice.

Lianxin pushed the door open and came in.

“Why hasn’t the breakfast served?” Do you want to starve me to death and inherit my snacks?

Lianxin twitched her mouth corners very snugly. “Your Majesty, it’s right the time for morning session, so you can have the breakfast after that…”

“Make them wait. I’ll finish my breakfast first!”

Food is the most important in the world.

Food is the paramount necessity of the people.

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This sounds reasonable.

“Is there a third choice?” One of the ministers kneeling on the left raised the question weakly.

The prime minister was a woman, she could by no means become the royal concubine.

But Junjue… couldn’t, either!

Ming Shu supported her chin and sighed. “You can hit yourselves dead right here in the throne room.”

The ministers: “…” Why does the emperess force us to die?

The hall quieted down at one time.

Everyone seemed to be holding the breath and was afraid of breaking the weird silence, in which case they had to choose.

To die, to send the royal concubine to the royal palace, or to agree that Junjue will be the royal concubine?

It looked like multiple choices, but actually… They were all traps.

[Guest, Junjue has no Hatred Points, you shouldn’t waste time on him.] The Harmony System couldn’t help but remind. [If you have to make the royal concubine, you should pick Meng Liang. Treating him high at first, then receiving more toy-boys in to stimulate him, it’ll gain you a lot of Hatred Points!]

Ming Shu: “…” Okay okay, I’ll give the throne to you and let you do the job.

[…] If I can do it myself, will I need you? After a long while, the Harmony System said awkwardly, [Guest, come on.]

“Your Majesty, it’s not impossible to appoint Junjue as the royal concubine.” Ning Furong raised her voice to break the silence. She would by no means enter the palace and live in, nor would she hit herself dead in the imperial court. “The imperial harem is empty, Your Majesty. If you could appoint a senior concubine as well as several supporting concubines, it might be helpful for the royal concubine to adapt, and they can even accompany each other.”

The meaning between the lines was that you could appoint Junjue as the royal concubine, but in the meantime you must take a few more concubines into the palace, or they wouldn’t agree.

“If you’re willing to be one of them, Prime Minister, I’ll be glad to welcome, but as for others… I don’t think so. They will make me sick.”

The ministers glared at their emperess in secret now.

Ning Furong: “…” Does she really like me?

Why does she focus on me so tightly.

Ning Furong frowned slightly. “Your Majesty, are you dissatisfied with my service in some parts?”

Ming Shu smiled meaningfully. “It’s good you know it.”

Ning Furong almost spat out blood. What do I know!

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