Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 551 - Pleasing Her Majesty (6)

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Chapter 551: Pleasing Her Majesty (6)

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Ming Shu had no idea what Ning Furong was planning right now. She was eating the sweet dumplings while staring at Meng Liang.

Meng Liang felt a little uncomfortable under the gaze, and he explained in a bit of awkwardness, “Your Majesty, it’s convenient for me to take action in plain clothes. There are too many different kinds of people in the royal palace. My father and I agreed that I should stay with Your Majesty like this.”

There was nothing wrong with this explanation.

Ming Shu didn’t express her opinion. She put down the empty bowl. “You don’t need to guard here at night, go back now.”

Meng Liang revealed a serious look. “Your Majesty, that doesn’t work. I must follow you closely.”

Ming Shu: “…”

Meng Liang insisted, so Meng Liang had to drive him out.

Meng Liang and Lianxin pa.s.sed each other very closely. Lianxin walked fast to Ming Shu in a few steps, and her soft voice came to Meng Liang’s ears. “Your Majesty, Junjue wants to see you.”


Isn’t he…

Meng Liang was startled in his heart. But he couldn’t turned his head right now. He walked outside the hall, moving slowly, but no voice sounded from behind him then.

Junjue didn’t seem to have changed his clothes, which was the same as last time when Ming Shu saw him. The clothes looked old and was even washed white.

He was led to Ming Shu’s living palace, and in such a large palace, the fragrance was lingering. Junjue was very familiar with this place, which used to be… his living palace.

Although he only lived here for less than three months.

Junjue turned around the bedside screen.

The bright yellow dragon robe winding on the floor, the girl leaned against the soft couch lethargically, and she held a colorful thing in her hands.

“Your Majesty, Jun… Lord Jun is here.”

Ming Shu put her hands together and cover the colorful Little Beastie between, then hid it in her sleeves casually. “Why do you want to see me?”

“Does it count what you said last time?” Junjue looked directly into Ming Shu’s eyes.

“What did I say last time?” Ming Shu smiled.

“You said…” Junjue paused and sounded like gritting his teeth. “If I’ll be your toy-boy, you’ll allow me to leave there.”

“Did I?” Ming Shu revealed a blank face. “You must’ve heard it wrong.”

Junjue: “…”

WTH? Is she playing me!

I can’t stay at that place the whole time. So many days have pa.s.sed, but I didn’t have the opportunity to see her once. If I can’t even see her, how will I make her fall in love with me? Sending feelings across the air?

I’ve overcome the shadow of being a toy-boy, but this psychopath just ate her own words? Does she have any humanity!

Ming Shu looked at him with a smiling face, which seemed to be saying: I played you, so what?

“Your Majesty, it would only be a good thing for you to keep me.” Junjue strove for himself. I have to stay with her, otherwise how the h.e.l.l am I going to continue the task?

Ming Shu said with a faint smile, “If I keep you here, do you know how many people will hit themselves dead onto the throne room’s hall pillar?”

Junjue: “…”

So last time she was just carried away by a whim, and now she suddenly thought through and decided to give up him?

The Afterglow Nation’s people were born good-looking, and I am the emperor… Okay, I’m the conquered emperor, but I’m the emperor any way. If my face is not the No. 1, then no one else dares to take the No. 1 position.

Didn’t it say the emperess was obsessed with the villain’s beauty?

Junjue was going to play a little poor who endured silently for revenge, which was a little difficult for him. Because he only wanted to cut this psychopath with the knife who had two faces and tried to destroy his character profile.

Deep breath!

Keep calm! I can win this!

“Your Majesty, you can change another ident.i.ty for me.” Junjue’s ident.i.ty was indeed a little sensitive, but changing another one would be difficult. Even if someone found it out, he may not speak it out publically.

“Why do I have to take great pains for you.”

Why? Isn’t it enough that I’m good-looking? Think about how many virtueless things the Shang King Zhou had done crazily for Su Daji, can’t you learn from him?

Junjue answered seriously, “Your Majesty, I can help you.”

Ming Shu sighed inside. If you can offer me some Hatred Points, that’ll be really helping.


It seems the Harmony System hasn’t released the additional task.

[Additional Task…]

s.h.i.t! Did you just forget it!

[… Gain Hatred Points from Meng Liang.]


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That’s it?

“You left for something just now, Young General Meng.” Lianxin smiled. “Please let us through, Her Majesty is waiting.”

Meng Liang seemed to doubt it and not doubt it. He studied Junjue from head to toe several times, then put down his hand slowly.

Junjue looked up slightly, revealing a faint smile to him.

Meng Liang frowned more heavily and watched Junjue follow Lianxin into the Yangxin Hall. After a moment, Lianxin came out of the hall and closed the door…

Why did she close the door!

In the hall.

Ming Shu was fully dressed and sat on the edge of the dragon bed, playing with a jade with ta.s.sels hanging down.

Junjue stood before her and called, “Your Majesty.”

Ming Shu looked up. “Come over.”

Junjue hesitated, then approached her slowly. Ming Shu lifted her hands and tied the jade in his waist. “From today, you’ll be the imperial harem’s master, my Royal Concubine.”

Junjue shrank his pupils. This… this is a little different from what he thought!

Didn’t you say the court ministers will hit themselves dead onto the throne room’s hall pillar?

“Are you not happy? Didn’t you yell for staying with me?” Ming Shu took her hands back. “Are you regretful now?”

The Royal Concubine…

First come, first served.

For the mission… Just accept it. I can take temporary setbacks, and I’ll be a true man again when I go back.

“Your Majesty, you appoint me as the royal concubine because you like me, or you just give this ident.i.ty to me?”

“Like you?” Ming Shu smiled. “You’re really thinking high of yourself.”

I am absolutely good-looking, isn’t it normal for you to like me!

“Are you saying you agree to cooperate with me then, Your Majesty?” He didn’t expect to finish the mission in one go, either. This psychopath might be planning something evil, so I need to keep alarm.

“Sort of.”

Ming Shu just wanted him to be the royal concubine and simply did it. But he would like to think much, Ming Shu wouldn’t explain.

Junjue pondered for a while. “Your Majesty, will you take other men?” This is important. I can take temporary setbacks, but it doesn’t mean I can accept other toy-boys.

“Perhaps, and perhaps not. Who knows.” Ming Shu chuckled. “What, do you care?”

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