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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 550 - Pleasing Her Majesty (5)

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Chapter 550: Pleasing Her Majesty (5)

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For better or for worse, Lord Zhou was the involved party in the case. If he looked into it carefully, he would discover Ning Furong’s loopholes no matter how cautiously she had done it.

In the imperial court, some ministers opposed Ming Shu’s decision. But being a fatuous and self-indulgent ruler, Ming Shu persisted and asked Lord Zhou to prove himself innocent.

Lord Zhou had been an official for decades and had ability and connections. Thus he soon managed to trace the case to someone, yet the clues didn’t go anywhere since then, and under interrogation, that person admitted he had planned the whole thing.

The case was solved inexplicably like this.

Lord Zhou was restored to his official post.

During that period, Ning Furong hadn’t come to court, but after the case was settled, she began to come to court again. As she never suggested any cruel punishment to Lord Zhou and it was all her followers who did the talk, right now she stood at the first position on the right with a very calm and confident expression.

Ming Shu supported her chin while listening to them reporting some boring things. She responded listlessly, thinking that there were so many trivialities.

After waiting for the others to finish their reports, Ning Furong took one step up and bowed. “Your Majesty, the imperial harem needs a master.”

After she finished the sentence, the hall fell into silence first, then some ministers echoed her. They proposed that Ming Shu should appoint a formal imperial male concubine, or at least an informal one.

“Sounds reasonable, Lady Prime Minister.” Ming Shu interrupted those ministers. “I think you’re the perfect candidate, Lady Prime Minister, what do you say?”

Everyone was shocked.

Your Majesty!

Have you forgotten your gender!

[…] Even the Harmony System expressed its speechlessness out of shock.

What the h.e.l.l is this?

Guest, what on earth can’t you do!

Ning Furong’s face stiffened slightly. “Your Majesty, I am a female.”

What exactly does this idiot want to do?

“Isn’t the imperial harem all women?” Ming Shu said confidently. “Lady Prime Minister, I think you’re great. Don’t you like me? I like you very much.”

Her Majesty likes the prime minister?

Oh my G.o.d! But the prime minister is a female! Does Her Majesty like women?

The ministers’ feeling right now had gone beyond shock. Her Majesty listened to the prime minister very obediently, so was it because she liked the prime minister?

It seemed they had become aware of something that was not supposed to be known, would they be killed for their silence…

Ning Furong almost gritted her teeth. “Your Majesty, you should appoint a male concubine.”

Ming Shu continued her nonsense. “You can wear men’s clothes. What, are you not willing to live in my palace?”

If you are not angry, I will admit defeat.

Ning Furong proved herself to be one that was doomed to do big things. A great anger roared in her heart, but on the surface she behaved obediently. “Your Majesty, don’t tease me. How can I live in the royal palace? There are many young lords of the right age from aristocratic families, and I’ve prepared their portraits for you. Your Majesty, perhaps you can review the portraits first and see if there’s anyone you like.”

“But I just like you.” I like your Hatred Points.

Ning Furong: “…”

The weird and meaningful gazes turned back and forth between Ning Furong and Ming Shu. Ning Furong was so angry, she wanted to just leave. This idiot is embarra.s.sing me on purpose.

I am a woman, so how can I enter the empress’s imperial harem?

“Your Majesty, just review the portraits first.” Ning Furong took a deep breath and directly ordered to present the portraits.

Ming Shu held no hope for the abstract paintings in the ancient times, so as the portraits were rolled open and presented, the ministers heard their empress sitting on the dragon throne begin to give comments.

“What did this one grow up on? So scary, next.”

“Too short, next.”

“Ugly. Next.”


After the last portrait was presented, all the ministers revealed awkward and unhappy looks. Their own sons were also included in those portraits.

Who would be happy to hear cruel judgements of their own kids?

Ming Shu seemed to have seen the Hatred Points increase: +100, +100…

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Ming Shu threw all the portraits away then looked at Ning Furong again, revealing a tender grin. “Lady Prime Minister, I think you’re perfect.”

Was she feeling wronged and acting rashly?

Ning Furong couldn’t help the gooseb.u.mps all over her body. She felt it was a little absurd.

Men liked men, and women liked women… There had indeed been such records in history.

Ordinary people would think it a sickness and enchantment, but what about in a royal family? Who would dare to stop the empress from liking anyone?

It seemed only in this way could the matter be explained reasonably. She just took this opportunity to punish her…

The more she thought, the colder Ning Furong felt. She returned to her mansion quickly. “Where’s Lord Yi?”

The servant beside her answered, “In the study.”

Ning Furong walked to the study with fast steps. Seeing her come in, Yi Lang stood up to welcome her, but Ning Furong walked straight up to take off his clothes and the books on the desk were swept down to the floor.

“Lady… You…”

Yi Lang’s following words were swallowed by Ning Furong. The two then had a wild time in the study room.

Ning Furong breathed a sigh of relief after that. She liked men as always.

Yi Lang put his coat on and asked Ning Furong confusedly, “Lady, what’s wrong?”

Ning Furong rubbed between her eyebrows and told Yi Lang what happened in the imperial court today.

In her previous life, Yi Lang liked her very much. But she could only see Ye Mochen in her eyes at that time, and she didn’t know his deep feelings for her until her death. So in this life, she put this man beside her early.

She wanted Ye Mochen, but she also wanted Yi Lang.

“She was still young when you entered the palace. You accompanied her for over three years, and sometimes you would sleep together, so it’s understandable that she had some other feelings for you,” Yi Lang said slowly. “Lady, if it’s true, this is also a good opportunity.”

“You want me to please her?”

“Lady, she’s just a kid, and you just need a bit of patience.”

Ning Furong: “…”

I don’t think it’ll be that easy.

But what Yi Lang said happened to coincide with what she thought before. Why did she target me suddenly? Nothing seemed to bring it on, and no one else appeared around her…

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