Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 55 - Gorgeous Doctor (2)

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Chapter 55: Gorgeous Doctor (2)

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There were so many powerful people in this continent, but only Death Valley could save lives and be so powerful at the same time.

The Miss has become the new Master of Death Valley. Even if the lords of those well-known aristocratic families were here, they would not dare to disrespect our Miss. That Miss Bai, however, is too… It just annoys me whenever I think of her. Can’t believe that Miss always told me to stay calm before. Hui Xue was lost in her thoughts.

“Is there any food?” Ming Shu poked the burning branches with a stick. Her eyes reflected the flames, glittering with intelligence. There must be a lot of delicious food in this world.

“Just wait for a moment,” Hui Xue said quickly. “Liu Feng, Miss is hungry, go get something to eat.”

The man in the distance turned around. He glanced at Ming Shu with an unreadable look, then disappeared in a flash. The rustling of leaves came from the deep forest, which startled the night birds into flight. Soon everything turned calm again.

Liu Feng and Hui Xue followed the Host since childhood. Hui Xue was more vivacious; with a sensitive and meticulous disposition, she was mainly responsible for taking care of the Host’s diet and daily life needs. Liu Feng, who wore a poker face all day, was a little careless, but he mastered a very powerful force; even unwilling to communicate, he would always do whatever the Miss asked, playing the role of a coolie and escort.

Because of Bai Yanran, the two were driven back to Death Valley by the Host in a later period. This directly led to the Host’s hopeless plight when she was attacked.

… Affected by the protagonist aura, any impossible plot seemed possible.

Apparently, Bai Yanran took primary responsibility for the miserable end of the Host, but the Host herself also played a role. If she were more flexible, how would she have died that way. What a pity.

Of course, this didn’t have anything to do with Ming Shu. She was here to cause trouble for Xiao Rufeng. She had to play the villain again.

But anyway.

The Host was certainly an out-and-out villain in the story. But from the Host’s point of view, she was just trying to fulfill the Master’s last wish. Was she wrong?

Different standpoints led to different arguments about good and evil.

Liu Feng came back with two dead hares. Perhaps it was because this world was rich in Qi, both the hares looked near twice as big as those of a normal world, with plenty of meat.

After finishing her meal, Ming Shu leaned against a tree trunk to rest. Hui Xue sat beside the campfire, occasionally glancing sidelong at Ming Shu as she stoked the flames.

“What are you looking at?”

Hui Xue was a bit startled. She calmly pretended to withdraw her gaze and stammered, “No, nothing, I didn’t look at anything.”

Ming Shu pulled her coat tighter around her and leaned slightly toward Hui Xue with a pair of smiling eyes. “Hui Xue, you know, lying girls will become ugly…”

Hui Xue could no longer hide her surprised face. Before, the Miss didn’t go find Bai Yanran because she had figured it out, but now, how to explain that the Miss suddenly changed personalities? She had been accompanying the Miss since she was a little girl, and no one was more familiar with the Miss’s personality than her.

The present Miss was too weird. But except for the weird feeling of her character, her essence was still the same as the Miss.

“Miss…” Hui Xue swallowed and said carefully, “Are you all right?” Was the Miss bewitched?

“I’m perfectly fine.” I can eat a whole hare in one go.

Hui Xue hesitated. “But… but before you rarely smiled like this.” She didn’t see the Miss smile ever since they left Death Valley to find Bai Yanran.

But today, after the Miss said they wouldn’t follow Bai Yanran again, the smile on her face never disappeared.

“Before is before, now is now.” Ming Shu leaned back against the trunk, relaxing her body. “Do you know the meaning of living? It’s to achieve happiness. If you live an unhappy life, you’d only be living in pain. If so, it’s better to just end your life.”

“…” Did Miss just realize something during meditation? Why can’t I understand what she’s saying? “What if the circ.u.mstances are tough and life just can’t be happy?”

There were too many uncontrollable factors in this world. Any factor could lead to tragedy, and not every course ran smoothly.

“For those happy people, they would be happy no matter where they are.” Ming Shu pushed aside some stray hairs near her ear. “And I…” I will find ways to make myself happy.

Hui Xue tilted her head, waiting for the follow-up. Yet Ming Shu looked away and didn’t intend to open her mouth again.

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Hui Xue was a little confused in her heart. But thinking from another perspective, the Miss was the smartest, so what the Miss said must definitely be right.

Pract.i.tioners like them usually didn’t need to eat food for two or three months.

“Maybe…” Ming Shu averted her eyes quickly. “I’m trying to advance, so it makes me hungry. Right, that’s it.”

“…” The last sentence, you were explaining to yourself?

It did require a lot of Qi to advance. Hui Xue felt Ming Shu’s pulse to confirm the normal circulation of Qi in her body. After hesitating for a while, she made a fire and roasted the meat under the antic.i.p.atory gaze of Ming Shu. She still doubted though.

The scent of roasted meat pervaded the woods. Ming Shu looked like a cute pet waiting to be fed.

“Miss, some people are fighting.”

Whatever, whatever, let them play.

Ming Shu kept silent, so Hui Xue and Liu Feng had no other choice but to continue their roasting.

“Miss, they are coming over to us.” The noisy voices were far away at first, but at present they were approaching.

“That’s okay. Let them play freely, don’t disturb them.” So torturous to wait for the meat.


“Miss!” Hui Xue batted away Ming Shu’s greedy paws. “It’s not yet roasted. By the way, Miss, soon those people will get here…”

Just before Hui Xue finished the sentence and Ming Shu withdrew her paws, a dark shadow flew swiftly toward them from the left.

All of a sudden, sparks flew and the meat bounced against the closest tree trunk, falling to the gra.s.s.

Ming Shu’s eyes widened as she witnessed the meat rolling in circles on the gra.s.s, then rolling to the soil, stained with lots of “condiments.”

My! Roasted! Meat!

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