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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 547 - Pleasing Her Majesty (2)

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Chapter 547: Pleasing Her Majesty (2)

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Ming Shu looked at the hideous wound on her elbow. This wound was created a few days ago at Weiyang Palace.

There was a man living in Weiyang Palace. Ning Furong brought him into the palace. She knew that Dongqing liked men who were untamed. The more she couldn’t get him, the more she wanted him.

Hence, when Dongqing went to find that man, she was stabbed by him.

Maybe Dongqing really likes the man but she only told her personal maid, Lianxin, about her injury. She didn’t punish the man and even gave him a status.

“Your Majesty,” Lianxin was wearing a green dress as she came in. She looked at her in surprise. “Why are you here…”

Lianxin didn’t continue her sentence. She quickly closed the door and took out a porcelain bottle from her sleeve. “I took this from the royal physician.”

“Ask the royal physician to come.”

“Your Majesty?” Lianxin was confused. Didn’t she say not to make a fuss?

Ming Shu looked at Lianxin. The latter immediately bowed. “I will go find him immediately.”

Lianxin ran out of Yangxin Hall and went to the royal physician chamber to find a royal physician.

When the royal physician saw the wound, he was shocked. Cold sweats fell down his face and he stammered as he finished examining the wound, “your Majesty, there is poison on your wound…”

“If there is no poison, why will I call you?”

The royal physician got interrupted. He reached out and wiped his cold sweats off his forehead. “Don’t worry your Majesty. It is not a lethal poison and it will not harm your body.”

The royal physician trembled in fear as he helped Ming Shu neutralized the poison and then wrote a prescription for her.

As for how the wound appeared, the royal physician couldn’t ask. He finished writing the prescription and left.

“Your Majesty…”

“Give him to the prison warder.”

Lianxin was stunned. She did suggest that the empress pa.s.sed the man to the prison warder before but the empress stopped her… why did she change her mind?

However, it was good that the empress had woken up. If the man could hurt her once, he could hurt her twice.

Lianxin felt at ease. She bowed and answered, “yes.”

“Wait.” Ming Shu stopped Lianxin, “bring him here.”

Lianxin: “…”

Lianxin was curious but Ming Shu had already reached out for the pastries on the table. She didn’t dare to ask anymore and quickly left Yangxin Hall. She ordered people to bring the man over from Weiyang Palace.

The man was from the Afterglow Nation. The men of Afterglow Nation were handsome and the women were pretty. They had a good living environment which nurtured many famous men and beautiful women.

This man was exceptionally handsome too. He looked really pleasing to the eyes.

He had stubbornness and anger written on his face. After being raised by Ning Furong, the Host started to like this kind of man.

The man was forced to kneel in the Yangxin Hall. He looked at the lady sitting on the high seat in front of him. His eyes were filled with hatred.

Ming Shu thought on her chin. “Call the prime minister.”

Ning Furong had not left the imperial palace. She arrived at the Yangxin Hall after a short while. When she saw the man kneeling on the floor, a wisp of surprise flashed pa.s.sed her eyes.

However, she held it back and paid her respect to Ming Shu. “Your Majesty, is there anything you need?”

Ming Shu leaned against the throne casually and placed her chin on her hand. She smiled lightly. “Prime minister, did you send this person in to me?”

“” Ning Furong was shocked. “Your Majesty, what are you saying? Why will I want to you? There must be some misunderstanding. Are you hurt?”

Ning Furong stole a glance at the lady sitting on the throne. She seemed a bit oppressive today.

“Lianxin, tell the prime minister.” Ming Shu ordered Lianxin.

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Lianxin was as confused as Ning Furong. Ever since the empress ascended her throne, she had been listening to Ning Furong. However, she didn’t like Ning Furong.

Lianxin didn’t think that Ming Shu would really punish Ning Furong. She was so shocked she didn’t even bother hiding her expression. Just as she walked forward, Ning Furong stood up and said, “I will go and get my punishment myself.”

After that, she took a look at the man on the floor and left with a fling of her sleeves. She looked so handsome and cool when she left.

“Your Majesty…” Lianxin swallowed her saliva, “this… this… this one…” What do we do with him?

Ming Shu said indifferently, “go by the rules.”

The of the empress would result in the death penalty.

Lianxin’s heart sunk and she waved her hand, ordering people to bring the man away.

The man was stunned. He wanted to say something but he was gagged and dragged out.

Ming Shu looked at the outline of the man struggling. She knocked her fingers on the table. “Lianxin.”

“Your Majesty?”

“Call for General Meng.”

Lianxin was lost. She murmured to herself as she walked out. Doesn’t the empress hate General Meng… why is she calling for General Meng now?

General Meng was a rough man. He followed the late empress and gained much achievements int he battleground. He was really good in his martial arts and he had the military power in his hand. He was a really important figure.

However, under the instigation of Ning Furong, Dongqing didn’t like this rough man and kept creating trouble for him. General Meng was a straightforward person too and the two of them went heads on with each other. After that, he even stopped coming to the court and stayed at his army camp all day.

When Ming Shu called him, he thought that the new empress was trying to provoke him again. He arrived at the palace angrily as though he wanted to rebel.

But, when he left, he looked as if he picked up some money and whistled all the way back to his camp.

Around three hours later, General Meng brought a group of soldiers and came back.

The people in the palace that that the empress provoked him and he wanted to attack the palace.

However, General Meng didn’t attack the palace. He just took over the imperial guards and changed the people protecting Ming Shu.

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