Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 544 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (33)

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Chapter 544: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (33)

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New buildings were built at Wan Yue Village really quickly. There were also various entertainment facilities as well as a food street.

The rich person was afraid that the area would be too small and bought the surrounding land too. No developers dared to touch this area after all the things that happened in Wan Yue Village.

Now, since someone wanted to take over this hot potato, the developers were very happy. The rich man didn’t spend much money to get the land.

After all, they couldn’t even tear down the village last time…

However, when Wan Yue Village started operating, it attracted waves and waves of tourist. When Wan Yue Village started earning a huge revenue, the developers were shocked.

This is too fast!

Did the construction team gain some buff?

The name of the village remained the same but Wan Yue Village had changed into a small town now.

In the middle of the town, there was a peach blossom tree.

The peach tree blossomed all year round and was a famous landmark of Wan Yue Village.

Ming Shu planted her true form here. The little gra.s.s that kept screaming for help was also brought here. It used to be planted next to her but it was moved by a black face Hua Jian.

Somehow, rumors started that if couples make a wish under the peach blossom tree, they would be together until old age.

If you are single and you bowed to the tree, you will be lucky in love.

After that, tourists started hanging plates on her. Ming Shu looked at the number of plates on her increasing and felt suffocated.

She can’t give anyone luck in love.


Stop hanging it! Give some snack!!

In the end, Hua Jian asked people to build a fence around the peach tree. Tourist would enter from the entrance and walked two round around the peach tree. They would then hang their plates on the fence.

Hua Jian looked up at the blooming peach blossoms and felt stifled. When is that idiot going to answer him?

There is no use even if he makes a wish every day!!

Hua Jian turned around to look at the demon who was selling plates and took one from it. The little demon wanted to shout at him to pay first but when he looked up and saw that it was Hua Jian, he swallowed back his words.

This was the King’s man.

Hua Jian sat outside the fence and took a knife to carve on the plate.

You could choose to write or carve on the plate. Most people would choose to write on it since it was the faster method. However, the words would fade after some time.

Carving was different.

After Hua Jian carved his plate, he looked at the words on it in a daze. A long moment later, he suddenly bit his fingers and dripped a drop of blood on the plate. The words carved on the plate turned blood red.

Hua Jian got up and climbed over the fence. He walked to the peach tree and climbed onto it.

“Hey… why is that person climbing onto the tree! Didn’t they say that we can’t touch it?”

“Why is he climbing on it?”

“Will he be caught?”

A commotion arose among the crowd. People started pointing at the peach blossom tree and commenting. The little demon that was selling the plates gave a cold face. Even if this person slept on the peach tree, no one would do anything to him.

Hua Jian tied the plate in the middle of the tree but he gave up after a while and placed it on the tip of the highest branch.

Hua Jian returned to the place that he was staying at in Wan Yue Village.

Recently, more and more demons had come to Wan Yue Village and Ming Shu had more things to do. He hadn’t seen her since yesterday night.

Hua Jian kicked his shoes off and walked barefooted into the living room. He laid on his sofa.

He didn’t know how he fell asleep. In his dreams, he saw her. His body started getting warm and the images in his dream got ambiguous.

He smelt a faint peach blossom fragrance. The ambiguous scene in his dream dissipated.

He opened his eyes. Ming Shu was sitting beside him. She grabbed his wrist with on hand and placed the other hand on his chest. He didn’t know what she wanted to do.

Hua Jian glanced at the area where her hand was at. It was his heart…

F**k what does she want to do?

Ming Shu retracted her hand when she saw that he woke up. “Why are you sleeping here. Do we not have enough beds in our house? Have you not had enough of flu? Do you want to experience it again?”

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Hua Jian’s breathing was still a bit messy. He stole a glance at his lower body and tilted to the side. “What time is it?”

Hua Jian came out with his wet hair. Water droplet fell from his hair and landed on his collarbone. It slid into his clothes. His expression was calm and he had an suppressive aura around him.

Ming Shu pushed him into the bathroom.

Hua Jian got a shock. His body slammed into the cold wall. Ming Shu on the shower and water fell onto his clothes. His clothes got drenched.

“You…” Are you crazy!

Hua Jian controlled his anger. I will not make a fuss with a crazy person.

Calm down!

Hua Jian walked out silently. Ming Shu reached out and blocked the door. “Where are you going?”

Hua Jian said angrily, “going to sleep.”

“You are wet already. Why not bath again?” Ming Shu smiled and closed the door.

“No.” F**k wash for what? I am really tired now. I want to sleep!

Hua Jian heard the door being locked.

He looked into Ming Shu’s eyes. She was slowly unb.u.t.toning her clothes. He heard her saying, “but I want to bath.”

Hua Jian stopped breathing.

Mist floated around the bathroom. She just said a few words and didn’t do anything but Hua Jian felt his body turning hot. He swallowed his saliva with difficulty.

What happened after that was quite messy. Hua Jian only remembered the smile in her eyes and her soft kiss.

Ming Shu waited for Hua Jian to fall asleep before going to the peach blossom tree. There was no one around it now. Tourists were not allowed to stay overnight at the Wan Yue Village. They would be asked to leave by 11 pm.

However, some demons were gathering along the streets and talking about what happened today.

When Ming Shu appeared, they smiled and greeted her.

Ming Shu sat under the peach tree and looked up at the branches.

The branches slowly pa.s.sed her a plate. There were bloodstains on it.

But nothing was carved on it.

It was blank.

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