Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 541 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (30)

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Chapter 541: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (30)

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Hua Jian didn’t answer the chief’s question, instead he looked at Sun Guomao and continued, “I caught the phoenix-spirit b.u.t.terfly that escaped out of your place, and you were afraid she might say something. But I watched her closely and you didn’t have the chance to kill her.

“You found out that I was looking into my father’s death, and you were afraid of being discovered, so you schemed to kill me in Wan Yue Village. Unfortunately, I did not die.

“On that night, Mengjie left the office first, but she was free to go in and out of it, and she could even change the surveillance video. So you told Mengjie to kill the phoenix-spirit b.u.t.terfly.”

As Hua Jian stated the facts, Sun Guomao’s expression became gloomier.

The place fell into dead silence, and after a long while, Sun Guomao snorted. “I don’t understand what you’re saying.”

Hua Jian looked at the chief . “Do you want to know where those missing demons are?”

He revealed a USB stick in his hand. The chief was about to take it, but Hua Jian walked around him and pa.s.sed it to Ming Shu.

The chief : “…”

Ming Shu took the USB and pa.s.sed it to the little demon beside her.

The little demon took it and plugged it into the computer, typing something, then turned the computer’s screen toward the others.

The first scene they saw was like an entrance to a laboratory. The video should be shot by Hua Jian. As he got inside, the people he met found he was not one of them and pulled the alarm, then the scene fell into chaos.

After everything was settled, some light breathing noises came from the video. Then the camera was put back in place and began to shoot the entire laboratory.

The first things that appeared were phoenix-spirit b.u.t.terflies locked in a gla.s.s room, some in their true shapes, some in human shapes. The phoenix-spirit b.u.t.terflies in their human shapes were very young, looking 12- or 13-years-old, and they stood in the gla.s.s room while staring at the camera with blank eyes.

So many phoenix-spirit b.u.t.terflies appearing at one time made all the people present stunned a little.

The phoenix-spirit b.u.t.terfly was a rare species in the demon race, and they would never expect to see so many of them at the same time.

Other than the phoenix-spirit b.u.t.terflies, there were also other demons, most in their true shapes and a few in human shapes.

They were all locked in the gla.s.s room.

The camera changed direction and fell to the machine in the middle.

There was one demon fixed in the air by the machine, with its hands and feet connected to the tubes, which were already filled with demon blood. The demon blood looked darker than human blood.

All the blood was gathered into a large utensil.


“You monsters, why do you treat them like this!”

Before watching all the content, the demons fumed.

The chief was also shocked and said, trembling, “Deputy Director Sun… What’s all this?”

There were so many demons locked in there, undergoing bloodletting. The video still had a long way to progress, and the chief didn’t know what they would see later, but he had a feeling that the following content may be more shocking.

“How would I know.” Sun Guomao still denied it. “I don’t even know what this place is.”

“Lu Jiu.”

Hua Jian called out a name.

Lu Jiu pulled two people as he came in from outside; one was Mengjie, the other was from the laboratory.

As soon as they came inside, Mengjie knelt down before Sun Guomao with tears streaming down her face, and she shouted in a hoa.r.s.e voice, “Second Uncle, help me, please! I’ve done whatever you told me, Second Uncle, please, help me, they’re going to kill me.”

The other person from the laboratory trembled and stood nearby with a pale face, but his eyes also rested on Sun Guomao.

Sun Guomao’s face was totally distorted now, and faint viciousness gathered in his eyes.

Under the testimonies of Mengjie and the person from the laboratory, Sun Guomao had no more words to defend himself.

The dirty deal Sun Guomao was doing was far more unpresentable than what Ming Shu had imagined.

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He offered demon cores to humans for consumption, and used demon body parts to replace humans’.

When Sun Guomao initially began this business at that time, Jin Dongyi discovered it and told him to stop.

Jin Dongyi had much power in the Evil Spirit Office. Fearing that things might go public, Sun Guomao intended to stop and prepared to beg Jin Dongyi to keep it secret for him.

But coincidentally, he didn’t see Jin Dongyi but ran into Hua Yunjing and his wife.

He made the phoenix-spirit b.u.t.terfly enchant Hua Yunjing’s wife, coerced her to kill Hua Yunjing, then took her away, disguising it as a case of a demon killing a human.

As for the demon, namely Hua Jian’s mother, she had long since died.

Sun Guomao laughed again, in a weirder way. “Do you know why Jin Dongyi didn’t take revenge, and instead chose to exit the Evil Spirit Office and pretend nothing had happened?”

“Why?” Hua Jian asked calmly.

Sun Guomao laughed out crazily. “Because it’s he who proposed this experiment in the beginning.”

The room suddenly became quiet.

No one knew why Jin Dongyi proposed the experiment. Hua Jian ordered people to find him in the courtyard, but he was not there, and his phone couldn’t get through.

Hua Jian had nothing more to ask and he walked out depressedly.

Right now I should look devastated.

But he didn’t feel anyone following him. When he stood in the sunshine in the corridor and looked back inside, he saw the girl was still sitting at her place, with half a piece of dried beef in her mouth, and was saying something to the chief like she was a real leader.

Hua Jian: “…”

Shouldn’t she come and comfort me at this time?

F**k, what is she saying to that beer belly!

Hua Jian held back his impulse to rush inside and strangle her, then left angrily.

You don’t care about me, right?

Don’t you ever hope to see me again!

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