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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 54 - Gorgeous Doctor (1)

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Chapter 54: Gorgeous Doctor (1)

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#Continental Headlines: Zhi Po randomly goes crazy whenever displeased#

After that, Ming Shu and Cheng Yan lived two separate lives with no relation to each other. Cheng Yan didn’t get married for the rest of his life. Well, not for a lifetime; at least when Ming Shu left the world, Cheng Yan was still single.

Ming Shu died in a car accident in that world, a huge pile-up. She could have survived it, but at the critical moment, a white light suddenly appeared in front of her eyes. She was then drawn back to the room of white clouds.

Wasn’t that annoying?

[Lu Meng’s original life was over.] the Harmony System explained.

A glimmer of a smile pa.s.sed through Ming Shu’s eyes quickly. “For the next world, can you stop arranging me many unreliable admirers?” The key point was that they weren’t even admiring her.

Who do you think I am, a sc.r.a.p picker?

[That is beyond my control. ] Every character has a stage, a course of life. And it is unchangeable.

The white cloud screen appeared.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 8000

Extension Task: Completed

This time she got 8000 Hatred Points!

Sure enough, was it more cost-effective to obtain Hatred Points from a group?

“Next world, next world.” She couldn’t wait to eat.

[…] I won’t try to guess the Guest’s thoughts.

“Miss, do we still have to move forward? It’s getting dark. I’m afraid we might be in danger if we continue to move. Miss Bai was crossing the line…”

A clear female voice suddenly rang in Ming Shu’s ears. A gentle breeze blowing past her cheeks brought with it a trace of heat and a faint rotten stink.

Ming Shu quickly opened her eyes. She found herself standing in a sheltered forest, weak light breaking through the thick rustling leaves. Occasionally, the chirps of insects and birdsong would reach her ears.

Two people were with her. The woman was standing by her side, looking down deferentially—she should be the person that just spoke to her. The man, however, stood a little further away from them, warily observing the surroundings.

Ming Shu curled her lips up. “Find a place to rest.”

“Yes, Miss.”

Ming Shu didn’t dare to say much as she was waiting for the new story at this time. She followed these two people to their destination before receiving the background information from the Harmony System.

This was a Xuanhuan world.

Xiao Rufeng, the fake protagonist, was a murderer before. During a mission, she was betrayed by her people. Then she crossed to the Xuanyuan Continent, becoming the seventh Miss, or Miss Seven, of the Xiao family, who was unpopular among her relatives.

Miss Seven was a loser. She didn’t know who her father was and her mother had died long ago. Miss Seven was fat and ugly, as well as a total anathema. Her relatives always caused trouble for her and spurned her. She lived a hard life.

After Xiao Rufeng crossed through, she opened the doors of her universe and remade her spirit pulse.

From then on, she followed a successful path of weight loss, detoxification, and beautification. Miss Seven began to practice her skills, shocking the world with her power as well as proving herself to them.

The typical plot of Lady Loser’s counterattack against life.

The Host was called Zhi Po, the only disciple of the Master of Death Valley himself.

The moral of this name was to effect a miraculous cure, bringing the dying back to life. Even if the soul was broken, it could be restored.

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Obeying the Master’s last wish, Zhi Po left the valley to find the daughter of the Master’s old friend. She would protect the daughter, ensuring her a peaceful life of joyfulness and well-being.

Since the Host was not the main character, the main plot naturally had nothing to do with her. So these scenes weren’t included in the original background information.

“Miss, I know it’s not my business, but Miss Bai is not worth your loyalty at all. You are the Master of Death Valley, who in this Continent wouldn’t respect you? While this Miss Bai, she treats you like a servant! Even if the old Master were alive, he wouldn’t have allowed you to be treated like this…”

Ming Shu turned to the girl, smiling. “Hui Xue, you also think Bai Yanran is annoying?”

The girl raised her head in surprise; it seemed it was quite inconceivable to hear such a sentence from Ming Shu. “Miss? Are you…” All right? she thought.

The Miss was directly calling Miss Bai’s name and saying she was annoying?

… She was a lot more than annoying, she was totally ungrateful and shameless.

If it weren’t for the Miss, she would have died many times.

“Miss, Hui Xue was wrong. I shouldn’t have talked about Miss Bai like that.” Hui Xue bowed her head again and wondered, Is the Miss speaking contrarily? She is a bit capricious today, maybe I should shut up.

“That’s okay.” Ming Shu waved her hand carelessly. “I also think she’s annoying.”

The Host obeyed her Master’s wish to protect Bai Yanran, but Bai Yanran took it as an opportunity to order about the Host. If the Host didn’t possess stubborn integrity, if it were another who had accepted the Master’s request, things would be quite different.

Hui Xue widened her eyes slightly. “Then why did you…?” Accommodate her?

“I won’t be like that anymore.” Ming Shu curled the corners of her mouth in a smile. The Host accommodated others, but that was her choice. Now that Ming Shu was in this body, she would never accommodate anyone.

Hui Xue was filled with doubt inside. But thinking of today’s matter, she reckoned that her Miss was too disappointed at Bai Yanran and said these words.

“It’s good for Miss to think it through.” Anyway, it couldn’t be better for the Miss to ignore that Miss Bai. “Our Miss has an honorable status, not anyone could order you about like that.”

Each Master of the Death Valley was a great doctor, the most highly skilled.

There was a famous saying on the Continent that almost everyone knew:

There is no disease or patient that can’t be cured by Death Valley, except those who are rejected by it.

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