Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 534 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (23)

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Chapter 534: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (23)

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Jian Ying offered to lead Ming Shu to find the demon core.

Ming Shu wouldn’t do that of course, and she just sat on the spot, starting to eat leisurely.

Jian Ying was tied up to the tree and couldn’t do anything other than waiting with eyes widened.

“Don’t you want power?” Jian Ying didn’t give up, “If you have the demon core, your cultivation level will go one level higher. Don’t you want that?”

“Can I eat it?”

Jian Ying: “…” Are you a pig? All you know is to eat!

The demon core is indeed edible!

But Ming Shu wasn’t interested in it at all.

Jian Ying looked up into the sky constantly and became more and more anxious.

Mengjie was indeed here. But the fact was not like what she told Ming Shu, it was that she told Mengjie about the demon core here as she had read the book…

That demon core was extremely important to the male protagonist.

She wanted to find it before An Zhiling did it. But she didn’t have strong ability like An Zhiling and had no idea where the demon core could be in such a huge forest. The description in book was not enough to find it.

So she told the news to Mengjie.

Mengjie was sent by the headquarters, and Jian Ying knew there must have some people in the headquarters that wanted the demon core as well, so as long as Mengjie told the news to the headquarters then, they would definitely send people here.

It proved that Jian Ying’s plan was correct.

Mengjie surely sent the news back.

But Jian Ying didn’t expect An Zhiling to come here alone in advance, so she had to call Mengjie.

Who knew that Lu Jiu answered the call. Jian Ling lied that An Zhiling was chased here by demons, then Lu Jiu brought his men here to back up.

Thankfully An Zhiling walked fast and didn’t meet them.

Then it’s the scene Ming Shu saw just now.

But Jian Ying’s plan was ruined by the sudden appearance of Ming Shu, and she didn’t follow the storyline! Jian Ying really wanted to kill Ming Shu.

Shashasha —

Some noises came from the forest. The sky was deep and dark with thick black clouds gathering, and it looked like it was going to collapse at any time.

A person walked out of the forest.

The atmosphere froze all of a sudden. That person stiffened and stared at Ming Shu who was eating, then noticed Jian Ying who was tied up as well as An Zhiling who was lying on the ground alive or dead.

“Jian Ying.” Mengjie followed the first person to come out. She uttered involuntarily when she saw Jian Ying was tied up there.

Other people appeared one after another then. They were all in black clothes and with solemn expression, seemingly they were ready to get into a battle at any time.

“Sister Mengjie.” Jian Ying’s heart bled. If they confronted each other now, she would be discovered lying all she said before. Jian Ying pretended to be the victim and reported on Ming Shu first, “Sister Mengjie, Tao Xian tied me up for no reason.”

“Tao Xian, why do you tie up Jian Ying?” Mengjie didn’t like Ming Shu because of Hua Jian, and she stared at her angrily, “Let her off right now.”

Then Mengjie pointed at An Zhiling even more exaggeratedly, “You also knocked out An Zhiling, what do you want to do!”

Mengjie lowered her voice and explained to the man next to her, “Captain Sun, she’s the demon I talked about to you before.”

The man who was called captain Sun immediately fell his eyes on Ming Shu and looked at her strangely. It was a bare and weird gaze.

But Ming Shu didn’t seem to care, and she smiled. “Can’t you tell what I want to do? Will you buy me snacks if I explain to you?”

“Tao Xian, release Jian Ying immediately.” Perhaps it’s because that captain Sun was present, Mengjie straightened her back up. “Captain Sun is from the headquarters, if you dare, then keep fooling around. But if you are smart, you should do what I said and may get yourself a merciful treatment.”

“Woww, I’m so scared.” Ming Shu sounded a little abnormal as she stood up slowly, then asked curiously, “Who is captain Sun?”

Mengjie: “…” Mengjie felt she had hit her fists into a lump of soft cotton and didn’t get any effective response. She looked at Ming Shu with hateful eyes constantly.

“You’re Tao Xian?”

Captain Sun took a step forward and his voice sounded a little hoa.r.s.e, which was even more harsh in the forest.

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“Yes, I am. Do you want to have a fight?” Ming Shu raised her eyebrows, “It’s cool, but you need to make an appointment with my broker first.”

The girl had a slight and shallow smile on her face, with eyes clear and pure, which looked like the clear lake under the blue sky and white clouds, waving with small ripples. As you stared at her, it was like your heart was rippling as well.

Ming Shu grabbed a bamboo shoot from Big Bao’s hand. The bamboo shoots in Jingshan Mountain were dyed with Qi, although the raw ones didn’t taste good, they were better than ordinary food.

Big Bao gave a plaintive look to Ming Shu.

The king is not a panda, why does she also eat the bamboo shoots.

My bamboo shoots…

“Captain Sun!”

Mengjie exclaimed.

Captain Sun returned to himself and cut her hand toward a nearby demon, then pulled Mengjie back to his behind.

“What demon is she?” Captain Sun asked Mengjie. He didn’t actually see through her true shape, and this was not good.

Mengjie gasped, “I… I don’t know. It’s not recorded.”

The data was prepared by Hua Jian. In the type blank recorded nothing. Or you could say, except for the name, all other information was blank.

Hua Jian was the man in charge of the office here, and he made that, what could they do then?

“Captain Sun, she gathers so many demons here, and she must be planning something bad.” Mengjie gritted her teeth and said, “We can’t let her conspiracy happen.”

Captain Sun was also agitated now. He didn’t expect to meet an accident like this today, and to run into a demon on the half way who brought herself with so many demons.

What could they do now?

In the face of such a huge chaotic fight, what else could they do? Just win the battle.

Captain Sun joined in the battlefield. The little demons were restrained a little immediately, as the captain was definitely more powerful than those small errand boys.

Ming Shu bit the bamboo shoot, walking toward the battlefield.

It’s my turn again.

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