Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 533 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (22)

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Chapter 533: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (22)

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From the wakening to transforming into shapes, and with the change of time, Big Bao had never left Jingshan Mountain.

Behind Jingshan Mountain was a river, but Big Bao said he never crossed it. There seemed to have something in the opposite forest, and just standing at this side would make a creepy feeling.

Ming Shu followed Big Bao and came to the river. They happened to see a person enter the forest and disappear into further.

That figure…

Why does it look a little familiar?

Ming Shu was about to get down when another figure flashed out from beside. It was none other than Jian Ying.

There’re other people come out from beside her successively, who were all Evil Spirit Office’s employees.

“Captain, I think I saw Zhiling go in just now.” Jian Ying’s voice was blown over, sounding with wisps of sweetness.

Hua Jian looked to the forest on the other side of the river with calm eyes.

Ming Shu had been busy with her throne inheriting cause and seldom went back to Jin Dongyi’s place. She met Hua Jian less now. Sometimes she went back at night but Hua Jian was not always there.

Hua Jian and the others crossed the river. As Jian Ying walked, she stumbled and her body t.i.tled to Hua Jian’s direction.

Hua Jian moved aside to avoid and pushed Lu Jiu, who then caught Jian Ying just in time.

“Sister Jian Ying, be careful.” Lu Jiu grinned as he supported Jian Ying, “Come, let me help you get there.”

“Thank you.” Jian Ying gave a look to Hua Jian’s direction.

This man…

Since that night, Mengjie didn’t come to work until several days later. It took Jian Ying a long time then to learn from Mengjie that something happened on her way home that night, which caused that she rested for so long.

Mengjie also couldn’t describe clearly how the accident happened.

But Jian Ying always felt it was related to this man, or… Tao Xian.

Jian Ying shook off her inner thoughts and averted her gaze, then followed them in the forest.

On the cliff, Big Bao held the nearby bamboo and trembled.

King, show some mercy! It’s not easy for them to grow up!

In front of Ming Shu were broken flowers scattering all over the ground, but on her face was a faint smile. It’s kind of creepy. Before Big Bao said something, Ming Shu directly jumped down from the cliff.

Seeing Ming Shu intended to cross the river, Big Bao was a little frightened. But thinking that if he didn’t follow now, there might be a worse punishment waiting for him when she came back, so he had to follow up.

It’s very dim in the forest, and clearly no one had walked into here. The only trace was probably left by Hua Jian and the others.

The forest was also very deep. Ming Shu walked forward unmindfully, and some noises came from before occasionally, but were very unclear.

“King!” Big Bao was still a little frightened. The further they marched, the gloomier it felt. “Are we going to walk further? It’s going to rain, and perhaps we should go back now.” There’s a throne waiting for you to take!

Ming Shu looked up into the sky. The thick forest blocked up there, through which she vaguely saw the sky was way too overcast, looking like dark clouds gathering around.

“What’s so scary. If something happens, those people ahead will die first, but we can run.” Ming Shu sounded very casual, “Don’t worry.”

Big Bao: “…”

The people ahead really ran into a little accident and Jian Ying managed to take the opportunity to part with them. Ming Shu also dismissed Big Bao who was just too frightened to help nothing, and she followed behind Jian Ying alone.

Jian Ying walked through the forest constantly and fastly. Soon she found An Zhiling, who wore an anxious expression and looked like was looking for something.

Jian Ying looked around first to make sure no one else was with them, then she rushed over and knocked An Zhiling out.

“Don’t blame me, who let you be the female protagonist.” Jian Ying murmured to herself and got ready to drag An Zhiling to leave.

“Miss Jian, are you going to bury the body?”

Jian Ying was startled to erect her fine hairs all over the body, and she looked to the sound’s source with a dumbfounded look.

In the prosperous green leaves, she saw a pink figure stand there with a tender smile on her delicate and charming face. The girl looked at her with smiling eyes.

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Jian Ying looked around again subconsciously, with the heartbeat slightly speeding up, and she asked alertly, “Why are you here?”

If getting angry can make people become more beautiful, why don’t you do that!

Ming Shu casually pluck a dog tail gra.s.s and pressure it on Jian Ying’s arms, and she reminded her with a smile, “Now, behave yourself, girl, we’re in the wilderness. If I kill you and randomly bury you somewhere, no one will find it.”

That dog tail gra.s.s looked weak and feeble, but Jian Ying felt she couldn’t gather any strength under it, as if being pressed by something huge and heavy.

Jian Ying became both angry and scared.

Why is this demon so powerful.

Will I die here today?

Ming Shu repeated one more time, “Why did you knock out An Zhiling?”

Jian Ying’s face turned very pale and looked very miserable. She gritted her teeth, said, “If I tell you, will you let me go?”

“Relax, I won’t kill you for now,” Ming Shu promised.

The Hatred Points are not full yet.

And as well, I don’t kill people.

Jian Ying naturally wouldn’t believe Ming Shu’s promise, but she had no other choice now. This demon was way too strong.

“There’s something buried in this forest, with… with the help of An Zhiling I can find it.” Jian Ying looked at Ming Shu, “It’s a demon core, which is very useful for you demons and can enhance the cultivation level.”

“You’re lying.”

“No, I’m not. If you don’t believe, you can wake up An Zhiling and ask her.” Jian Ying denied it.

“Even if you’re telling the truth, but you’re a human, why do you need that thing?” Ming Shu swept on her arms with the gra.s.s, “You think I’m a fool?”

Jian Ying breathed heavily, “It’s… Mengjie told me this. She said as long as I find the demon core, she’ll help me get into the headquarters.”

“Why doesn’t she come herself?”

“She’s here, but she isn’t with us.” Jian Ying continued, “It’s true, trust me, I’m not lying. You’ve gotten me like this, how will I cheat you?”

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