Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 530 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (19)

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Chapter 530: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (19)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“I don’t.”

Mengjie stopped breathing. Her heart palpitated and the sounds around her seemed to fade away. Her face was red as she waited for Hua Jian’s answer.

However, he had almost no reaction. He didn’t even change his posture.

He just said “I don’t” so indifferently.

Mengjie felt the images in front of her begin to blur. However, her vision suddenly cleared and she saw Hua Jian’s hugging the pink girl beside him.

The latter just lowered her head and ate her food. She didn’t look at her.

Mengjie was so angry she raised her hand and wanted to slap Ming Shu.

Hua Jian quickly grabbed Mengjie’s wrist. She didn’t touch Ming Shu, but she overturned the plate in her hand. The cashews fell all over the floor.

Ming Shu raised her head slightly and looked at Mengjie.

Mengjie shouted at Ming Shu, “You b.i.t.c.h, what are you looking at! You seduced the captain. Shameless! What right do you have to stand beside the captain? Who do you think you are?”

Ming Shu got up and smiled at Mengjie. “Do you know that wasting food is a shameful thing?”

Mengjie was stunned by her words.


No one saw what Ming Shu did, but Mengjie was already lying on the ground and shouting. Her groans mixed with the soft music and it seemed really sinister.

“Did I interrupt you when you were confessing? I didn’t, right?” Ming Shu pinned Mengjie down with a gentle expression. “What right do you have to waste my cashews? Did they provoke you!”

Can my snacks be touched?

Everyone: “…” Wait. Director, there is something wrong with the storyline.

“Let me go…” Mengjie reacted and retracted her hideous expression. She shouted at Hua Jian, “Captain, this is her true self. Do not be fooled by her!”

Hua Jian reached out and pulled Ming Shu up. Ming Shu wanted to struggle, but Hua Jian grabbed her and whispered to her, “She is a worker in my office. It’s not good to beat her in front of so many people.”

Mengjie was elated. She thought that Hua Jian was speaking up for her. “Captain, I’m speaking the truth. There are no good demons in this world. They are all cunning and crafty. Don’t be fooled by her.”

There were other demons in the room. When they heard what Mengjie said, their expressions changed too.

Is this how we seem in humans’ eyes?!

They knew that Mengjie didn’t like them, but they didn’t know that this was what she thought of them.

“Sister Mengjie!” Jian Ying quickly pulled Mengjie up and took the chance to tell her, “Sister Mengjie, what are you saying.”

Mengjie knew that she had said the wrong thing and immediately fell quiet. All eyes were on her. She felt uncomfortable.

Ming Shu calmed down slightly and looked at Mengjie. “Compensate me a plate of cashews.”

Mengjie looked at Ming Shu in shock. “You were the one that hit me and you still want me to compensate your cashews? Are you crazy!”

“If you don’t do it, I will continue hitting you.”

The girl smiled gently, but in the dimly lit room, everyone suddenly felt cold.

“You…” Is she crazy? Mengjie turned to Hua Jian for help again. “Captain, look at her. She is still so arrogant even after she’s. .h.i.t people.”

“You started it.” If I didn’t pull her back, she would still be beating you. “Go and buy it.”

Mengjie: “…”

Mengjie’s tears dropped and her face turned pale. Her body shook with anger.

Jian Ying knew how it felt. When Ming Shu hit people, it would be very painful, but there would be no wounds.

Jian Ying’s looked at Ming Shu secretly while consoling Mengjie. She dragged her out.

Hua Jian grabbed Ming Shu in fear that she would create trouble again. “I hope that everyone will forget what happened tonight after you all leave the room.”

A demon would be punished if they hit a human.

Although they would only be locked up for a few days and it was nothing serious…

Everyone glanced at each other. Hua Jian was the captain. They couldn’t disobey him.

“Let’s continue drinking, everyone. No one returns home if they are not drunk!” Lu Jiu shouted. If he knew that they would create so much trouble, he would not have invited them.

The still air started moving slowly and everyone shifted their gazes. Let’s continue drinking! Once we are drunk, we will not remember anything!

Hua Jian embraced Ming Shu and sat down. “You didn’t get angry when I was being confessed to, but got angry when your plate of cashews fell. Am I that unimportant to you?”

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Any normal person would be angry if their boyfriend got confessed to, right?

Success is right before my eyes.

Jian Ying was the one that brought the cashews over. Mengjie had disappeared. She must have left. After being rejected by Hua Jian and creating such a commotion, she had no face to come back here anymore.

Everyone had their own thoughts so they finished up quickly.

Lu Jiu needed to accompany the other room and couldn’t go back with them. He sent everyone down and settled their journey home for them.

Someone came to fetch An Zhiling. However, the person didn’t get off the car so no one saw who it was. It was a normal car, too, so no one thought much about it.

“Boss, I have something to tell you.” Lu Jiu grabbed Hua Jian, who was about to leave. “Come.”

“Wait for me here,” Hua Jian reminded Ming Shu.

Ming Shu hugged her popcorn and was eating it really happily. She nodded her head in a hurry.

Lu Jiu pulled him to one side. “Boss, what is going on between you and Tao Xi?”

“Whatever you think it is.”

Lu Jiu was worried. “I really like Tao Xi, but she’s a demon. Although there are many humans who got together with demons in the past, they didn’t know their true nature. You’re different. Everyone knows about her ident.i.ty. How will everyone look at you? Also, many things happen to people that get together with demons…”

Hua Jian glanced at Lu Jiu and said calmly, “Is that important?”

My mission is to woo this idiot.

I don’t care about what other people think!

“Boss, even if you don’t care, what about her?”

“She doesn’t care, either.” She doesn’t even care if I got confessed to. Why would she be bothered with such a small thing?


Lu Jiu took a deep breath. “Boss, you have to think about it carefully. If the people on top know about it, you might…”

Be fired.

Although the Evil Spirit Office accepted demons for employees, they would not accept a manager who got together with a demon.

Hua Jian lowered his head. “I understand, I’ll go home now.”

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