Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 527 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (16)

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Chapter 527: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (16)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Monday meeting…

Ming Shu sat in a corner and turned her chair around as she ate her little mantou.

An Zhiling was still in school and didn’t come. The others came in slowly.

“Little Tao Xi, why are you so early today?” Someone greeted Ming Shu.

“Early demon gets the meat,” Ming Shu replied with a smile.

“Hahaha, you just know how to eat. Here, I just bought this and haven’t eaten it yet. For you.”

Ming Shu looked good and smiled whenever she met anyone. The people in the field operations department all liked her. They knew that she liked to eat and would always buy snacks for her.

Hua Jian came in from outside and saw Ming Shu taking other people’s food. His face turned black. Why does she eat everything that’s given to her. Is she not afraid that it’s poisoned!

“Start the meeting.”

Hua Jian walked to the front. The people behind him heard the three words and hurriedly found their places. The last one in was actually Jian Ying.

“From today onward, Jian Ying will be in the field operations department. Lu Jiu, you will be guiding her.”

“Oh, okay,” Lu Jiu answered.

“Please take care of me in the future.” Jian Ying bowed to everyone sincerely.

Everyone looked at each other and welcomed her happily.

“Find a place to sit.” Hua Jian held onto the table. “We will start the meeting now.”

There were not many empty seats in the meeting room. Jian Ying sat down beside Lu Jiu. Lu Jiu was sitting next to Hua Jian. Since Lu Jiu was going to guide Jian Ying, no one felt that there was something wrong.

The meeting was to summarize their work for the past week.

“Boss, do we still send the b.u.t.terfly demon away?” As the meeting was ending, someone asked this. It had been locked up for so long and it just kept repeating the same few sentences.

“Keep her for now,” Hua Jian just said indifferently.

“But Boss, there is no use in keeping her. She takes up s.p.a.ce too. Why not send her to the authorities and let them deal with it.” The Evil Spirit Office only belonged to this city. There were offices like this in every city and on top of them was the headquarters. Mengjie was sent over from the headquarters.

If they met any fierce demons or those that didn’t listen to them, they would send them to the headquarters and let them take care of it.

Hua Jian raised his head and looked at the person. He repeated, “Keep her.”

The person didn’t dare to say anything anymore.

“Are there any other questions? If not, you can leave.”

Everyone got up and left. Jian Ying didn’t do anything and just left the meeting room with Lu Jiu.

The meeting room became empty.

Hua Jian walked to Ming Shu. “Follow me.”

“No time.” I have to pamper my snacks. I don’t want to move.

Hua Jian reached out and pulled her up. Ming Shu’s body was soft and there seemed to be no energy in her. Hua Jian was afraid that she would fall if he let her go and held onto her. “Stand straight.”

She always had this faint peach blossom fragrance on her. It was soothing to smell.


Lu Jiu pushed the door of the meeting room open and saw his boss hugging Ming Shu. From his position, it looked ambiguous.

“Stand straight.” Hua Jian was composed and repeated himself.

Ming Shu stabilized herself. Hua Jian retracted his hand and looked at Lu Jiu.

Lu Jiu felt slightly awkward. He felt weird too. What was his boss and Tao Xi doing just now? As a friend, Lu Jiu liked her. After all, she was pretty, had a good voice, and liked to smile.

But this didn’t mean that he would let his boss and her have any other relationship.

And his boss never told him where this demon came from…

Jian Ying stood behind Lu Jiu. Her expression was dark. She could not see the male protagonist now and it was all because of this demon.

Jian Ying’s eyes landed on Hua Jian’s face. That face is not bad, either. If she could…

She lowered her head to hide the emotions in her eyes.

Lu Jiu coughed. “Boss, I just want to tell you that it’s my birthday today. We are having a gathering tonight. Remember to come.”

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I will be beaten to death next time.

Ten minutes later, Ming Shu came out. Hua Jian came forward and checked her body. He then kissed her on her forehead.

Her skin was smooth. Hua Jian remembered the kiss in the office that time and was spellbound. He took Ming Shu’s chin and raised it up. He landed a kiss on her lips accurately.

Their soft lips touched and there was a slight sweetness to it. He tried pushing his tongue out and breaking through her teeth.

Ming Shu was a bit stunned from the kiss. b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

Ming Shu pushed him away forcefully. She wiped her lips. “Did you ask for my permission before kissing me?”

“Why must I ask for your permission?” Hua Jian retaliated. “What is wrong with kissing my girlfriend?”

I will kiss you!

If you don’t like it, kiss me back!

“Who is your girlfriend?” Did I agree? Even if you are the movie king, don’t add scenes for yourself!

“The cake that you ate that time was for my girlfriend. Since you ate it, you are my girlfriend,” Hua Jian replied blatantly.

“…” F**k, you were digging a hole and waiting for me there!

“I am a demon. You hate demons.” Ming Shu closed in on him and gave an evil smile. “Are you sure you want me to your girlfriend?”

Your acting is getting better and better.

Don’t you have no memory?

Continue acting!

“You’re different,” Hua Jian repeated the same answer.

Is there anything else I can say?

Should I say that actually I’m trying to woo you? Please hurry up and like me. If you don’t like me, I will strangle you.

If I say that, I will have to talk about life with G.o.d.

Min Shu:”Is he pretending to be an amnesiac?

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