Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 526 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (15)

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Chapter 526: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (15)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Lu Jiu came at the right time. He prevented Hua Jian from raising his knife.

“Boss…” Lu Jiu looked at Ming Shu and hesitated. It was obvious that he didn’t want to say it in front of an outsider.

Hua Jian ma.s.saged his eyes and didn’t ask Ming Shu to leave. “Say it.”

Lu Jiu felt shocked but he continued reporting.

“That willow demon said that someone purposely set up the globe of invulnerability. She was only responsible for luring you in. She doesn’t know anything else.”

“A human?”

Lu Jiu nodded. “That is what the willow demon said.”

“Confirm whether it was a human or a demon.”

“Yes.” Lu Jiu paused and glanced at Ming Shu, who was leaning against the office table and eating her snacks. He wondered in his heart, Why would the boss let her stay here? WIll he really bring her along next time?

“Is there anything else?”

“No, no.” Lu Jiu shook his head instantly and ran out of the office.

“Someone is targeting you.” Ming Shu glanced at Hua Jian. “That will mean that I’ll be affected too. Shall we part ways now?”

“The person is targeting me. What does it have to do with you?” Part ways? No way!

“That’s hard to say.” Ming Shu munched her snacks. “If I’m too close to you, the other party might attack me too.”

Hua Jian remained silent for a while. “I’ll protect you. You’ll be fine.”

Ming Shu didn’t really want to leave here. After all, the fake female protagonist was still here.

However, she just wanted to anger him. He looked more interesting when he exploded.

“Then I need to get myself a coffin first.”

Hua Jian: “…” How little trust does she have in me?

Jin Dongyi sat like a boss in the courtyard, holding the axe in his hand.

When Ming Shu and Hua Jian entered, he grabbed his axe and aimed it at Hua Jian. Hua Jian pulled Ming Shu aside and dodged the attack. This was their daily lesson.

Hua Jian didn’t like it when Hua Jian took Ming Shu out.

“How many times have I warned you. Do not take her out!”

Hua Jian gave an indifferent expression. “She will have to go out sooner or later.”

Jin Dongyi placed his hand on his waist and scolded, “Even if that’s true, you can’t be the one that takes her out. You even brought her to your place. I think that you are crazy. And you, why didn’t you just stay in your tree? Why must you go out!”

“I know what I’m doing.”

“Know your head. The event at Wan Yue Village…” Jin Dongyi paused. He pointed at Hua Jian angrily. “Come in with me.”

Ming Shu asked Little Beastie to eavesdrop on them.

Jin Dongyi might have created a globe of invulnerability, but it was nothing to Little Beastie.

After some time, Little Beastie jumped back and landed on her. It dumped its head into the snacks. Ming Shu picked it up by its tail. Little Beastie hugged a piece of chocolate. Its cheeks were puffy from the food.

Trash-picker, you are abusing me!

I want to sue you!

“Stop talking nonsense. Hurry up and speak.” Ming Shu poked its stomach.

Little Beastie twisted its body. What are you poking at? If I vomit, who will be responsible! Don’t poke!

Ming Shu slapped its head. “So much nonsense.”

Little Beastie hummed and swallowed the chocolate. Then it said what it heard just now, unwillingly.

However, there was not much useful information. It only said that Hua Jian had some revenge to take and Jin Dongyi was worried that it would affect Ming Shu. That was why he didn’t want Hua Jian to take Ming Shu out.

As for what kind of revenge it was, Little Beastie said that they didn’t talk about it. It didn’t know.


Jin Dongyi slammed the door and left the courtyard with a dark expression.

Ming Shu: “…” The person that bought her snacks chased away the person that made braised meat. Such a hard decision.

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Hua Jian returned to his attic. Ming Shu climbed up from the peach tree. The window was not closed. She jumped in easily.

However, Hua Yunjing not only got together with a demon, he even had a child with her.

Everyone’s opposition had no effect on Hua Yunjing. He lived with his wife and child, but when Hua Jian was ten years old, something happened.

Hua Jian’s mother suddenly killed Hua Yunjing and she disappeared after that.

Since it was a demon who killed the person, this matter was under the responsibility of the Evil Spirit Office. They reached the conclusion that the demon lost control and killed the human. Hua Jian escaped because he was lucky.

Hua Jian might have heard too many things then and started hating demons. When he grew up, he got into the Evil Spirit Office using his own abilities.

Ming Shu closed the file. “Since there is already a culprit, why are you still investigating it? Why is Jin Dongyi stopping you?”

“It is not so simple.” Hua Jian said calmly, “He knows something, but he doesn’t want me to investigate.”

“Don’t investigate it then. It has nothing much to do with you anyway.”

“He is my father.”

Ming Shu smiled lightly. If you say he is, then he is.

You can act. You are the movie king.

“So can we go out and eat now?” I am so hungry!

Hua Jian: “…” F**k, I wasted so much of my acting skills for a cow?

Keep calm! I can win this!

Hua Jian controlled his urge to strangle Ming Shu and put away the file. He took his coat and took her out to eat.

In the next few days, Jin Dongyi kept brainwashing Ming Shu to ask her not to go out with Hua Jian and create trouble. Ming Shu agreed as she ate the braised meat and in the blink of an eye, she went out with Hua Jian.

Jin Dongyi was so angry he didn’t buy meat for a few days. In the end, he couldn’t take it anymore and bought meat again.

However, Ming Shu took half of it. Jin Dongyi was so angry he almost destroyed the house.

On the other hand, at the Evil Spirit Office, An Zhiling was getting familiar with the field operation department. After all, she had a gold finger. In the past, they had to go through so much ha.s.sle to find a demon, but with An Zhiling, it became easier.

Ming Shu thought that there were not many demons in the world, but looking at how busy the Evil Spirit Office was, she might be wrong. There were a lot of demons in the world.

For G.o.d’s sake, there was even a gra.s.s demon that always shouted for help just outside the wall.

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