Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 523 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (12)

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Chapter 523: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (12)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations


The dilapidated house suddenly looked and a demon aura seeped out from the ground. A light rose from the ruins. It shone brightly and then disappeared.

Hua Jian appeared among the ruins. He looked slightly haggard but he was still fine.


Lu Jiu ran over quickly.

“Boss, are you okay?”

The other people started surrounding him too. Ming Shu slowly let go of the willow demon. The willow demon felt her pain disappeared the moment Ming Shu’s hand left her body.

She looked at Ming Shu in fear. It was a fear of someone more powerful than her.

Ming Shu leaned against the stone lion and took out her last piece of chocolate. She bit it slowly.

Hua Jian spoke to Lu Jiu and then someone walked towards the ruins. After a while, three people were pulled out. An Zhiling had woken up and ran over instantly when she saw the three people.

Two of them were dead. Only one was alive.

Hua Jian walked over step by step. “You caught her?”

Ming Shu smiled. “If not?”

Hua Jian: “…” I just asked her nicely. What is wrong with her!

Once everything was settle, the bunch of thm walked out of the village. She didn’t know what Lu Jiu said to An Zhiling but she actually promised not to call the police and allowed them to bring the corpse and the unconscious person away.

Jian Ying had returned to the car. When she saw people coming, she immediately got down. “Captain, Lu Jiu… what happened?”

“We will talk when we get back.” Lu Jiu was too tired to talk now.

Jian Ying’s gaze paused on An Zhiling. She felt stifled. The gold fingers of the female protagonist was not that easy to steal. She almost died while trying to get it. Luckily, she ran away fast enough,

Jian Ying retracted her gaze and saw Ming Shu who was standing behind Hua Jian from the corner of her eyes. Her expression changed. Why is she here?

Hua Jian ignored Jian Ying and walked straight to the car.

Ming Shu didn’t move. She smiled at Jian Ying.

Hua Jian turned around and said calmly as he stood beside the car. “Get on.”

Jian Ying and Ming Shu looked over at the same time.

Although Hua Jian looked haggard, his aura and face could let people forget about his situation now. They could only see a really handsome man.

Jian Ying always knew that their captain was handsome.

However, she knew that he was not the male protagonist. He was not even the subordinate male protagonist.

But, when she looked at Hua Jian now, Jian Ying’s heart started beating faster and she walked towards Hua Jian insitinctively.

She had rode on the car as Hua Jian before. Just as she was preparing to get on, Hua Jian stopped her. He said indifferently, “you will follow Lu Jiu’s car.”

Jian Ying froze on the spot.

“Captain, I…”

“Hey, older sister Jian Ying, I have left a seat for you.” Lu Jiu shouted from the side.

Jian Ying’s words got stuck in her throat. What does he mean by older sister Jian Ying? She was only one month older than him!

Jian Ying took a step back. Hua Jian’s gaze landed on the pink lady behind. He urged her, “hurry up.”

Ming Shu smiled lightly and walked over. She sat beside Hua Jian.

Jian Ying: “…”

Jian Ying gritted her teeth and walked towards Lu Jiu.

On the way back, Jian Ying pretended that she was curious and asked Lu Jiu, “doesn’t our captain hate demons? Why is there a demon following him?”

Lu Jiu found it weird too. “I don’t know. I don’t know where boss got his demon from. Luckily, she caught the willow demon today. If not, I don’t know when we will make it out.”

Jian Ying said again, “every demon needs to be registered. Why didn’t captain bring her to get registered?”

Lu Jiu shrugged. “How will I know. However, boss did break the rules here. Let me tell him later.”

Jian Ying: “…”

Although she wanted to let Lu Jiu understand that Hua Jian had broken the rules, she didn’t want him to go and remind Hua Jian!

Jian Ying felt irritated by Lu Jiu’s intellect and was too lazy to talk to him.

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Her gaze fell on An Zhiling who wasn’t in a good state.

Hua Jian brought Ming Shu to the Evil Spirit Office.

“I thought that you all are very rich and will have the entire building as your office. I didn’t think that you all will only have a single floor.” Ming Shu started provoking Hua Jian the minute she entered.

Hua Jian looked staight ahead and swiped his card to enter. He hypotised himself and told himself that he didn’t hear anything. Take it as she was letting out gas.

At the back, Lu Jiu’s mouth corners twithced continuously. This place was an expensive area and it was already very impressive to have a whole floor to themselves. She still wanted an entire building…


“Are you alright, captain?”

“You scare me. Finally you are back.”

When they entered, Ming Shu realized that there were actualy lots of people inside. Some of them were even demons.

Lu Jiu went to settle An Zhiling and her friends first. Jian Ying knew that she had things to do so she could only watch as M and Hua Jian entered the private office.

“Hey… who is that? Why did she went in with the captain? She looked really pretty. That cute figure makes me want to pinch her.”

“This is my first time seeing someone wearing pink and looked so dreamy. My little girl’s heart that has been sealed for many years has finally been freed. Hey Lu Jiu, Lu Jiu. Who is that little girl?”

Lu Jiu waved his hand. “I am busy. Don’t ask around for fun.”

Jian Ying pouted and returned to her seat. She tidied the doc.u.ments on her desk absent mindedly.

“Sister Jian Ying.” Lu Jiu ran over hurriedly and slammed a doc.u.ment on her face before running away again. He reminded Jian Ying as he ran away, “get it out soon.”

Jian Ying opened the doc.u.ment and her expression changed slightly.

It was a set of information.

Name: Tao Xi.

s.e.x: Female

Date of Brith: 19/4/2000

Guardian: Hua Jian

Jian Ying looked at the guardian. She didn’t recover from her shock for a long time.

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