Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 520 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (9)

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Chapter 520: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (9)

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The village was quite big. After walking for a while, Ming Shu still didn’t meet the person that came in just now.

Little Beastie followed behind her and rolled along her side.

Trash picker, what are you finding? Food?

Ming Shu kicked it with her foot, “all you know is eating. I have no food!”

Little beastie fumed.

Trash picker, how long have you not fed me? Do you want to make me die of hunger so that you can be other people’s trash picker! Why are you so evil!

Ming Shu smirked. “If I don’t die, will you die? If you want to die, find a way to kill me first.’

Little Beastie was so angry it jumped around on the spot. Fire could shoot out of its eyes.

Trash picker, let me tell you. You will lose me one day! You will! You definitelt will!

Little Beastie fumed and rolled far away. However, it rolled back after a while and showed its short legs. It grabbed Ming Shu’s dress and climbed onto her shoulder.

Ming Shu said with disdain, “what are you doing? Is my shoulder somewhere you can just sit on?”

Although she said this, Ming Shu didn’t chase it down. She poked it and make sure that it woundn’t fall down.

Little Beastie hummed, there are people in front.

“It is normal to have people. So many people came in just now. If there was no one, it would have been weird.”

It is not those people just now.

Ming Shu: “…”

It is not those people just now?


Little Beastie pointed to a direction.

There was a fork road in front. Ming Shu followed Little Beastie’s direction and walked round a dilapidated house. Among the broken bricks, she saw a corpse… a human.

It was a familiar person.

The seeded player of creating inedible food – An Zhiling.

Ming Shu didn’t want to care about her. However, she saw the clothes that she was wearing. It… belonged to Hua Jian.

Ming Shu walked over and pinched An Zhiling’s philtrum.

An Zhiling’s face was pale and her lips were cracked. She groaned softly and slowly opened her eyes. She stared at Ming Shu in a daze.

“It’s you…” An Zhiling’s voice was hoa.r.s.e as if she hadn’t talk for a long time, “where is this?”

“How do I know where this is?” Ming Shu let go of her. “Where did your clothes come from?”

An Zhiling’s mind was still in a daze. She murmured, “clothes… what clothes…”

She looked down and realized that she didn’t recognize the clothes on her. She shook her head furiously and said after a logn time, “I don’t know… picked it up from the floor…”

“Something bad has happened… something bad has happened to them.” An Zhiling seemed to have remembered what happened and got agitated. “Something had happened to my friends. I need to save them.”

She tried to get up from the ground but she staggered and almost fell on the ground.

An Zhiling’s feet were swollen like buns. How was she able to walk?

Ming Shu thought for a while. An Zhiling must have gotten her gold fingers here. Is that why Jian Ying came here? To s.n.a.t.c.h the gold fingers from An Zhiling?

An Zhiling’s gold fingers was the ability to distinguish any form of demons as well as to see the all the data of the demon, including their BWH[a].

Ming Shu only knew the summary of what happened, She wasn’t sure of the detials and didn’t know what would happen in the village.

An Zhiling grabbed Ming Shu and tears formed in her eyes. However, they didn’t drop. She sobbed, “my friends are in danger. I need to save them.”

“Oh,” Ming Shu had no reaction. “They are not my friends. You can go help them yourself. Well, if you can walk.”

An Zhiling was stunned for a while. After that, she looked down and muttered, “hurry up and leave this area. It is not safe. If you can, please help to call the police.

She just met her once so it was understandable that she didn’t want to help her. She couldn’t blame her.

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After she finished, An Zhiling forced herself to stand up and gritted her teeth as she walked in a direction.

Lu Jiu suddenly turned quiet. After a few seconds, he asked in a deep voice, “who are you?”

Who am I?

Lu Jiu didn’t ask for her name the other time so how should she introduce herself to show off her status?

In the end, Ming Shu just talked nonsense and lured them here first.

Lu Jiu had his suspicion but he still brought someone along to meet her. When he saw Ming Shu, his expression turned really interesting. “Why are you here?”

Ming Shu replied calmly, “learning to do good deeds from Lei Feng.”

Lu Jiu was silent, “why is boss’s phone with you?”

Ming Shu gave an innocent face, “it was not with me. It was with her. I picked her up.”

Lu Jiu looked at An Zhiling. He recognized the clothes on her and grabbed An Zhiling’s elbow. “This is my boss’s clothes. Why is it on you? Where is my boss?”

An Zhiling shook her head and explained, “I don’t know. I picked it up. It was really cold so I wore it.”

Lu Jiu understood everything after some time. An Zhiling picked up Hua Jian’s clothes and the handphone was in the clothes. Then, Ming Shu picked up An Zhiling… so why is she here?

“Why are you here?”

“Looing for Ling… Your boss.”

Lu Jiu frowned. He knew that his demon was brought up by his boss but boss didn’t register this demon at the Evil Spirit Office. Everytime he asked boss about it, boss would just change the topic…

Lu Jiu didn’t hide his suspicion. Ming Shu accepted hs suspicion blatantly.

After a long time, Lu Jiu said, “boss went missing. This was the last place he appeared at.”

Ming Shu couldn’t deny his words.

An Zhiling sobbed, “my friends… my friedns might be in danger too.”

Lu Jiu looked at An Zhiling. “You re a student right? Why are you here? What happened last night? Did you see anyone suspicious?”

An Zhiling suddenly shivered. Under Lu Jiu’s gaze, she stammered out what happened last night.

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