Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 52 - League of Poor Students (29)

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Chapter 52: League of Poor Students (29)

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After giving Jin Yuqi a fierce beating, Ming Shu didn’t say anything to her and left elegantly with her standard smile. It was as if she hadn’t been abusing Jin Yuqi.

Jin Yuqi lay on her stomach. Seeing Ming Shu’s figure disappear into the darkness, the hatred beneath her eyes spread like a blazing fire.

“Lu Meng… I’m going to kill you.” Why, why did she have to suffer all of this? She should be the winner.

Jin Yuqi struggled to stand up after lying there for a little longer. She walked back to Jing Fu Restaurant’s front door, leaning against the wall. As she was looking for someone to call the police for her, she saw Shangguan Feng getting ready to get into a car with a girl.

Shangguan Feng…

Ignoring her aching body as well as her embarra.s.sment, Jin Yuqi rushed out to push the girl against the car door. She demanded, “Shangguan Feng, who is she? Why are you with her? What are you going to do?”

The girl was frightened into hiding behind Shangguan Feng and asked in a coaxing voice, “Feng, who is she? She’s so fierce, I’m scared.”

Shangguan Feng protected the girl with his arm, and he turned his nose up at Jin Yuqi as he gazed at her messy state. “It’s none of your business.”

“You’re my fiance, how is it none of my business!” Jin Yuqi became extremely angry. “Shangguan Feng, have you forgotten your promises? You said you loved me and would take care of me for our whole lives! Now we just got engaged, how could you do something like this! Shameless!”

“Jin Yuqi, how could you do those kinds of things to me when you were using me?” Shangguan Feng sneered. “What do you think I am? Your slave?”

He would never forgot how those people at school looked at him.

Jin Yuqi did that to him. How could he forgive her so easily?

“Lu Meng planned the whole thing! She intended to destroy us, you can’t just blame me for everything. If you’re a man, go trouble her!” Jing Yuqi dumped all the responsibility on Ming Shu.

“Is that so?” Shangguan Feng reached out to pinch Jin Yuqi’s cheek, leaning closer with wondering eyes. But as Jin Yuqi nodded her head, he suddenly threw her off. Without anything to support her, Jin Yuqi staggered and fell to the ground. The cold and ironic voice of Shangguan Feng reached her ears from above. “Do you think I’m still stupid enough to believe you?”

He was so regretful. He wondered why he always followed her advice before. Was he a lunatic?

Shangguan Feng put his arm around the girl, lowering his eyes arrogantly to her fallen form. “Jin Yuqi, behave yourself. The Jin family does not have any time to protect you now.”

Recently the Jin family had been involved in a corruption case, which had put it in a dangerous position. That was why Shangguan Feng was able to have his full swing.

“Feng, don’t be angry. Let’s go have fun.” The girl patted Shangguan Feng’s chest and spoke in spoiled tone. She also gave a dismissive glance to Jin Yuqi.

Jin Yuqi was breathing heavily in anger. Now almost anyone could look at her that way! She just couldn’t believe it.

Shangguan Feng grunted before getting into the car with the girl on his arm. The car then drove away ruthlessly, leaving Jin Yuqin alone, sitting in that spot, talked about and pointed at by the surrounding people.

“What are you looking at! Who allowed you to look at me! Go away, go!”

Jin Yuqi got up from the ground and began to yell at those people like crazy.

Probably because Jin Yuqi was really in a maddened state and looked too scary, the onlookers all scattered immediately.

Jin Yuqi staggered as she left. It seemed she had nowhere to go in this noisy city. An unprecedented feeling of coldness overwhelmed her.

“Hey! Watch out!”

“s.h.i.t, are you blind?”

Jin Yuqi ran into many people along the way, and most of them responded with abuse.


“Are you all right?”

When Jin Yuqi hit another person, a girl’s soft voice and a boy’s nervous one rang out one after the other.

“I’m okay…” The girl looked up to Jin Yuqi, and the minute she saw Jin Yuqi’s face, she was stunned. After recalling for a little while, the girl asked tentatively, “Sister Jin Yuqi?”

Hearing this, Jin Yuqi looked at the girl confusedly. After recognizing the girl clearly, an angry and shameful feeling mixed with a bit of fl.u.s.ter rose from the bottom of her heart. Why was Qian Duoduo here?

Jin Yuqi lowered her head, hiding her face behind her bangs. She hurriedly burst out, “You’re mistaken,” then fled.

“Am I mistaken?”

“Probably. Didn’t you just say you were hungry? Come on, let’s go.”


“All right, let’s go. We have to make up missed lessons for you.”

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The voices of the two faded away as they walked further. Jin Yuqi turned back to see the intimate figures. She fiercely dug her nails into her palm, blood dripping, but she didn’t seem to feel it.

Meanwhile, Cheng Yan usually fought for Ming Shu.

Finally, they graduated from college. But Cheng Yan still wouldn’t let Ming Shu go. They played a game of cat and mouse for several years, during which lots of people had introduced girls to Cheng Yan, but they were all rejected by him. There seemed to be only one girl in his eyes.

He chased after Ming Shu alone!

He just couldn’t stop!

What the h.e.l.l was wrong with him.

After many years pa.s.sed, Ming Shu still had a baby face. Cheng Yan had grown up into a mature man, with an attractive style of tyrannical and celibate quality.

“Cheng Yan, so many years have pa.s.sed, can’t you just let me go!” All she had dreamed of was staying with her dear snacks forever. Why was it so hard!

What an insidious man!

“Is it that hard for you to like me even for a while?” Cheng Yan asked miserably.

“Is it that hard for you not to like me even for a while?” Ming Shu huffed angrily. “Would you please stop chasing after me?” This man didn’t like her at all.

Wasn’t there a saying that went like…

“The less you get, the more you want?”

Throughout all these years, she still couldn’t understand why Cheng Yan had to chase after her like such a psychopath.

She had tried everything she could think of to get rid of him, but all failed. He didn’t leave even with her beatings and abuse. She was fed up with him now!

Cheng Yan took a deep breath and reached out to Ming Shu. “Mengmeng, get down here first, it’s not safe. We’ll talk later.”

But Ming Shu grabbed onto the handrail with a weird expression. “Cheng Yan, you forced me here.”

The minute she spoke the last word, Ming Shu loosened her hand.

Cheng Yan’s pupils dilated in fright. He rushed over, trying to catch her, but her soft clothes slipped from between his fingers.

The wind and sunlight were all he caught.

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