Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 519 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (8)

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Chapter 519: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (8)

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Jian Ying wasn’t hurt by that shadow, though. Ming Shu didn’t know what she did, but Jian Ying broke free from the shadow’s hands and staggered to run away.

Ming Shu didn’t go out, only watched the shadow disappear into the darkness.

Ming Shu saw some lights flash in the darkness vaguely, but which disappeared in an instant.

Waiting for a little longer, Ming Shu jumped outside and walked slowly along the way Jian Ying took. There’re some demon aura around, which should be left by the shadow just now.

So even if she didn’t save Jian Ying, Jian Ying would still be safe and sound as the fake female protagonist.

Alas, the protagonist’s aura is enviable.

Ming Shu turned around and planned to find something to eat. Who knew that she saw Hua Jian stand not far as soon as she turned around. His face was covered under the shadow and the expression on it was hard to know.

Ming Shu pondered for a while, then walked over slowly, “Little brother, will you invite me to dinner?”


“I’m hungry,” Ming Shu smiled.

Hua Jian looked at the courtyard, then looked at the direction where Ming Shu came from, “Okay.”

Hua Jian drove here this time and the car was parked outside the alley. Ming Shu sat on the pa.s.senger seat.

At this time most of the restaurants had been closed, and Hua Jian drove for a long time before they found a restaurant that was still open. Ming Shu ran into it very quickly. After Hua Jian parked the car and went in, Ming Shu had finished the menu ordering and was waiting for the dishes to serve expectantly.

This place was probably a night restaurant. There were quite a few guests in here. The environment was very tranquil and the lights looked quite vague.

Hua Jian sat opposite Ming Shu with a poker face. He stared at Ming Shu and gazed for a while first, then began to drink the tea in silence, whose thoughts may have drifted away.

The dishes were served very quickly. Since it’s Hua Jian’s treat, Ming Shu didn’t have a proper reason to occupy all of the dishes. But Hua Jian didn’t mean to join her, so Ming Shu glanced at him as she finished them all on her own very soon.

Hua Jian was silent from the beginning to end.

Ming Shu didn’t even have a chance to gain Hatred Points. He didn’t speak anything! I can’t just beat him without declaring some provoking lines, right? That will not be in line with my character profile in being reasonable.

I’m feeling a little lost…

Hua Jian paid the bill and they gifted him a small cake.

The restaurant’s boss smiled very kindly, “It’s our night gift, for your little girlfriend.”

Hua Jian was stunned for a moment. He looked back and saw Ming Shu was still sitting there. There’s a kind of light warmth around her, making anyone who looked at her feel cheerful.

“Thank you.”

“Welcome to your next visit.”

Hua Jian carried the small cake and walked back to Ming Shu. “Let’s go.”

Ming Shu fell her eyes on his hands, but Hua Jian pretended he didn’t notice her gaze and walked straight outside. Ming Shu followed him obediently, “Little brother, is that for me?”

Hua Jian answered casually, “It’s for my girlfriend.”

Ming Shu was stunned. He has a girlfriend?

He! Has! A! Girl! Friend!

Hua Jian opened the car door but found Ming Shu didn’t follow up. He turned around, there she was still standing at the restaurant’s door and looking straight at him. Her smile restrained, and he could only see a faint arc at her mouth, which looked cold for no reason under the door lamp’s dim lights.

The two looked at each other in this way for a few seconds.

Finally, Hua Jian walked back and pa.s.sed the cake to her.

“Isn’t it for your girlfriend?” Ming Shu sounded a little indifferent. But if you didn’t listen to it carefully, the tiny emotion changes were hard to notice.

Hua Jian answered lightly, “Yes, it’s for you.”

Ming Shu: “…”

So this little demon is hooking up with me?

Ming Shu took the cake after reacting for a while. Then Hua Jian turned to get into the car and acted like he didn’t say anything just now.

Ming Shu: “…” This character profile was abnormal, totally.

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For the next two days, Ming Shu began to suspect if she had mistakenly thought of Hua Jian. No matter what she said, he would behave as calmly as an idiot, which was way too different from himself before when he would get p.i.s.sed off no matter what she said…

Jin Dongyi is a stingy old man, and he won’t buy snacks for me.

I’m not doing this for Hua Jian, and it’s all for snacks.

Ming Shu went out in a hurry. The little gra.s.s began to howl again. It must be the cat next door was nibbling it.

Ming Shu didn’t know where to find Hua Jian, and she didn’t realize this question until she got out. The Evil Spirit Office… where is it?

Standing before a tall building, Ming Shu was a little dumbfounded. This is different from what I thought.

I thought it should be the kind of old courtyard, because that is in line with the evil spirit office’s style! But how can it be such a modern tall building! This does not conform with the setting1

“It’s right here,” the nearby little evil spirit trembled and said, “can I go now?”

Ming Shu waved her hands.

The little evil spirit immediately ran away and didn’t dare to stay any second longer.

I’m so scared.

As Ming Shu was about to go in, someone came out of the building. The leading one was Lu Jiu whom Ming Shu had met twice earlier. He had a serious look and led the others to walk toward one direction very quickly. Jian Ying was also among them.

Ming Shu thought for a while, then followed behind Lu Jiu.

They walked all the way to the outskirts and finally stopped at a village. The houses in the village were all proposed to be demolished and there was no one in it. Everything looked so desolated.

“Let’s part to take action separately. Sister Jian Ying, you stay here and back us.” Lu Jiu began to give orders, “Be careful, everyone, we must find boss.”

Jian Ying nodded to agree. But as soon as Lu Jiu left, she also followed in.

Ming Shu was ready to catch up, then she saw Jin Dongyi pop out from nowhere, who looked around for a while outside the village and then also went in, disappearing into the building complex.

Ming Shu: “…” It seems everyone is here, are they going to form a chorus?

Ming Shu ate some snacks before walking into the village as well. The internal scene looked even more run-down than outside. Many houses had fallen down and the large red signs of demolishing could be seen everywhere.

The village floated with an unpleasant smell in the air, as if something had been rotten.

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