Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 518 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (7)

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Chapter 518: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (7)

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Ming Shu returned the same way she came and arrived at the alley before. She saw Hua Jian stand there from afar. He was so eye-catching, and it seemed even the darkness was his decoration.

Hua Jian looked this way and saw her as well. He walked over in a few steps, looking at her from a commanding position. “Where did you go?”

“Had the supper.” Ming Shu was cast down in spirit by An Zhiling’s dark cuisine.


My whole life is so dark.

Hua Jian sensed she was not in a good mood. Before she wore a bright smile on her face no matter when, but now she was just down at the mouth. He couldn’t surely tell whether she was smiling or not right now.

Hua Jian frowned, and said after a long while, “We’ll go back.”

Ming Shu just followed behind spiritlessly. At first Hua Jian walked fast, but Ming Shu stepped slowly, so he had to slow down as well.

When pa.s.sing by a 24-hour city shop on the way, Hua Jian went in to buy some snacks for Ming Shu.

Ming Shu was comforted a little.

It was nearly the latter half of the night when they returned to Jin Dongyi’s house. As soon as Hua Jian pushed the door open and went in, he saw Jin Dongyi stand in the courtyard like a door-G.o.d, looking at them angrily.

“What did I tell you today? My words just went in one ear and out the other, didn’t they?” Jin Dongyi roared.

Hua Jian stated calmly, “I didn’t take her out. She beat a human.”

Jin Dongyi: “…”

Ming Shu gave a glance to Hua Jian. Well… this goblin reported on me.

Hua Jian then walked toward his attic. Jin Dongyi didn’t stop him and just watched him go upstairs.

“Little girl, come here.” Jin Dongyi waved to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu went over with her snacks in the arms, “You stayed up so late, aren’t you afraid of losing life?”

Jin Dongyi stared at her, “Nonsense. Did you beat anyone?”

“Yes, I did.”

Jin Dongyi: “…” She sounded quite proud… of what? What’s so proud of beating people!

Jin Dongyi organized his language and continued, “Do you know what your ident.i.ty is? You’re an evil spirit, how can you beat people? Don’t you know how strict the management is out there? You’re even an evil spirit without ident.i.ty…”

“If I have the ident.i.ty, then I can beat them?”

Jin Dongyi darkened his face, “No.”

In a word, if an evil spirit wanted to live in the city where gathered huge numbers of human beings, it must obey the rules. Beating was never allowed.

Being an evil spirit was also tough.

Hua Jian needed to go out in the early morning when the frog was still a little heavy. He looked up as he pa.s.sed the peach tree. The little girl slept in the peach blossoms, with a corner of her dress hanging down in the air.

“What are you looking at?”

The brisk voice came from the blossom cl.u.s.ters, followed by a smiling face as bright as peach blossoms. “Is it proper for you to stare at a girl like this?”

Hua Jian averted his gaze and continued walking outward with eyes lowered down.

Ming Shu jumped down from the tree. The flower branches waggled, producing light noises.

Hua Jian heard her footsteps move toward inside the house. He looked sideways slightly when he closed the door and happened to see the little girl go in the room.

Then it’s Jin Dongyi’s roaring.

Hua Jian closed the door and stood outside for a while, then left.

As soon as Hua Jian stepped into the office, Lu Jiu rushed over frantically. “Boss, come quickly, there’s something wrong with that evil spirit we caught in the shopping mall.”

“What’s wrong?”

Lu Jiu murmured, “I don’t know how to describe it, but you’ll know when you see it.”

There was one special detention room decorated with a one-way mirror, through which you could see the inside situation.

That little girl shrank in the corner with a pale little face. Her body trembled constantly, and some broken voices came out from her throat.

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“Liar… all liars… you’re all liars…”

After Hua Jian left, Ming Shu found Jin Dongyi was busy for a long time outside the courtyard. She could feel that the globe of invulnerability was strengthened, but she could still get out through it.

Seeing Ming Shu could still get out, Jin Dongyi was very angry and fierce. “Don’t get out often, if something happens, I’ll chop you into firewood and burn you,” he grunted.

Then he slammed the door closed and went into the house.

Ming Shu: “…” He’s really a tough old man.

Hua Jian didn’t come back then on that night. Ming Shu leaned on the peach tree and heard the little gra.s.s outside train its voice.

So hungry.

But I’m so poor that I don’t have any money to buy snacks.


A cat’s shrill sounded from outside, followed by the little gra.s.s’s changing howling.

“Ahhhhh, killing a cat, killing a cat, so scary.”

Ming Shu jumped onto the top of the wall. There’s someone outside. Ming Shu thought for a while, today… it seems the day when the Host save Jian Ying in the original plotline. So Jian Ying is out here?

The fake female protagonist…

Should I save her or not?

Jian Ying walked forward alone slowly and kept looking around. The cat’s shrill might have startled her.

“Who’s killing a cat?” Ming Shu asked the screaming little gra.s.s.

The little gra.s.s shook its body and answered with a tiny, trembling voice, “A strange shadow, so scary, so scary.”

As soon as the little gra.s.s finished the sentence, Ming Shu saw a strange shadow appear behind Jian Ying, approaching her.

Jian Ying also discovered it. She looked back with a rush, but the next second her pupils widened as if someone had grabbed her neck, and her hands scratching around in the air.

“Ahhhhhh, killing a human killing a human!”

“Shut up,” Ming Shu scolded.

The little gra.s.s shook it leaves and shivered.

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