Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 517 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (6)

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Chapter 517: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (6)

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Jian Ying left with Lu Jiu who was also very confused. Ming Shu picked up her snacks from the ground and held them in the arms, then got Ye Ling in hand from the corner.

This guy is injured now, otherwise he would have long escaped.

[Additional Task: Gain Hatred Points from Hua Jian.]

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows. Great, now the rich boss turns a Hatred Point mission target.

“Why did you beat her?” Hua Jian repeated.

“I like it. Do you want to avenge?” Ming Shu smiled and looked at him. “I just wanted to beat her, so what? I’m a demon and I can do whatever I want, so what?”

“There are rules,” Hua Jian said.

“Rules are set by human beings, why should I obey them?” I am the demon, and I don’t obey rules.

“Living in the human world has to obey rules.” Hua Jian’s tone was still calm and slow, “Otherwise you shouldn’t get out.”

“No way, bite me!” Ming Shu left with her snacks and the cat. I have to find the p.o.o.p-picker for Ye Ling, and perhaps the lord female protagonist will cook delicious food for me.

Go go go!

Ming Shu became quite excited. However, Hua Jian stopped her by pulling on the arm.

Ming Shu t.i.tled her head, “Little brother, are you going to treat me to snacks?” If you’ll do that, I can leave you peace.

Bowing down for the sake of snacks.

I’m very kind to negotiate.

Hua Jian thought for a while and then asked, “If I treat you to eat, will you listen to me in the future?”

Ming Shu reminded him kindly, “Little brother, don’t be so greedy.”

You want to buy me off with just one treat of snacks, who do you think I am, a beggar?

Ming Shu pulled back her hand and lifted Ye Ling to look for the female protagonist obediently.

As she walked out of the alley, she remembered one thing… Where does the female protagonist live?

Since the female protagonist will meet the male protagonist at this place, she will definitely come here. Ming Shu decided to wait on the spot.

“What are you standing here?”

Hua Jian also came out of the alley. His eyes fell on the cat in her hand, and some ripples appeared in his calm pupils, but which then disappeared in an instant.

Ming Shu began to talk nonsense as soon as she spoke, “I’m enjoying the night scene.”

Hua Jian: “…” It was dark as h.e.l.l and there weren’t even a few street lamps. May I ask what night scene you’re enjoying?

Hua Jian intended to speak more, but then someone called him and reported they found the traces of the evil spirit they’re looking for.

Hua Jian hung up the phone. “Come with me.”

Ming Shu looked at him, shaking her head.

Hua Jian’s phone rang again. He had to order her that she must wait here and he would come to pick up her after he finished the work.

In the ened, he also added, “Don’t beat people willfully.”

Ming Shu grunted a laugh. Do you think everyone is worth my beating? My snacks are expensive, okay? Saving strength and Hatred Points are what I want.

Ming Shu waited for about half an hour at the crossroads. Then a girl dressing like a student walked this way in a hurry. Perhaps it’s because it was quite late, the girl stopped to look back every a few steps she took, and her pace was a little hasty.

As the girl aprroached nearer, Ming Shu found someone was following her.

Ming Shu was easy to notice as she sat at the street lamp. That follower behind may have discovered Ming Shu, so he hesitated for a while then turned around and ran away.

Seeing this, the girl breathed a long relief. She supported by the nearby wall and gasped, feeling that her heart in the chest was going to jump out.

She calmed herself for a while and walked toward Ming Shu, reminding in timidness, “Well… why haven’t you gone home? You should go home quickly. It’s not safe here, someone was following me.”

Thanks to her being here just now, the man who followed her ran away. But what if he didn’t run far and came back?

Ming Shu bit a Pocky stick while looking to her with smiling eyes. “Do you want a cat?”

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Girls that look weak will spontaneously reduce others’ vigilance.

An Zhiling’s home was not far and they arrived before walking long.

An Zhiling opened the door, inviting Ming Shu to get in, “Well, come in.”

It was a house with two bedrooms and a living room. Ming Shu noticed some men’s clothes and shoes. But the two bedrooms’ doors were both open, and apparently no one else was at home.

An Zhiling put the cat at a proper place first, put down her schoolbag, then opened the fridge and intended to fetch something to eat. “Check this out, is there anything you want to eat?”

“Don’t you cook?” I’m specially here to eat something you can cook.

“Me?” An Zhiling paused a little and explained in murmuring, “Usually my brother will cook, I seldom… but you know what, eating something warm may be better. Let me check what we have here.”

The college entrance examination was coming soon, and the school’s self-study at night ended very late everyday, so usually her brother would cook for them. But her brother was away today, and she originally intended to eat something easy and simple, just for filling the stomach.

But now she had a guest. An Zhiling went into the kitchen.

Actually Ming Shu already had a bad feeling at this point. But there’s a saying goes that, no coffin, no tears. Perhaps the female protagonist was a chef and the cooking skills were just covered under her learning skills?

People need to dream.

However, the fact slapped Ming Shu mercilessly.

A dream is a dream because it’s not real.

An Zhiling’s cooking skill…

No comments.

I better go and eat my snacks.

Ming Shu endured the heartbreak and ate up all the ingredients in the plate. We shouldn’t waste food. Then she stood up without any hesitation. “Thank you for your treatment, I’m going home now.”

An Zhiling stood up to see Ming Shu at the door, and she was a little worried, “It’s at this late, are you sure it’s okay for you to go alone?”

Ming Shu patted An Zhiling’s shoulder and sighed, “Bringing a stranger to your home at this late is very dangerous. You shouldn’t do this again in the future.”

An Zhiling: “…” Wasn’t it you that asked me to bring you back?

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