Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 514 - : Peach Blossom Tao Xian (3)

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Chapter 514

: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (3)

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Pingchang Road was a pedestrian street. Probably because Ming Shu was an evil spirit, she noticed something similar to the demon aura at somewhere at a glance, which circled around a building in the shopping mall.

Ming Shu touched Little Beastie in her pocket, but the latter was now very agitated. p.o.o.p-picker, don’t pinch me, you stink.

Ming Shu: “…” She’s surrounded by peach blossom fragrance, okay?

Little beastie prevented Ming Shu from pinching it with its claws.

The more unwilling Little Beastie was, the more interested Ming Shu became. Finally, Little Beastie could barely stand the petting and it jumped out of her, disappearing into the flower bed.

I’m leaving her!

A man walked very quickly to the shopping center building and stopped before it. Then a hooligan guy ran over from the entrance direction. “Boss, that evil spirit ran into the building, so we could only trap it inside. But there’re so many people in there and we don’t know where it is. We’re afraid it might hurt people, so we didn’t take actions rushly.”

The hooligan didn’t notice Ming Shu until he finished talking, and then he was stunned…


Where did the boss find such a beautiful little girl.

She’s not like a beauty that shone in TV or movies, but her beauty was accompanied by some dreamlike pink color. Her skin was crystal clear like the peach blossom petals with dewdrop in the morning, and it seemed as weak as the porcelain.

He heard a flower blooming in his heart.

But… is she an evil spirit?

Ming Shu held a large bag of snacks and was still eating. She tilted her head to look at the building behind the hooligan.

There’s an evil spirit in there?

The evil spirits today… well, there’re quite a few evil spirits in this world. But if an evil spirit wanted to live in the human city, it must have a legal ident.i.ty. They also needed to sign some sort of treaty, and once in violation of the rules, they may be faced with very harsh punishment,

Of course, those living in the mountain and forest wouldn’t need this.

The organization in charge of these evil spirits was the Evil Spirit Office where the fake female protagonist was working.

Once an evil spirit without ident.i.ty came to the city and stirred things up, or committed crimes, it would need the Evil Spirit Office to come forward and take actions.

The fake female protagonist was only responsible for registering the evil spirits in the office, and usually she wouldn’t run about at outside. Those who ran about outside were led by the Evil Spirit Office’s boss personally, and the boss’s name was… Hua Jian.

“I’ll go up and have a look.” Hua Jian’s tone was smooth and steady, “You stay here and watch her.”

The hooligan coveted Ming Shu’s beauty, but thinking of his duty, he came back to himself and said, “Boss, I should go with you. It’s unknown what that evil spirit is, but it owns the ability of fascination. Just now old Four was enchanted.”

Hua Jian gave a glance at Ming Shu, who was wholeheartedly eating the snacks and didn’t listen to them at all.

“You wait here and don’t move around, later I’ll send you back.” Hua Jian said to Ming Shu.


Hua Jian was silent for a while, then turned around to follow the hooligan up and disappear into the crowd.

Ming Shu stood on the spot as she ate snacks. After a while, she turned around and tried to find a place to sit while waiting, then she saw a sneaky figure. That person covered her face and walked up the stairs very quickly, seemingly she was very afraid of being discovered.

[Guest, that is the fake female protagonist~] The Harmony System specially reminded Ming Shu, fearing that she might not recognize her.

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You can’t miss any chance of getting Hatred Points.

Her expression changed quickly and looked ferocious, meanwhile she said in a sharp voice, “Humans are cunny. You’re no different from those people with bad intention.”

Jian Ying could barely even figure out who the girl was that suddenly broke in, then the little girl she had been coaxing for a long while immediately turned angry. Jian Ying was very agitated.

“I’m not a bad person,” Jian Ying hid her angry emotions and continued, “and I don’t mean to harm you. I’m saying the truth. The people who are looking for you will come soon, by then you won’t have time to escape.”

The little girl didn’t believe it at all, “Go away!”

Ming Shu still ate her snacks calmly and leisurely. Jian Ying was so p.i.s.sed off. Where the h.e.l.l does this one pop out…

The little girl rushed over at Jian Ying and hit her off against the floor. She looked at Ming Shu while running out fastly, without delaying any second.

Jian Ying had a heavy fall and felt so dizzy in her brain. Then at a glimpse, she saw the bracelet around her wrist was still flashing dimly, but that evil spirit had left here, so…

“You… are you an evil spirit?” The ordinary people could distinguish the evil spirit using the demon-seeking stone. Jian Ying was a clerk at the Evil Spirit Office, so she had the demon-seeking stone.

Ming Shu smiled. “Yes.”

Jian Ying began to think in her heart. This evil spirit looks innocent and harmless, but it’s somehow a little scary to stare at her smile. It felt like she had hidden some kind of horrible monster under the smiling face.

Jian Ying dared come here alone because she knew the evil spirit just now had not other attack damage except for the enchantment.

Jian Ying climbed up from the ground. She glanced at the exit, taking a deep breath, then rushed out.

Ming Shu originally intended to beat up Jian Ying, but someone suddenly came in, and Jian Ying took the chance to run out.

As soon as Jian Ying rushed out, she saw Hua Jian and immediately rushed over to him without thinking. “Captain, great, you’re here. I saw an evil spirit over there.”

“Evil spirit?” The hooligan staying beside Hua Jian spoke first, “Could it be the one we’re looking for?”

Hua Jian looked over along the direction where Jian Ying had run. He saw the little girl in pink step out of the washroom slowly, meanwhile she looked over at their side with smiling eyes and brows. There seemed to have a layer of aura around her, which made her pink clothes not look cliched at all, instead, she looked as beautiful as a dream in the pink dress, and everything was so matched for a young girl’s heart.

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