Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 513 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (2)

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Chapter 513: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (2)

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“Tao Xi! You are stealing my food again!”

Jin Dongyi shouted loudly and took the ax as he rushed toward the peach tree. He looked up at the young girl on the peach blossom tree.

Ever since that day, this little demon started entering his house blatantly, eating his food.

Ming Shu lay on the branches of the peach tree. She was wearing a pink dress which was quite vintage but could still be worn in this world.

She was covered by layers of peach blossoms. She looked like a spirit among all the flowers.

She popped her head out of the peach blossoms and smiled at Jin Dongyi playfully. “I’m hungry.”

“Do you think that I am not hungry?!” Jin Dongyi was not seduced by her. After all these days, he knew how irritating this little demon was.


A man entered the room. The first person he saw was the pink person covered in peach blossoms.

Elegant and exquisite.

Bright and shining.

There was a hint of playfulness in her. The peach blossoms around her were shining. She smiled and her entire figure seemed to be engulfed in pink light.

“Yo, why are you here?” Jin Dongyi looked at the man while hefting his ax and said in an unfriendly tone, “Don’t you know how to knock?”

The man went out and knocked on the door.

Jin Dongyi blew his beard and glared at him. He sneered, “Why do you want to find me?”

The man’s gaze fell on the person on the tree. She was playing with the peach blossoms. She tilted her head and looked at him with a smile. Her eyes were bright and sparkling.

“I want to stay here for a while.” The man’s voice was calm.

“What did you say?” Jin Dongyi cleared his ears. The ax was already by his side. “Repeat that.”

“I want to stay here for a while,” the man repeated without stuttering.

Before Jin Dongyi could speak, the man took out a wad of money and pa.s.sed it to him. “Rent.”

Jin Dongyi: “…”

After a while, Jin Dongyi put down his ax and grabbed the wad of money. He said furiously, “There is only the attic left empty. Don’t touch my things and don’t touch this little thing. either.”

Jin Dongyi pointed at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu, the little thing: “…”

The man nodded silently and brought his luggage in.

“Seems like you’re prepared.” Jin Dongyi gave a weird smile.

The man had no reaction. He pulled his luggage and walked forward. Ming Shu saw the windows of the attic opening. Her branch was just outside the window and she could see everything that was happening inside clearly.

The attic was very small. There were only a bed and a wardrobe. The man was very tall and turning in the attic was difficult for him.

Jin Dongyi stood beside her tree and poked her with the ax. He warned her, “Did you see that person just now? Don’t provoke him, if not, he might capture you.”

“Who is he?” Ming Shu slid down from the branch. “Can he cook?”

Jin Dongyi rolled his eyes. “Your head! Just don’t provoke him. Also, stop stealing my food. If not, I will chop you down.”

The old man had already threatened to chop her down many times so Ming Shu was not afraid at all.

After warning her, Jin Dongyi threw the axe aside and walked in. He didn’t care about the guest.

Ming Shu sat on her branch and watched as the man in the attic tidied his things and within an hour, the dusty attic had a completely new look. However, it was still very small…

The man stood by the window and looked down. Their eyes met.

His eyes were calm like pools of dead water.

After a while, he closed his window and blocked Ming Shu’s view.

Ming Shu blinked. She sneaked into the house to look for food, but the old man had gotten smarter. She couldn’t find anything to eat in the house.

She had no money…

She couldn’t even go out and get some food.

So hopeless.

I’m going to die of hunger.

Being a demon is so difficult.

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Ming Shu walked out weakly and squatted under the peach blossom tree. She looked at the ants. Are ants tasty? Is it better to fry or steam them?

Jin Dongyi had warned Ming Shu against leaving the house. Ming Shu also discovered that the pa.s.sersby outside couldn’t see the blossoming peach tree.

When she stepped out of the gate, Ming Shu felt that she pa.s.sed through something. It must be a globe of invulnerability…

The man walked really quickly and didn’t wait for her purposely. After pa.s.sing through a few alleys, more people appeared.

They arrived at the nearest supermarket. The man went in to buy some stuff and Ming Shu followed behind him. The handsome little guy buying stuff beside them kept glancing at her.

“Am I pretty?” Ming Shu asked the handsome little guy.

The handsome little guy’s face turned red and he nodded nervously.

“Look at me more, then.” Tao Xi was a peach blossom demon. She was definitely pretty. The celebrities on television couldn’t even be compared to her.

The handsome little guy’s face turned even redder.

Ming Shu continued, “Since you won’t be able to look like this, you can feast your eyes.”

The handsome little guy: “…” This pretty little sister seemed to have a lot of confidence in herself. However, she is really pretty. Ahhh. He felt like exploding. How can someone be so beautiful?

Ming Shu smiled and threw snacks into the basket the man was carrying. The man looked at her. Ming Shu smiled at him and gave him a good person card. “Good people will have a peaceful life.”

The man retracted his gaze and went to pay for the things.

“Do you know how to get back?”

Ming Shu hugged her snacks and her cheeks bulged from the food. She looked like someone who hadn’t eaten in days. Since she was pretty, even if she ate in a not so elegant way, she would just look cute.

“Wu…” Ming Shu didn’t have the room to speak.

The man kept quiet and walked out with his food. Ming Shu hurried to catch up with him. My snacks.

He flagged a car and opened the door. He signaled to Ming Shu and asked her to get in.

Ming Shu sat inside and the man came in too. He placed the snacks on Ming Shu’s lap. “To Pingchang Road.”

“Okay.” The driver stepped on the accelerator and drove off.

The man’s phone rang and he answered the call. The other party said something and the man replied calmly, “I will arrive soon.”

He hung up the call and hurried the driver. “Mister, can you drive faster?”

The driver was helpless too. “Little guy, it’s rush hour now. Even if a professional racer were here, he couldn’t speed up, either.”

The man: “…”

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