Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 512 - Peach Blossom Tao Xian (1)

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Chapter 512: Peach Blossom Tao Xian (1)

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#Demon World Headline: Tao Xi Ascends the Throne Whenever She is Happy#

“Kill the demons!”

A shrill voice woke Ming Shu up. She reached out and covered her ears instinctively, but realized that she didn’t have hands. She only had branches. There were pink peach blossoms on the branches. They layered over each other and were really beautiful.

What’s the situation?

Where is my body?

Where are my hands?

Where are my legs?

Ming Shu shook. Peach blossoms fell onto the ground. The ground was covered with peach blossoms and it was all pink. The whole world seemed to be pink.

Ming Shu: “…”

I must have woken up wrong.

Ming Shu took a deep breath.

Let’s try again.

Close eyes. Open eyes.

It was all still branches filled with peach blossoms.


What do I eat!


“Kill demons! Kill demons!”

The shrill scream sounded again. Ming Shu saw the thing that was screaming. It was a small blade of gra.s.s on the wall. A cat was biting its leaf.

That was why it screamed.

I want to be alone.

When Ming Shu calming herself down, she downloaded the storyline.

The fake female protagonist was called Jian Ying. She was reborn.

As an employee of the Evil Spirit Office, her main job was to register demons and handle the legal ident.i.ty procedure for them. In other words, she was a clerk.

In the book, Jian Ying liked the male protagonist and ended up digging her own grave. When she was reborn, she felt that she was the main lead of the story and started swelling.

Hence, she decided that she must live better than the female protagonist. She saved the male protagonist before the female protagonist and then started talking bad about the female protagonist. This caused the male protagonist to dislike the female protagonist.

Thus, the male protagonist didn’t fall in love with the female protagonist and Jian Ying managed to get together with the male protagonist, finishing the rest of the mundane storyline.

The Host was called Tao Xi, a peach blossom demon…

She could change form, but Tao Xi didn’t like how humans looked. Hence Tao Xi always lived as a peach blossom tree. Her thoughts were simple, but she was very powerful.

Tao Xi saved Jian Ying once. Because she was very naive, she had a good impression of Jian Ying, who always came to visit her.

Jian Ying treated Tao Xi so well because she knew that Tao Xi was really powerful. She knew that the male protagonist would need a powerful demon core in the future. Hence, she gained Tao Xi’s trust so that she could take away her demon core when the time came.

Hence, when the male protagonist needed the demon core, Jian Ying didn’t hesitate and dug out the Host’s demon core.

Tao Xi hated Jian Ying. Her resentment was kept in the demon heart that was inside the male protagonist’s body and waited for the chance to take over the male protagonist’s body when he was not on his guard, to get her revenge.

Thus, Tao Xi went on the path to become the ultimate boss.

In the end, of course, she was destroyed by Jian Ying. She didn’t even manage to touch a strand of Jian Ying’s hair.

From then on, Jian Ying and the male protagonist lived happily ever after.


What do I eat!

Do I eat the soil?

Soil tastes nasty. I will not eat it!

Ming Shu shook her branches fervently and the cat outside the wall was frightened. It left the little gra.s.s that was shouting just now.

The little gra.s.s cried loudly. Ming Shu was irritated and shook her branches fiercely. The little gra.s.s was frightened as well and stopped crying. It muttered softly, “What happened to sister Tao Xi today. Is she having spasms?”

Ming Shu: “…”

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Ming Shu turned into her human form and jumped out from the peach tree. This was her true shape. Even if she changed her form, the peach tree would still be there.

The old man pointed at Ming Shu with the ax. “Return my braised meat.”

Ming Shu took her chopsticks and finished the braised meat in front of the old man. Then, she placed the bowl on the ax and said obediently, “I’ve returned it to you.”

The old man: “…”

In the end, Ming Shu was chased all around the house by the old man.

When the old man got tired, he threw away the ax and panted as he sat on his rocking chair in the garden.

He didn’t even manage to get a bite of his braised meat and it was finished by this little demon. So angry!

The old man was called Jin Dongyi.

He was already 80 years old, but he still looked energetic and healthy. He didn’t act his age at all.

“Go back and don’t let me see you again.” Whenever Jin Dongyi looked at Ming Shu, he would be reminded of his braised meat. Irritating.

Ming Shu walked around the garden. “Why must I go back. I like it like this. There is even braised meat to eat.”

Jin Dongyi slammed the chair. “How dare you still talk about it!”

“Braised meat, braised meat, braised meat.” Ming Shu smiled. “Is there more? I’m still hungry. I still want to eat.”

“Eat your head.” Jin Dongyi jumped up and wanted to hit Ming Shu again. “You never appeared before so why are you here now? Go back and be a tree.”

In the past, he still wanted to see what his peach blossom demon looked like. However, after observing for so many years, the peach blossom demon never appeared and it never talked to him at all. Most of the time, it would just blossom its flowers and shake itself for fun.

In the end, he lost his interest in this naive tree.

Who knew that when he came back today, he would see this little demon stealing his braised meat?

Ming Shu said in a clear voice, “I want to be a human after being a tree for so long.”

“Be a human for what! Be a human for what!” Jin Dongyi was so angry he kept shouting. Once you became a human, you came to steal my braised meat. The more he thought about it, the angrier he got. He threatened her, “Do you believe that I will go chop you now!”

Ming Shu shrugged. “Go ahead.”

The old man would not do it. If not, he would not have chased her around the house.

Jin Dongyi glared at Ming Shu.

He blew his beard and stared at her for a long time, but he couldn’t do anything.

He couldn’t go and chop her down.

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