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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 511 - The Crown of Darkness (Complete)

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Chapter 511: The Crown of Darkness (Complete)

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After the event, Yan Zhan realized that he was really expensive. After sleeping with him, Ming Shu gave him all the things she acquired in the Middle East.

“The next time I sleep with you, will you give me other areas too?” Yan Zhan moved to Ming Shu’s side. She was eating pudding.

Ming Shu tilted her body as though she was guarding against him. She said softly, “I can’t afford to sleep with you, then. You better leave now. Maybe you can find someone else.”

Do you think that those things are cabbages? I can just buy them whenever I like?


To h.e.l.l with finding someone else.

Since the two of them were in Qianzhou, Father Wen caught them. Of course, Father Wen was very busy nowadays and didn’t have the time to scold Yan Zhan.

However, when he heard that Ming Shu gave the Middle East to Yan Zhan, he was slightly shocked and asked Ming Shu to meet him directly.

“Daughter, are you serious?” Father Wen’s face was very serious now. It was totally different from his usual smiley face.

“What?” I am always serious about my snacks.

“The Middle East,” Father Wen said, “you managed to get it after much hard work. Why did you give it to Yan Zhan? Okay, even if you like him, you can’t do this. Do you know how many people want that area? Are you stupid?”

Father Wen didn’t really want that area, but he still felt pain in his heart when she just gave it away to someone like this.

“Why do you need a reason to give something?” Ming Shu saw Father Wen’s face changing for the worse and hurriedly thought of a reason. “I am a girl. It is not safe for me to go over there alone. Yan Zhan is so tough, he won’t die even if he’s. .h.i.t by a few bullets. He is suitable.”

This reason seemed so superficial.

His daughter was grown up now. She was biased toward outsiders.

Father Wen felt his heart aching. He raised his daughter for so many years. How was she just stolen away by some wolf?

Father Wen said some things but Ming Shu kept sweet-talking and giving excuses. He stopped talking and said seriously, “Since it is like this already, when do you plan to hold your wedding? Has he proposed to you?”

“Father, I have my take on this thing. Don’t worry.”

Father Wen sneered, “How can I not worry? I am your father. If you are not happy, I will be beaten by your mother when I go down to meet her.”

Ming Shu: “…” As someone who has been a ghost before, I will not say anything. You can say what you want as long as you’re happy.

“Let me tell you, if that b.a.s.t.a.r.d dares to bully you, I will kill him. Don’t think that…”

Ming Shu quickly sent the talkative Father Wen away and ran out of the room.

When your menopausal father starts talking, it is really scary.

Ming Shu was afraid that Father Wen would keep nagging so she got on a plane that day and flew back to Green City. She only remembered that she forgot to bring Yan Zhan when she was on the plane.

Yan Zhan, who was forgotten again: “…” He just wanted to say, F**k.

How can you just throw a handsome person like me around as you like? What if I’m picked up by someone else?

Ji Yue’an’s company got bigger and bigger. Now, it had already made a small name for itself.

Ming Shu was not the big boss of Ji Yue’an’s company anymore. The weapons that she got that time when she went to the Middle East were created by Ji Yue’an. The male protagonist was the real black technology.

Because of this, Ming Shu gave her shares to Ji Yue’an. After all, he had real skills.

There were many girls around Ji Yue’an, but the one that was the closest to him was a girl called Hua Yun. In the story, besides Wen Yi, Hua Yun had made the most appearances. Hence, she might have gotten the leading role now.

However, when Ji Yue’an met Ming Shu, he would still treat Ming Shu for a meal. First, she knew about his secret and he couldn’t provoke her just in case she shared it. Second, Green City was her territory. If he met any problems, he could just look for her.

However, Ming Shu had rejected him many times. Although her tone was excited, she would always reject him in the end.

Ji Yue’an felt it was strange, but since he had many things to do, he didn’t have the time to think about it.

“Boss Ji, I look forward to our cooperation.”

“Me too.”

Among the red wine and green lights, Ji Yue’an had a few drinks with the old boss in front of him. Then, he got up and left the others to continue drinking with the old boss.

The corridor was very quiet. Ji Yue’an let out a foul breath.

From nothing to now… it was really unbelievable.

“Do I have to go with you just because you want me to go? For what? I’m not going.” A familiar voice sounded from the side.

Ji Yue’an tilted his head slightly and looked in that direction. Two shadows walked over.

The girl was wearing casual clothes. The lights fell on her face. She was smiling brightly like the sun.

The man was wearing a suit. He placed his hand on the girl’s shoulder and leaned close to her. His voice was very low. Ji Yue’an couldn’t hear what he said.

After that, the clear voice of a girl rang out. “Just as well. If you got kidnapped, I can change to someone else. I am already sick of you.”

The man was slightly angry. He said something to her and then pulled her in another direction. The two shadows quickly disappeared from the corridor.

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Ji Yue’an gave a relieved smile. He turned and went into the private room to continue with his red wine and green lights.


“Do you know how to operate a hot air balloon?”


“How do we get down, then?”


The distant lights glittered brightly.

The two of them looked at each other in silence.

Ming Shu only lived for five years in that world. Yan Zhan proposed three times before he succeeded, but sadly, she died three months into her marriage.

Why did she die?

This question was upsetting.

When she went to the shopping mall, a couple was quarreling. She stood at the side and watched them. Who knew that they would start fighting and moved toward the side. The crowd moved back and she was squeezed against the railing. The railing… broke just like that!

Isn’t it stupid?

I can’t die in peace!

The Harmony System might be feeling guilty so it didn’t talk to Ming Shu. It just released the data.

Name: Ming Shu

Hatred Points: 180000


Additional Task: Failed

Hidden task: None

Note: Failure of the main mission will result in a deduction of 40000 Hatred Points. No complaints or questions will be accepted.

Ming Shu: “…” You deducted 30000 for my mission failure in the last world, but now, you deducted 40000?!

[No complaints or questions will be accepted.]

Ming Shu: “…” F**king evil system! You will die soon!

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