Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 510 - The Crown of Darkness (37)

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Chapter 510: The Crown of Darkness (37)

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Ming Shu knew that Shangguan Qi would come and find her. Or rather, you can say that she created such a huge commotion because she wanted Shangguan Qi to come and find her.

After all, Shangguan Qi was always protected and she couldn’t fly. It would be hard to find him and beat him up.

Hence, when Shangguan Qi brought his men and came over, he didn’t meet with many obstacles and managed to find Ming Shu easily.

“Little Yi.”

Who knew that they would meet under such circ.u.mstances.

Ming Shu crossed her legs and ate her donut. She didn’t seem surprised or shocked by his appearance. She just pointed to the seat opposite her and said, “Sit.”

Shangguan Qi looked at her for a moment and then sat opposite her.

“Little Yi, do we have to go this far?” Shangguan Qi gave her a pleading look again.

“Why didn’t you think of this when you sent people to kidnap me?” Ming Shu smiled with her eyes.

“I… just like you,” Shangguan Qi said slowly. “Maybe my method is wrong, but my love is real.”

Ming Shu ate her donut and looked at him. Her mouth corners curled up. “Do you really like me?”

Shangguan Qi gave a bitter smile. “If I didn’t like you, why would I do so much? Little Yi, don’t you understand it at all?”

“We haven’t seen each other for so long and you say you like me?” Do you think that I am a child? If you really like me, why didn’t we meet all these years?

“Little Yi, I regret not being able to accompany you for all these years too. However, for all these years, you are the only person that I liked.”

“But I don’t like you.”

“Who do you like, then?” Shangguan Qi was agitated. “Yan Zhan?”

“That has nothing to do with you.”

Shangguan Qi clenched his fists and looked around. He emphasized his words. “Little Yi, as long as you get together with me, I can give you all the power I have in the Middle East.”


The person behind him didn’t think that Shangguan Qi would say such things. After all, he couldn’t decide what to do with the force he had in the Middle East all by himself.

Shangguan Qi ignored the person behind him and stared at Ming Shu.

Ming Shu smiled slowly. “Why must I accept something that I can take myself?”

Shangguan Qi: “…”

“Little Yi, the powers in the Middle East are not as simple as you imagine.”

Ming Shu agreed completely. “Yes, that is why I decided to work together with them.”

Shangguan Qi was a bit stunned. However, he immediately understood what she meant. All she wanted was him. Hence, there was no need to provoke other people.

“Since we are here, let’s settled our grudges.” Ming Shu finished her last donut.

Am I someone you can just kidnap whenever you want to?

I bear grudges!

Shangguan Qi brought along quite a few people and they were all elites. Although Ming Shu beat up Shangguan Qi, he still managed to run away.

The Middle East didn’t want to kill him, either. However, she still needed to round up the powers in the Middle East. After that day, Shangguan Qi disappeared. Ming Shu never saw him again.

When Ming Shu was overseas, she never saw Yan Zhan. Or rather, she hadn’t seen Yan Zhan in a long time.

The powers outside were much easier to gather than the ones in the mainland. She just needed to gain the approval of the leaders. Green Hair saw his Big Miss subduing all the forces one by one. If they couldn’t bribe them, she would use her weapons. If weapons were not enough, she would change the leader.

This might be the shortest time in which the Middle East reached a consensus.

Let me kneel to my Big Miss.

However, what Ming Shu was thinking was that she could finally happily eat her food and no one would bother her.

After subduing the Middle East, she busied herself once she came back. After everything was done, the Wen family was the king of all.

Once she had the time, the first thing Ming Shu did was go and eat some food.

Then, she went to Jiangzhou. She still had some grudges to settle with that idiot.

However, when she reached Jiangzhou, Yan Zhan was not there.

In Qianzhou…

“Yama Yan, when are we going back?” Xia Xian had a headache.

“We are not going back.” He was afraid that he would be beaten to death if he went back. That crazy person would definitely know that he was the one that killed Liang Chen. He heard that she had come back from overseas so he would not go back.

“We can’t stay here for the rest of our lives.”

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“The scenery here is good. What are you dissatisfied about?”

“Do you have any evidence?” I did kill him. So what? Liang Chen’s existence seriously affected the stability of this world. It was his job to kill all these bugs. I didn’t do anything wrong!


“Please do not recklessly accuse me if you don’t have any evidence.”

“If I say it’s you, it is you.”

Yan Zhan became furious. “Unreasonable!”

“Do you really want to reason with me?” I can be very cool when I am reasonable too.

Yan Zhan: “…”

Yan Zhan denied that he killed Liang Chen. He knew that Ming Shu didn’t have the evidence so there was no use even if she suspected him. She had no evidence, hahaha…

Ming Shu really had no evidence. Green Hair couldn’t figure out who did it and the driver had some grudges against Liang Chen. Hesignaled taken some drugs and was delusional. Everything was done cleanly and there was no evidence to suggest that Yan Zhan had anything to do with it.

However, she knew that he did it.


Ming Shu signalled to Yan Zhan.

“No.” Why must I go over? I will not go over.

Ming Shu just smiled and got up. She walked over to Yan Zhan. Yan Zhan’s hair stood up. What is she trying to do… Does she want to kill me to shut me up? Or does she want to take revenge for Liang Chen?

Yan Zhan kept a straight face and glared fiercely at her. He looked as though he would tear her apart if she did anything to him.

In reality, when Ming Shu pushed him down, Yan Zhan didn’t retaliate at all.

Ming Shu held his head. There were sparkles in her eyes and her voice was gentle. “Accompany me for a night and I will give you something.”

“What do you take me for?” Yan Zhan was confused.

Ming Shu kissed him and muttered, “Hmm… an expensive mister?”

Yan Zhan: “…”

What did she say?

Expensive… mister?

F**k, she is treating me like a prost.i.tute!

Let me go! Don’t touch me! Don’t take off my clothes, you b.a.s.t.a.r.d! Stop it!

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