Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 51 - League of Poor Students (28)

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Chapter 51: League of Poor Students (28)

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Ming Shu pushed away all the stuff on the table, totally looking like an evil boss. “Buy something else for me!”

Cheng Yan took a deep breath. “Mengmeng, I can hear your stomach growling. It’s fine if you want to order me around, but you shouldn’t harm your own body.”

She would never touch the food he had prepared for her personally. If he intended to order takeout, he had to discuss with her the whole time! Even when the takeout was laid out on the table, she wouldn’t touch it until she was on the brink of starvation. What an odd lady!

But what could he do?

The only thing he could do was spoil her!

Ming Shu placed her hands over her empty stomach, staring at the food on the table and licking her lips. Finally she picked up the chopsticks and began eating.

For the whole summer, Cheng Yan was tortured almost to the point of doubting his life. But he would never give up. As a real man, he believed, he had to be persistent.

“The new school term is starting in a few days. Do you want to buy anything?”


“Let’s go out and have some fun, maybe you’ll see some interesting things to buy?” Cheng Yan insisted on making an effort.


Cheng Yan was rejected pitilessly yet again. I’m not giving up! he roared inside. Thinking for a little while, he dialed Ye Miaomiao’s number.

Later, Ming Shu got a call from Ye Miaomiao upon finishing the food. Before Ming Shu opened her mouth, an impatient and excited voice emerged from the other side: “Mengmeng, Mengmeng, that Jing Fu Restaurant introduced new dishes recently, let’s go have a taste!”

Ming Shu swallowed the “no” and asked, “When?”

“I’ll come to your house later!”


The minute Ming Shu hung up the phone, a text message came to Cheng Yan’s phone— Nailed.

Cheng Yan fell silent. This method didn’t work for him. He had already tried to induce her with delicious food, but she always seemed to have extremely strong self-control when faced with food he offered her.

When on earth had he displeased her?

When the two girls went out together, Cheng Yan followed them shamelessly. He was really abandoning all his dignity!

“Mengmeng, it’s still early, why don’t we go shopping?” Ye Miaomiao suggested on their way to the Jing Fu Restaurant. “You’ve spent all your time staying at home, that’s too unhealthy! You need some fresh air, what do you say? Let’s do it!”

But meeting Ming Shu’s smiling eyes, Ye Miaomiao sensed danger at once. She smiled back fawningly. “No, no, let’s forget about that.”

Mengmeng’s smile was getting scarier and scarier now…

“There are new movies playing recently, perhaps we can go to see a movie?” Cheng Yan seized a chance to speak.

“Great, great!” Ye Miaomiao agreed immediately. “Mengmeng, are you going?”

“No,” Ming Shu refused. She set her sights on the street out of the car window.Only couples would go to places like a movie theater, why would I go there? Who knows what this goblin Cheng Yan wants to do to me? she wondered.

Cheng Yan gave Ye Miaomiao a look, and the latter began to shake Ming Shu’s arm pleadingly. “Come on, please, I haven’t seen a movie in so long. Mengmeng, please come see a movie with me, all right?”

“No, I don’t want to see a movie.” Who hasn’t seen a movie? Can a movie be eaten?

“I’ll buy tasty snacks for you.”


Ming Shu pretended to be demure. “Maybe I’ll consider it.”

Who the h.e.l.l knew why her Mengmeng had become a total food slave! Ye Miaomiao couldn’t help wondering.

That’s it! Not a foodie, but a food slave, an even higher level of obsession with food.

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Ye Miaomiao then took the chance to offer her ultimate weapon to convince Ming Shu. She continued, “I’ll treat you to lobster! Special offer! They wouldn’t be available on a normal day, how’s that?”

Jin Yuqi straightened her back, trying to overcome this feeling. “Lu Meng, what do you want to do?”

“Well, I want to communicate honestly with you.”

“What?” Jin Yuqi got a surprised look on her face.

Ming Shu smiled. She pulled Jin Yuqi by her wrist and dragged her toward a remote spot off to the side.

Cheng Yan and Ye Miaomiao looked at each other for a little while. What is she doing? they both wondered.

Jin Yuqi couldn’t free herself of Ming Shu’s grip. She became a little scared. “Lu Meng, let me go! What are you doing!”

“Lu Meng! You b.i.t.c.h, let go of me! I’m calling the police!”


Jin Yuqi begged help from the pa.s.sersby on the street when they looked their way curiously. She didn’t expect Ming Shu would do anything good. The unknown danger was causing her to panic.

But before the pa.s.sersby realized what was happening, the yelling girl had already been dragged around the corner, disappearing from their sights.

The people gazed at one another, then returned to their own business like nothing happened.

Jin Yuqi was taken to a dark corner, and Ming Shu didn’t give her any chance to speak, just beat her up fiercely.

Jin Yuqi suffered the unprovoked beating, but the pain in her body still couldn’t compare to the pain deep in her heart.

Why did she have to meet this b.i.t.c.h Lu Meng?

Why did she always find trouble with her?

Why! She always offended her and did unexpected things to her.

She hated her!

[Hatred Points at full capacity, the task is complete.]

The Harmony System had known that Ming Shu wouldn’t leave this world since she was a total foodie, so it just skipped the following questions.

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