Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 509 - The Crown of Darkness (36)

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Chapter 509: The Crown of Darkness (36)

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Shangguan Qi and his gang could have ran away but Ming Shu ordered people to block them and even attracted the police over.

When Ming Shu said that she would be a good Host and invite them to the police station, she was not kidding.

“Wen Yi,” Yan Zhan leaned against Ming Shu. The scenery outside flew pa.s.sed They were on their way back to Green City. “Since you choose me, does it mean that you like me?”

Ming Shu was looking down and attending to his wound. When she heard his voice, she paused slightly and then smiled as she denied it, “you are thinking too much. I will, of course, choose the man that I have slept with.”

Ming Shu suddenly applied force on her hand, “Yan Zhan, if you do this again next time, I don’t mind cutting you with a knife too.”

Cold sweats formed on Yan Zhan’s head due to the pain, “Shangguan Qi did this.”

Ming Shu tied a knot and pinched his chin. She raised his chin, “do you need me to explain it clearly? Even if you are injured, you should not have so many loopholes. Yan Zhan…”

Yan Zhan kissed Ming Shu’s mouth. After the kiss, he said in a low voice, “I just want to know if your heart has me.”

Ming Shu didn’t know if she should be angry or not, “if I didn’t choose you?”

Yan Zhan hugged Ming Shu, “then I will die in front of you.” I will not let you off even if I turn into a ghost. I will make sure that you will have nightmares!

“Then I should burn more paper money for you so that you won’t be so pitiful fownstairs. Sigh, why as I so kind.”

Yan Zhan strangled her.

“Stop touching me. Are we very close?”

“Are we not close? We have even slept with each other before. Which part of your body have I not kiss? Which part have I not touch… Pain, can you be more ladylike? Why are you pinching my wound!”

“It’s good that you feel the pain. If you touch me again, I will cut one more wound for you.”


Other people’s wifes are all gentle and virtuous, elegant and demure. His one… is not cute at all!

I am not doing this anymore!

After pa.s.sing the thing to Yan Zhan, Ming Shu didn’t ask for it back too. However, Yan Zhan realized that she was starting to do things such as hugging her snacks all day and looking as though she was watching a good drama.

Yan Zhan comforted himself that it was all because Shangguan Qi hurt her.

Shangguan Qi’s power was in the Middle East. However, Middle East said something to father Wen and father Wen a.s.signed all the men under her.

During that time, the entire underworld in the country was newly shuffled around.

There would always be people retaliating whenever there were any big movements. Ming Shu sent father Wen, who was scolding Yan Zhan and stopping him from s.n.a.t.c.hing his daughter away, home and then, she started dealing with all the a.s.sasinations.

“Are you moving a bit too fast?” Yan Zhan aksed Ming Shu, “nothing has been organised. If you provoke them, they might gang up and fight against you.”

“There is still you right?” Ming Shu ate the cake that was in front of her. She ate it in small mouths and her actions were very elegant. It was pleasant to look at her eat. “You will help me, right?”

“Why must I help you?” You don’t even allow me to touch you. Why must I help you? I will not help.

“Really not helping?”


“Forget it then. I was not hoping you would help too.”

“…” F**k shouldn’t you whine and beg me? Why are you not following the script! Director, did this idiot came to the wrong show!

Who wants to help you anyway.

I am too lazy to help you.

So angry!

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When it comes to their country, father Wen’s power was already not bad. If Yan Zhan didn’t do anything against her and even opened the back door for her while helping her occasionally, the rest of the powers couldn’t do much too.

“Fast? I still find us slow. What is there to be scared of? Just go when I order you all too. I even provide the weapons to you. What are you all afraid of? There is no one that will care about you all overseas. Just fight them and then run away. If you all still can get caught like this, you all are stupid.”

Green Hair’s mouth corners twitched. Big Miss got them a batch of new weapons from somewhere and the power of those weapons…

Ming Shu muttered, “settle it earlier so that I can eat my snacks in peace.”

“…” So Big Miss did all these so that she won’t be interrupted when she is snacking? If those people heard it, they will cry!

A part of the reason was because of that but another part of it was because of Shangguan Qi.

He shouldn’t have touched Yan Zhan.

Of course, Ming Shu would not say this to Green Hair or anyone else.

“I will leave now.” Green Hair swallowed his saliva. Big Miss wants to go to heaven!

Ming Shu waved her hand, “hurry up and go. We will go back after we finish.”

Green Hair: “…” Do you think that we are here for travelling? Although it seems simple when you say it, they are still s.n.a.t.c.hing other people’s territory right in the middle of their base!

Shangguan Qi was surprised at those new models of weapon. Even if they got the information, they would not be able to make the weapons so quickly. The bunch of goods that were thrown away… it didn’t match up.

“Mister, are hey crazy. How dare they appear so arrogant in our territory.”

They even call their headquarters. They were looking down on them.

Shangguan Qi looked at the battle that was going on in the screen and frowned, “why don’t I see Yan Zhan?”

“Yan Zhan has been in Jiangzhou and didn’t come with her,” the person at the side replied.

“Mister, what do we do now? These people are like eels. When they can’t defeat us, they jut ran away. Before we could organise ourselves, they will attack us again. They are so hard to manage.”

“Also, the weapon they are using is very weird… it is too powerful. I have never seen anything like this. Even our goods that time was not so powerful.”

Shangguan Qi’s frown got deeper, “ask them to retreat to the left and send a small group to hinder them. Also, choose an elite team and wait for my orders.”

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