Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 508 - The Crown of Darkness (35)

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Chapter 508: The Crown of Darkness (35)

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The power behind Shangguan Qi seemed to be that power from the Middle East. Yan Zhan appeared fightened of him, or rather, frightened of the power behind him. However, after some observation, Ming Shu felt that Yan Zhan had something against Shangguan Qi…

Ming Shu leaned towards Yan Zhan and poked his waist, “hey, do you have a grudge against him?”

Yan Zhan sneered and griitted his teeth, “he kept pestering you. How can I not have a grudge?”

Ming Shu just smiled. He didn’t know if she believed him or not.

Yan Zhan grabbed her hand that was still poking him and warned her with his eyes to stop folling around.

Shangguan Qi noticed the little actions between them and his eyes darkened, “Little Yi, think about it carefully. It will be good for all of us if you give the thing to me.

“The thing is not with me,” Ming Shu gave an innocent face.

“Little Yi, you took it from Liang Chen. There is no need to say such a lie.”

“It is really not with me. If you don’t believe me, you can search my body!”

Ming Shu’s fearless att.i.tude cause Shangguan Qi to hesitate.

Shangguan Qi glanced at Yan Zhan, “Little Yi, where is it?”

“I gave it to him,” Ming Shu pointed at Yan Zhan.

Yan Zhan: “…” He needed to say this: F**k.

Who would betray their man like this?

When Shangguan Qi talked to Yan Zhan, he was not so gentle anymore, “Mister Yan, I am very surprise that I managed to invite you today. I know that your men will be here soon but it will not be difficult for me to change my location.”

When he heard that Yan Zhan was with her, he di hesitate. After all, it was not good to provoke Yan Zhan…

However, when he took action, he realized that there were not many people around Yan Zhan so he decided to take the risk. He didn’t know that it would be so smooth.

Yan Zhan looked at him silently.

Shangguan Qi continued, “let me give you a choice. One, you can take Little Yi away but you need to leave the thing here. Two, leave Little Yi here.”


“Will you choose me or will you choose the thing?” Ming Shu looked at Yan Zhan with antic.i.p.ation.

Yan Zhan: “…”

Why the h.e.l.l are you excited!

Xia Xian should be here soon…

“Mister Yan, have you decided?”

“Hurry up and choose. We can go back and have some food after you finish chooing,” Ming Shu hurried him too.


“Brother Jun, the police is here.” Someone suddenly ran in from outside without even knowking the door and interrupted Yan Zhan’s sentence.

Brother Jun was shocked, “what! Why are the police here?”

“I don’t know, they have already surrounded us now. Brother Jun, what do we do? Do we retreat?” The police was coming at them fiercely. They came prepared.

Brother Jun looked at Shangguan Qi. The latter’s expression was bad, “you all didn’t clean things up properly?”

“Mister, we cleaned everything up. No one saw it.”

Shangguan Qi was unhappy but he wasn’t angry, “then why are the police here?”

Brother Jun didn’t know what to say.

Ming Shu raised her hand, “I called the police. You all kidnap an innocent lady. That is against the law. I am just protecting my own right, nothing wrong with that.”

The police came too slow! Green Hair’s efficiency is getting lower and lower. Deduct his drumsticks! Two drumsticks!

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I am so hungry!

Ming Shu wanted to use some snacks to calm herself down but her pocket was empty. She licked her lips and smiled. “what did you do to him?”

“Just some drug, there is nothing to be worried about. Little Yi…” Shangguan Qi walked towards Ming Shu. His gaze was as gentle like water, “follow me. I came back for you. As long as you follow me, I will do anything that you say.”

“Do you really like me?”

“Little Yi, I love you.”

“There are many people that love me. One less is not much of a problem,” Ming Shu smiled. “so you better not love me.” I have my snacks.

“Little Yi, don’t force me,” Shangguan Qi wore a painful expression.

Brother Jun picked Yan Zhan off from the ground and rolled up his sleeve. A thin needle was placed against his neck. Shangguan Qi reached out to Little Yi, “Little Yi, if you don’t want him to die, follow me.”

Ming Shu smiled and reached out too. Shangguan Qi was elated. He said excitedly, “Little Yi, I knew that you will follow me.”

“Wen Yi!”

Yan Zhan shouted furiously.

If she dares to follow him, he will kill her.

Ming Shu smiled as per normal as though she didn’t hear Yan Zhan’s scream. However, when Ming Shu’s hand touched Shangguan Qi’s hand, she grabbed it slightly and Shangguan Qi was thrown over her sholders. At the same time, Brother Jun groaned. The people around Yan Zhan were thrown on the floor too.

Yan Zhan’s body sank onto the floor.

Ming Shu pressed her foot on Shangguan Qi. She lowered her voice and warned him, “Shangguan Qi, you shouldn’t have use him to threaten me.”

Man-Han full banquet walked pa.s.sed Shangguan Qi and held Yan Zhan up. She then picked Little Beastie who was asking for its complete Manchu-Han banquet up and placed it in her pocket.

Green Hair popped his head out from the window and a few people jumped in. “Big Miss, let’s hurry up and leave. The main gate is being surrounded.”

Yan Zhan leaned against Ming Shu and gave a mysterious smile to Shangguan Qi. He felt superior for some reason.

Green Hair’s men pointed their guns at Shangguan Qi. He could only clenched his fist and watched as a happy Yan Zhan was brought away by Ming Shu.

After they left the villa, the group of them left the area quickly.

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