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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 506 - The Crown of Darkness (33)

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Chapter 506: The Crown of Darkness (33)

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Police cars surrounded the hospital tightly. However, Ming Shu and Yan Zhan was already sitting in the car, pa.s.sing by the police cars that roared by.

In the car, Yan Zhan couldn’t help but asked, “what did you ask Liang Chen?”

In the end, Liang Chen pa.s.sed her an item. Throughout the whole process, both Liang Chen and her didn’t mentioned what the item was.

Ming Shu ate he potato chips and muttered, “why must I tell you?”

Yan Zhan took a deep breath, “because you are pretty.”

Isn’t it just complimenting her?

There is nothing difficult about it.

Keep calm! I can win this!

Ming Shu choked. She couldn’t refute by saying that she was not pretty.

After a while, Ming Shu placed the item in her pocket into his hand. She gave a look of disdain, “this si the rubbish that you all are looking for. I wonder how is it worth all your efforts.”

Yan Zhan: “…” The rubbish that they are looking for? Rubbish?

The thing on Yan Zhan’s hand was a USB stick. The cold metal touched his fingers. This thing, could it be…

He took out a spare laptop and plugged the USB stick in. The things inside were indeed what he was looking for.

He was really speechless.

No words could descibe his feelings now.

Does she know how many people outside is looking for this?

She actully said that this was rubbish…

Yan Zhan closed his laptop after some time, “are you giving it to me?”

Ming Shu gave an exaggerated face, “you even want rubbish?”

Yan Zhan suddenly become gently, “as long as you gave it to me, I will like it even if it is rubbish.”

Let’s see if I can make you feel nausea!

Ming Shu clicked her tongue twice and continued eating her potato chips. “You have such a unqiue hobby.”

He didn’t manange to make Ming Shu feel nauseated. He made himself nauseous. He even got deducted points because of this. Such a huge loss.

He needed to kill Liang Chen. The points for completing a mission is quite good too. It can allow him to violate his character setting for quite some time.

“Won’t your father want this too? Are you not going to give it to him?”

“I don’t want people to come after my father.’

Yan Zhan: “…” So you are okay if people chase me? The saying that a woman’s heart is the most vicious is definitely true.


The car suddenly got hit. Ming Shu’s potato chips almost flew out of her hand. She covered it up hurriedly and stopped the potato chips from splashing out.

F**k which idiot wanted to harm me and get my snacks.


The tyres scratched against the ground and formed a shrill sound. The cars beside them kept closing in on their car.

On the right side, someone jumped out of the car window and pounced towards Ming Shu. The gun fired and the bullet hit onto the car window. However, there was no reaction from the car window. The bullet rebounded back and struck the person that was driving.

THe car lost control and banged into the car at the side.

Ming Shu broke loose from Yan Zhan’s arms and protected her snacks. She smiled mysteriously at him, “Mister Yan, don’t take advantage of my anyhow.”

Yan Zhan: “…”

Her car is bulletproof?

F**k this was not what was written in the script!

Green Hair and the rest of the people were in the cars behind them. They had caught now and the few of them speeded along the highway, causing much commotion. Some drivers even tailgated them.

“Go to somewhere where there is no one.”


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The cars that surround them might have realized that bullets couldn’t through the gla.s.s window and started targeting the tyres. However, the tyres were also personalized and bullets couldn’t penetrate them. However, it did cause the car to swayed sideways.

“I really have a very in depth experience.” She stil remembered what happened that night.

Yan Zhan’s face changed.

Ming Shu smiled and patted the broken off her body. She picked up and colorful thing from the side and stuffed it in her pocket.

After Ming Shu finished sending out the message, she pushed the disfigured car door and went out.

The door at Yan Zhan’s side couldn’t be opened anymore. He could only get off from Ming Shu’s side.

Ming Shu stood outside the car door and reached out her hand with a smile.

Yan Zhan hesitated and reached his hand out too, pulling himself out with the help of her force.

The outside was already completely surrounded. All the black muzzles pointed at them from all corners.

The car that Green Hair was in came closer. However, Ming Shu was in the center of the circle so they didn’t dare to make any movment.

The people that stopped them were not the least afraid that Green Hair would rushed forward and attacked them. After all, they had the upper hand now.

The leader, who was a middle-aged man, spoke to them with polite words but his tone was very rude, “Miss Wen, Yama Yan, sorry to offend you.”

Ming Shu smiled. Her black and bright eyes looked as though there were waves inside it. It was sparling. “If you want us to forgive you, that is possible too. Do you all have snacks?”

Everyone: “…” What is this?

They heard people who wanted money, guns and life from them. However, they never heard someone who wanted snacks from them.

And it was in ths situation someomore. Anyone would know that this was just a polite sentence but she actualyl continued with it.

How are they supposed to continue this sentence?

Ming Shu raised her eyebrows, “why, can’t you all even afford snacks? Then why are you all learning to be mafia leaders? Are young people all so flippant and so hot-headed now? I remembered last time…”

Everyone: “…” To h.e.l.l with last time. You don’t even look half as old as Brother Jun. How dare you say last time.

Ming Shu boasted about her valiant record and then, she suddenly changed the topic, “so, are you all going to give me snack?”

The leader was called Brother Jun. He placed both hands in front of him and stoof up straight. One look and you knew that he had undergone hard training.

Brother Jun continued with his greetings in an im polite tone, “Miss Wen, to prevent unnecessary casualties, you should ask your men to leave.”

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