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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 505 - The Crown of Darkness (32)

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Chapter 505: The Crown of Darkness (32)

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Green City was Father Wen’s territory. He could do things much easier than other people. Ming Shu didn’t have much intention of getting that thing but since Father Wen wanted it, she could only cooperate with him.

Green City was caught in a strange situation.

Tehe Liang family was in a mess. According to what they say, when Liang Chen was kidnapped, they didn’t take the thing out as ransom and claimed that they don’t know anything about it.

No one knew if they were speaking the truth or not.

The Liang family never dealed with underground business before. If they really had the thing, why didn’t they take it out? If they really angered the other party, the other party might annihilate their entire family and pushed someone out to be the scapegoat. If thay happened, who would know the truth?

Or… because Liang Chen was reborn, the thing was in his hand?

There really was such a possibility.

Of course, all these are not impotant…

Ming Shu was planning to go the the hospital and pay Liang Chen a visit.

“Big Miss, there are many people watching over him. Is it appropraite for you to go and see the young mister of Liang family now?”

“What is wrong with that?” Ming Shu took the pistachios that he bodyguard had peeled, “we are not going to steal anything.”

“But the other people might not think this way!” Green Hair was frustrated. If Big Miss go and see Liang Chen now, this would mean that they are related to the Liang family. What would those people in the dark think? Will tey think that they have already teamed up with the Liang family? Will they harm Big Miss?

Green Hair’s mind was full of treacherous scheme and he tried to discourage Ming Shu from visiting Liang Chen the whole way there.

That is so nice to see about Liang Chen?

Even Yama Yan is better looking than him!

Can we go see Yama Yan?

The heaven might have heard Green Hair’s pleads because when they reached the hospital, they saw Xia Xian and Yan Zhan.

“Miss Wen,” Xia Xian greeted her with the same cunning expression.

Yan Zhan bit his lips and looked at her straight in the face.

“Mister Xia,” Mister Xia didn’t say anything. Green Hair couldn’t let Xia Xian look dumb so he continued the conversation, “Yama Yan, why are you here?”

Is he here to see Liang Chen too?

“Yama Yan got injured and the doctor that he accompanys wasn’t around,” Xia Xian gave Yan Zhan and look. Yama Yan, I can only help you till here. Xia Xian smiled and pulled Green Hair away, “coinicidently, I have something to ask you. Shall we go over there to talk?”

Green Hair: “…”

Xia Xian didn’t give Green Hair the change to talk. He walked up and dragged him to a corner.

Ming Shu popped two pistachios in her mouth calmly. She raised her eyebrows, “you are injured?”

Xia Xian had already paved the way for him so there was no reason for Yan Zhan to not follow the path. He nodded his head.

“He, why aren’t you dead yet?”

Yan Zhan: “…” Are you looking forward to me dying?

I will not die!

“You are not dead yet, how will I dare to die in front of you?” Yan Zhan’s tone changed. He seemed to have spoken it in a fit of pique and yet, it seemed like a sacastic remark too. EIther way, it seemed very weird.

Actress Shu smiled. “I am waiting to collect your corpse, how can I die before you? It’s better if you die first.”

Yan Zhan’s acting was also amazing, “haven’t you heard of ladies first?”

Ming Shu gave an innocent smile, “that is why you need to let me stay alive.”

Green Hair and Xia Xian looked at each other silently. Although the hospital was noisy, their hearing had been specially trained and they could hear the entire conversation clearly.

Who will discuss about the timing of death like this?

Do they mean what they say?

The aura of those two people clased with each other. They looked as though they were going to fight the next second.

Just as Xia Xian and Green Hair were prepared to rush over and hugged their masters, the two of them suddenly walked in a certain direction.


What is happening? Are they not fighting anymore? Weren’t they arguing with eahc other just now…

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Green Hair slammed his leg, “oh no!”

Xia Zhan didn’t expect Ming Shu to stay. He gave an eye signal to Xia Xian who was outside and asked him to block those people coming over.

Xia Xian’s mouth corners twitched. He looked at the people running over from the other end and slowly unb.u.t.toned his clothes. Then he pulled his tie.

A voice suddenly sounded next to him, “didn’t I ask you all to stop them? Useless things, if anything happens to Big Miss, would you all be responsible? Team two, charge!”

Before Xia Xian could do anything, a bunch of people rushed out of the ward next door and blocked those people that were coming over.

Xia Xian: “…”

Green Hair hung up his phone and continued looking at the ward.

“Is your Big Miss always like this?” Xia Xian couldn’t help but asked Green Hair.

Green Hair gave a behoove expression, “doesn’t your master bring people out?”

Xia Xian: “…” He is not as exaggerated as you all.

Okay, if it was at Jiangzhou, the situation might be the same.

In the ward.

Liang Chen was. .h.i.t by Ming Shu till he almost couldn’t breath. He was clear what Ming Shu was asking about but how would she know about it?

In this world… besides him, no one should know about this matter. How did she find out?

Liang Chen regretted now. He thought that he understood her very well but he didn’t. He didn’t know anything about her, what kind of person she was, she was her temper.

What he knew was how she appeared to be when she was with Ji Yue’an.

The hatred in Liang Chen’s eyes formed and he glared at Ming Shu angrily, as though he wanted to burn a hole in Ming Shu.

Yan Zhan looked silently at Ming Shu questioning Liang Chen. She didn’t need to show any blood and Liang Chen was already fearful of her. He struggles and felt hopeless.

Why did you like her?

Becase she is an idiot?

Yan Zhan shook his head.

Who will like her? I am a gHost that has aspirations.

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