Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 503 - The Crown of Darkness (30)

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Chapter 503: The Crown of Darkness (30)

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The explosion behind caused Ming Shu to stopped in her tracks. She turned around. Flames were rising in the air and the sky turned red because of it. Commotions started arising too.

The little demon is quite impressive!

What the h.e.l.l! My Hatred Points!

Ming Shu looked around. She didn;t see Yan Zhan.

“Big Miss, let’s go. Someone will come soon,” Green Hair pestered her.

Yama Yan had disappeared?

He only cared about his Big Miss. He didn’t bother about that malefic. If he is not around, that would be the best. That way, he won’t be able to disturb his Big Miss. Old master had siad that Yan Zhan was not a good person. If he can break them away, break them.

If Yan Zhan didn’t lke his daughter, he would still admire him. However, he likes her daughter so he is not good person.

Ming Shu turned around and left from the other side of the mountain. They sat on theri car and returned to Green City.

On their way back, they were stopped by the roadblocks the police made.

Green City went down and settled it. By the time they returned to Green City, it was already midnight.”

“Big Miss, the people that kidnapped Liang Chen doesn’t seems to be Yama Yan’s men…”

“Yes, he is not that stupid.” If he wanted to kill Liang Chen, there is no need for him to create such a huge commotion. Yan Zhan probably went there to get some profit out of the commotion.


Not only do I have to gain Hatred Points now, I have to fight with that idiot.

Where’re my snacks!

“Is Liang Chen dead?”

Green Hair was answering some messages on his phone. He heard Ming Shu;s question and shook his head, ” there is no news yet. The house exploded so he should be either dead or heavilty injured.”

Ming Shu nodded, “guard the villa. When Yan Zhan comes back, block him outside the gates.

“Will Yama Yan still come back?” Although I don’t know what games you bosses are playing, acoording to the situation today, Yan Zhan probably won’t come back right?

Ming Shu smiled and said certainly, “he will.”

Just as Ming Shu predicted, Yan Zhan came back one hour later. Green Hair respected his Big Miss so predicting thigs so accurately and did his job in blocking him outside.

Yan Zhan had prepared himself on the way back. He finally managed to gain some good feelings from her but this time, he might have wasted all his previous efforts. He couldn’t help it though. He just wanted to anger her…

Yan Zhan didn’t push his way in. He stood outside for a while and wanted to leave. However, he saw someone bringing Ji Yue’an in…

F**k she is calling that pretty boy again.

Ji Yue’an saw another man outside and seemed surprise, “who is that?”

The man was standing in the dim lights and looking at him from the side. There was no expression on his face but his eyes were cold, so cold that they seemed to be able to turn things into ice.

“Mister Ji, do not ask things that you are not suppose to ask,” the person beside him reminded him.

Ji Yue’an was shocked. That man didn’t look like a normal person. The woman actually a man like him to stand outside…

When Ji Yue’an came out, Yan Zhan was still standing there.

When he saw the man, he suddenly walked towards the middle of the road and blocked his car.

The driver didn’t dare to run over him and stopped. He winded down the car window and called softly, “Yama Yan…”

Why are you blocking the car!

It is very scary in the middle of the night!

Yan Zhan ignored the driver and walked to the backseat with his icy aura. The car window was not close. He started at Ji Yue’an coldly, “what did you do inside?”

Ji Yue’an felt that he was being glared at by a wild beast. His blood started freezing as he replied with difficulty, “cook… food.”

Yan Zhan: “…”

What did he say?

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I didn’t hear it properly.

Yan Zhan was not convinced. He gave a sinister laugh, “I will go kill him then.”

Very good. You touched my Hatred Points and now you want to touch my chef. Why don’t you go to heaven!

[Lord Nine, calm down, don’t dig your own hole.]

He can’t calm down. Right now, he just want to kill Ji Yue’an. Why can she eat his food and look at him. Jealousy caused him to pick up his knife.

[…] Lord Nine is crazy.



Ming Shu also thought that Yan Zhan would go crazy with anger. However, his anger slowly disappeared and he kept his knife. He even gave an awkward smile.

Ming Shu: “…” Something is wrong!

Yan Zhan grabbed Ming Shu’s hand and lowered his voice. He looked tired and he became worn out. “I am very tired, can I go in?”


Didn’t you want to kill Ji Yue’an just now? Why are you tired now?

Are you acting now?

How did that sentence go? Even if she knew that he was acting, but her heart still softened when she saw the tired expression on her fave.

Ming Shu thought for a while, “come in.”

When Yan Zhan pa.s.sed by Green Hair, Green Hair saw the weird smile on Yan Zhan’s mouth corners and he shivered. He wanted to grabbed his Big Miss.

Big Miss, this man has evil intentions…

He was like a psychopath murderer during the prelude of his murder.

However, Green Hair didn’t manage to grab his Big Miss and watched as the door of the villa was closed by Yan Zhan.

A cold breeze of air blew and chills ran all over Green Hair’s body. He swallowed his saliva with some difficulty and shivered as he called the old master.

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