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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 502 - The Crown of Darkness (29)

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Chapter 502: The Crown of Darkness (29)

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In a shappy house, Liang Chen was tied up and thrown on a dirty floor. Fan Xueni was beside him. Her eyes were red and she didn’t have the energy to cry anymore.

That day, after he came out with Fan Xueni, he was kidnapped. The other party only wanted to kiidnap him but since Fan Xueni was there too, they could only kidnap them together.

They had been locked up here for two days. No one came in during this period of them and no food was given to them. If it wasn’t for the voices outside, he would have though that he was here alone.

Liang Chen used a long time to cut the ropes on his hand. His body was weak from not having food for two days.

He signaled to Fan Xueni to ask her to kepp quiet and untied her rope.

Fan Xueni eyes were blodd red and she shivered uncontrollably. Her voice was broken, “Mister Liang…”

“Xu!” Liang Chen covered her lips and signaled her to stop talking.

Liang Chen walked towards the door carefully and listened to the commotion outside.

“When are we suppose to guard until? Did they get the things already?”

c”It won’t be so easy. The old fox from the Liang family will not compromise so easily.

“The internet is buzzign with this piece of news now. Luckily, we prepared ourselves…”

“There is no girls here. Such a torture.”

“Isn’t there one inside? She looks quite pretty too. Bright and beautiful. Her figure is amazing too. She is much better than those people from outside,” someone continued the conversation, “since we are going to kill them anyway, why not…”

Liang Chen’s heart dropped. The other party was not planning to keep them alive.

At this moment, the people outside had reached a consensus. Footsteps came closer. The door was unlocked and pushed opened in just a few seconds.

Liang Chen didn’t have the time to hide and b.u.mped right into those people.

“What the h.e.l.l. How did he run over here? How did you tie him up?”

The person who came in scolded and rushed over to Liang Chen’s side. Liang Chen didn’t have much energy but luckily, he didn’t get caought.

He even reached the door successfully.

Just as he seemed to be getting away, a big hunk suddenly appeared at the door and punched right into Liang Chen’s face. His whole body was then lifted by the big hunk and threw inside. He fainted.

When Liang Chen woke up, it was already night time. Fan Xueni shrunk at a corner. Her clothes were in a mess and she looked into the empty air in a daze. There was an unpleasant smell in the air.

Liang Chen knew what had happened.

He didn’t like Fan Xueni to begin with. He only wanted to s.n.a.t.c.h her so that she couldn’t be by Ji Yue’an’s side.

Hence, when Fan Xueni was being bullied by the other people, Liang Chen didn’t feel anything in his heart.

The night seemed especially long.

Ming Shu brought some men up the mountain. Green Hair investigated and realized that Liang Chen might be locked up at this mountain. She needed to climb mountains now to save her target. Isn’t it stifling?

Let me have some snacks and take a break.

“Big Miss, there is someone in front. It should be here.”

Green Hair reported softly.

Ming Shu, Green Hair, and her men hid in the woods and looked at the broken little house. There were people guarding outside the house. They were looking around in vigilance.

“Miss, there seem to be people over there… it doesn’t look like the same gang,” Green Hair pa.s.sed the binoculars to Ming Shu.

Ming Shu took the binoculars and looked over. It was a sniper. They could see them from their position but the people at the little house would not be able to see them.

Ming Shu looked at the symbol on their wrist. They were Yan Zhan’s men.

Ming Shu didn’t think that there was anything wrong. There was nothing contradictory about liking someone and opposing him at the same time. When she should act, she would act.

“Makse sure that Liang Chen doesn’t die,” Ming Shu ordered Green Hair.

“Just make sure that he doesn’t die?”

“Yes, as long as he doesn’t die, it doesn’t matter if he lose a hand or a leg.” This money tree can’t die.

Green Hair acknowledged her and went to hand down the order.

Ming Shu boredly waited. The police seemed to have received some news and would arrive very soon.

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“Hey, Big Miss, look!”

That is a human!

Ming Shu slapped Yan Zhan’s hand.

You want to chase me with this kind of att.i.tude? In your dreams.

I shall just love my snacks.

That side was preparing to retreat. Ming Shu didn’t find the sniper. He had hidden himself somewhere.

Yan Zhan gazed afar, “do you think that I only arrange one person?”

Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu looked at her surroundings again. She didn’t see the sniper. No one knew when a gunshot would appear and shoot Liang Chen’s life away.

Ming Shu smiled at Yan Zhan and waved her hand, “hit them. Don’t hit anyone.”

Yan Zhan: “…”

Gunshots suddenly sounded in the woods. The people that were retreating were forced into the little house. Ming Shu called the police right in front of Yan Zhan and told the police the exact lcoation.

After she finished the call, Ming Shu smiled even sweeter, “you have onyl one option now. You either rushed in a catch Liang Chen, or you bomb that little house.”

The police were reaching soon. He would not have the time to go in and take Liang Chen out. But bombing the little house… he didnn’t have any explosives with him now.

Yan Zhan felt helpless. However, he didn’t want to throw his face away and admit defeat to her. He could only rely on the people that prepared and hoped that they would not disappoint him at such a crucial moment.

Kill that Liang Chen!

Don’t ask him why.


The police panted heavilty as they climbed up and surrounded the little house as they shouted. They didn’t know who started the gunshots so they started searching along their sides to prevent someone from sneaking an attack on them.

Ming Shu retreated with Green Hair and her men.

She believed that with the luck of a fake male protagonist, Liang Chen would not die so easily.

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