Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 501 - The Crown of Darkness (28)

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Chapter 501: The Crown of Darkness (28)

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Sunlight shone in from the window. Tiny dust floated around in the sunlight.

Ming Shu felt uncomfortable from the sunlight. She leaned towards the side and felt for her snacks. However, she touched a smooth piece of skin.

This was not her snack.

She sat up immediately.

“What happened?” Yan Zhan woke up in surprise and asked her without thinking.

Ming Shu turned around to look for her snacks.

Yan Zhan got a shock. He quickly stuffed the snacks beside him into her arms. Ming Shu hugged and touched her snacks. She fell back in a satisfied nammer.

Yan Zhan: “…” what kind of weird habit is this? I am less attractive than a bag of snack.

With the snacks blocking them, Yan Zhan slept very unocmfortably. However, if he still dared to s.n.a.t.c.h her snacks now, he would be looking for death.

When it was morning, Ming Shu was very obedient. He suspected that she could be abducted and traffic with just a bag of snacks.

Hence, Yan Zhan started to seduce Ming Shu to kiss him shamelessly, “Little Yi, kiss me, I will give you food…”

Ming Shu didn’t seem that happy but she still kissed him on the face. Yan Zhan gave her some snacks and the process repeated itself.

Under the sunlight, a girl laid on his body and kissed him occasionally. Yan Zhan was elated and warmth spreaded through his entire body. He suddenly wished that time would just stop now.

Yan Zhan’s unhappiness was only a brief interlude. Ming Shu didn’t ask and Yan Zhan didn’t bring it up.

During the rest of the time, Yan Zhan continued to look for death. Green Hair couldn’t bear to see it any longer. He knew that he just had to go along with what Big Miss said but Yan Zhan just had to oppose her. The entire villa was in chaos everyday.

However, at night, the two of thwm would still sleep with each other as though nothing had happened.

It was so weird.

Ji Yue’an’s new company started moving on the right path. It became a promising new enterprise in the Tech industry.

Ji Yue’an was really busy recently. For the sake of food, Ming Shu would always go to his office and find him.

There is nothing I won’t do for food.

If I marry him…

Ming Shu denied this thought. That idiot would create a havoc.

Ming Shu went up. The moment she entered the company, she was stunned by the mess in it. She calmly stuffed two cream puffs in her mouth, “were you all rob?”

The atmosphere in the company was weird. Ji Yue’an sat alone at the side. The rest of the people were either standing oe sitting. It was weird.

“Boss,” Ji Yue’an’s close buddy called her.

Ming Shu hugged her cream puffs and went over, “what happened?”

The close buddy explained to Ming Shu what happened recently.

An old brand wanted to buy their patent for their holographic technique. However, this technique would bring exorbitant profit in the future so Ji Yue’an was not willing to seel it. Then, the other party started to use unscupulous methods against them.

This company was not under Liang Chen. Ming Shu was surprised but she still asked Green Hair to investigate it. In the end, Liang Chen was still behind everything.

Ji Yue’an just started out in his business venture so Liang Chen’s actions created a sizable impact on him. Ji Yue’an was helpless now.

He had no power. How can he fight with Liang Chen?

“Boss, what should we do now? If we don’t sell it, we can’t do anything.”

“How will I know? This is not my company,” Ming Shu said blatantly.

“…” Didn’t you invest in it? You are the boss! Have you forgotten about it?

“I want to eat snacks… let me think.”

Ming Shu hugged her snacks and walked out of the company. This is a challenge for the male protagonist to toughen him up. It had nothing to do with me… but if the male protagonist kept facing challenges, who will make food for me?


Let me eat some snacks to calm myself down.

The moment she looked up, she saw Yan Zhan with a dark face. The black suit made him looked tall and handsome but the air around him was cold. It was as if something scary was brewing and was going to break out soon.

Ming Shu walked over calmly.

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Yan Zhan’s eyes were like ice, “why did you come to look for him?”

Before Ming Shu could think of a way to help her chef, this piece of news came. How did he get kidnap?

Who kidnapped my target!

Would it be Ji Yue’an?

Ming Shu called and asked Ji Yue’an. However, Ji Yue’an said that he didn’t see Liang Chen.

It was not Ji Yue’an.

Who is it?!

Which little demon wanted to harm my target! So angry!

Ming Shu laid among her snacks helplessly. Let me die with my snacks.

“Big Miss, there is news,” Green Hair ran over, “the Liang family received a call just now. The kidnapper asked them to pay a ransom. However, the kidnapper just gave them a time. The location is not yet set.”

Liang Chen’s kidnap was a huge thing. Although the Liang family called the police, they didn’t dare to make it public.

But, this issue was still released and all the medias fought to report about it.

The big mister of the Liang family was kidnapped. What an explosive news this was.

The kidnapper sent three messages to the Liang family and even sent then one of Liang Chen’s finger to expressed his anger.

“Where is Yan Zhan?”

Ming Shu suddenly remembered that she hadn’t seen that idiot who like to appear in front of her.

“Erm… Yama Yan… seemed to have went out in the morning,” Green Hair was not very certained too. He was not here for the entire morning and when he came back, there was no sign of Yama Yan. He must have went out.

“Did he go out often these few day?”

Green Hair thought for a while, “he went out yesterday and the day before but he came back quite fast.”

Big Miss didn’t restrict his movements and they didn’t dare to confine him too.

After all, he was Yama Yan…


F**k this idiot is always trying to kill me target.

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