Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 500 - The Crown in the Darkness (27)

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Chapter 500: The Crown in the Darkness (27)

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Yan Zhan lived in the villa then. Green Hair immediately reported the news to father Wen in Qianzhou.

Father Wen understood now why Yan Zhan sent him a letter before.

He took a fancy to my daughter!

Father Wen was so angry that he almost directly flew here from Qianzhou to beat Yan Zhan, but was persuaded by Ming Shu in the end.

Yan Zhan fit himself in very well. He ordered the servants even more often and confidently than Ming Shu.

“Is Yama Yan really with our big miss?”

“Of course, didn’t you see him walk in and out of big miss’s room everyday?”

“But I don’t see big miss like Yama Yan a little. Just now I saw her scold Yama Yan and they almost had a quarrel…”

“Pah, if big miss doesn’t like Yama Yan, why will she allow him to come in and out of here freely?”

The discussions like this happened a lot, and sometimes Yan Zhan would also hear such a discussion in person. But later, the discussions reduced, which was probably because they had been used to him.

“Wen Yi.”

Yan Zhan got downstairs with a box in his arms.

“What?” Ming Shu uttered with cruel words, “Have you thought through and decided to leave?”

“Leave?” Who said about that. Yan Zhan took out the things from the box, “You said you don’t like me, but if it’s true, why do you keep these things, didn’t you throw them away? Or did you get them back?”

Yan Zhan took out those items one by one, displaying them in front of Ming Shu.

They were all sent by Yan Zhan during the time when Shangguan Qi was pursuing her.

Ming Shu swept over them and calmly called, “Green Hair.”

Green Hair walked in, glancing at Yan Zhan secretly, and then answered in a deep voice, “Yes, Big Miss.”

Ming Shu pointed at those items on the table, “Who let you pick up these trash back?”

Green Hair: “…” What?!

Was it not you?

In the face of Ming Shu’s smile, Green Hair had to answer humbly, “I… I just thought it’s a little pitiful…”

“Take them out and throw away.”


Green Hair hurriedly went up to take the items on the table in his arms, but then was stopped by Yan Zhan. Green Hair was sad and angered. Big Miss, can we not behave like this? I don’t want to be the scapegoat.”

Ming Shu ate the snacks calmly and peacefully. Yan Zhan stared at her for almost one entire minute, but finally he turned around and left the villa.

Green Hair hesitated, “Big Miss, do I throw them or not?”

“Throw your head. Find a place and lock them, don’t let him see.”

Green Hair was confused, “Big Miss, you like Yama Yan, but why do you p.i.s.s him off in this way?”

“I’d like to.”

Green Hair: “…” Okay okay okay, you’re the boss and you’ll determine.

Suddenly I feel a little sorry for Yama Yan.

Green Hair put away the items and locked all of them into the safe box in the bas.e.m.e.nt.

Yan Zhan came back late. It was raining and he was all wet. As soon as he got in, he sat on the sofa and remained silent.

After hearing Green Hair’s report, Ming Shu walked down from upstairs slowly. “Did you lose your soul out there? Do you need me to find a doctor for you?”

Some water dripped down along Yan Zhan’s hair. Ming Shu frowned slightly and stood before him. “Speak, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” I’m p.i.s.sed off, don’t you see that?

“Take off your clothes.”

Hearing this, Yan Zhan reacted a little. He looked up at Ming Shu first, then asked back, “Why?”

“This clothes is ugly. Take it off and throw it away.” Ming Shu sat opposite him, ordering about, “And the trousers, take all of them off. Otherwise you get out.”

Yan Zhan: “…” Psychopath!

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It was still raining and Yan Zhan didn’t want to get out. As there’re no one else in the villa, and no one could come in without Ming Shu’s permission, Yan Zhan took off his clothes and the trousers.

The system wouldn’t tell him these.

He liked her.

She could appear in different worlds…

Yan Zhan felt a little dizzy. He couldn’t remember those erased memory, so he could only guess.

If… if he really liked her, it would make sense that he left hints for himself. He knew his own personality and he wouldn’t leave such hints related to another person out of no reason.

And he had a different feeling to her, which was very familiar…

So, he needed to find a way to avoid himself being erased with memories. In that case, he would know what on earth had happened.

Yan Zhan took a deep breath and got ready to return. But then he found the door was locked by Ming Shu.

Yan Zhan: “…”

What the h.e.l.l!

Why is she so annoying!

How do I like such a psychopath, am I crazy?

I must’ve gone mad!

Yan Zhan went into the next door and climbed the window to get back in Ming Shu’s room. Fortunately the window was not locked. Yan Zhan jumped down in and closed the window carefully, then felt his way to get onto the bed.

The girl in the bed was sleeping like a log, with a bag of snacks in her arms. Her pink cheeks looked attractive, and she didn’t seem to feel that someone came in.

Yan Zhan tried to take away the snacks in her hand, but she held it very tightly.

Before she slept with him and held his body, but Yan Zhan didn’t meet such a scene.

He tried again to take away the snacks. But as soon as he moved, the girl seemed to be going to wake up.

Yan Zhan didn’t know what to do. He bent over to kiss her, tasting a bit of sweetness in her mouth. She must’ve eaten something after he went out.

Yan Zhan felt her hands loosened a little, so he swiftly pulled the snacks out a little further. But as he pulled, she also tightened her grip. Yan Zhan was speechless, and he continued kissing her, then took away the snacks in her arms little by little.

Finally he made it. Yan Zhan felt his entire person was covered with sweats. He held her in his arms and was ready to fall asleep with comfort.

Why would she rather hold the snacks than hold a handsome man like me.

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