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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 50 - League of Poor Students (27)

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Chapter 50: League of Poor Students (27)

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The counter-terrorism division received an e-mail at nine in the evening on Friday. They were told that a bomb was placed in the library of the junior department of a high school and it was going to blow up at ten.

So the counter-terrorism division ordered the police to surround the library at once.

Many students who were studying in the library were asked to leave by the policemen. After searching the whole library, they only found one of the two time bombs that were mentioned in the anonymous e-mail, leaving the other one.

During the search, an armed policeman found a way to the bas.e.m.e.nt, the scale of which was beyond his imagination, and reported to his boss quickly.

In the bas.e.m.e.nt, there were not only students, but also some improperly dressed high-society people. It was an extremely extravagant set-up and shocked many.

The counter-terrorism division realized the situation was serious and reported to their superiors that many underage children were involved in the case. The inspection team from the capital hadn’t left yet. Hearing that, they set up a special task force at once and gathered the best detectives to investigate.

Standing on the roof of the old teaching building, Cheng Yan looked at the chaotic junior department, feeling complicated.

Was there such an option? Cheng Yan thought.

Although Pan Zhiguo had a powerful background, he still couldn’t interfere with the counter-terrorism division’s work. So this move from the counter-terrorism division, which he had never considered before, surprised him greatly.

Apologies, please forgive the fact that Cheng Yan, an ordinary person, couldn’t think up such a unique plan.

Did Lu Meng ever think that although the library would be exposed this time, she was also at risk? How could he help her if she was investigated by the counter-terrorism division?

“If they don’t discover the bas.e.m.e.nt or any other evidence concerning Pan Zhiguo this time and he escapes as a result, what should we do?” Pan Zhiguo was ever so cautious. Even though his criminal acts were exposed, he could still find a way to escape.

Flipping her bangs, Ming Shu replied, “What are you afraid of? If he escapes this time, we’ll design another trap for him.”

“…” Do you think he’s the Chinese cabbage and you can make another trap for him whenever you want?

Cheng Yan even wanted to open Ming Shu’s skull to see what she was thinking.

Ming Shu jumped down from the roof, stretching. “I’m going home to eat.”

Do you have any appet.i.te even now? You made such a big fuss and now you’re leaving. Did you consider the feelings of these people who were forced to be involved?

Cheng Yan felt distraught and thought:

Why do I like her!

Can I regret my feelings now?

The next day…

All the news outlets reported what had happened in the library.

According to the police, in that so-called time bomb, they only found some crystalline substances which proved to be sucrose—white sugar—rather than explosives.

Whoever placed the time bomb in the library might have wanted them to find the bas.e.m.e.nt.

Just as Cheng Yan expected, Pan Zhiguo denied everything and insisted that he knew nothing, pinning all the blame on Shi Yaxin. He hadn’t left any evidence that could incriminate him.

However, Shi Yaxin had filed a statement to the police and disclosed what he had done three days ago. She also persuaded some students to identify Pan Zhiguo as the culprit.

Pan Zhiguo’s attorney believed these students had mental issues born of fear and were guided by Shi Yaxin, so their statements couldn’t be taken as evidence.

Just when Pan Zhiguo thought he could clear his name, an unexpected witness appeared. This witness not only identified Pan Zhiguo but also handed in evidence.

Pan Zhiguo didn’t have much contact with these students, but he had to contact those Money Bosses who did business with him. Those people were not as naive as students and kept some evidence.

Pan Zhiguo didn’t know why anyone would identify him since no one could escape if this matter was uncovered by the police.

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Pan Zhiguo failed this time. People like him would never sacrifice themselves to protect others. Therefore, knowing he had no way to escape, he confessed what he had done and informed the police who supported him all this time.

Am I your biological kid?

What did Chengcheng promise you? Or are you going bankrupt and want to save yourselves by selling your daughter?

“Mengmeng.” Cheng Yan went to her home with a suitcase early in the morning, changing the way he addressed Ming Shu. “I entrust myself to your care.”

Ming Shu closed the door, leaving that handsome face outside.

What f.u.c.king care.

“Mengmeng! Let me in. Your parents will cut down on your allowance if they learn you shut me out.” Cheng Yan’s face appeared in front of the window.

Looking at the person outside the window with his arms akimbo, Ming Shu took a deep breath and then walked over with a smile on her face, drawing the curtains all of a sudden.

I need food to calm myself down.


The sound of the door being opened rang through the hallway, the security door unlocked by somebody. The suitcase came first and then Cheng Yan’s annoying face appeared. “Mengmeng, look!”

In Cheng Yan’s hand was the key to her house.

Ming Shu threw the pillow on the sofa at him, smiling a little ferociously. ” Are you their biological child? “

They even gave you a key. What kind of deal did you all make?

Cheng Yan caught the pillow easily. “Mengmeng, give it up. By the way, your mom told me that she gave the maid a holiday, so it’s only you and me here. Like a love nest.”

Ming Shu smiled, her arms crossing over her chest. “I’ll give you an unforgettable love nest.”

“I’m looking forward to it.”

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