Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 499 - The Crown in the Darkness (26)

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Chapter 499: The Crown in the Darkness (26)Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

“After all the presentation given by the former partic.i.p.ants, now we come to the most exciting part of this match…” The Host began to announce the result in long tones.

“The third prize goes to Yubai Team.”

“So who’s the second prize, let’s congratulate… Fusheng Technology.”

The warm applause sounded. Liang Chen’s expression was not happy, or you could even say it was gloomy.

He didn’t expect Ji Yue’an to bring a back up product. If he knew it, he would block them on the way and stopped them from getting here.

What’s the use of a second prize.

As long as Ji Yue’an took this step forward…

Thinking like this, Liang Chen became even angrier.

“The next will be our first prize winner. They are a young team, but they probably will bring the reform of new technology… Congratulations to — Rongyu Technology.”

“Ah!” A scream exploded by Ming Shu’s ear, which almost startled her snacks down to the world.

Rongyu Technology was Ji Yue’an’s company. There’s no surprise that they would win the first prize. After all they realized the holographic technology which was only talked verbally before.

“Boss, you’re smart enough to let us bring a back up product, otherwise we’ll lose this time.”

Ming Shu answered slowly, “That’s why I’m the boss.”


Ji Yue’an was invited to the stage and accepted the honor. Winning the first prize meant that there would have many people considering cooperation with him, and some people may want to buy this technology.

While everyone didn’t pay attention to her, Ming Shu sneaked out of the crowd. She caught up with Liang Chen who left the venue early. Liang Chen left quite hurriedly and he didn’t even bring Fan Xueni with him.

“Mister Liang, wait for me!”

Liang Chen’s body stiffened. He turned his head and looked at the girl running toward him, with complicated hatred spreading in the bottom of his eyes.

Ming Shu ran closer. She put away her snacks and smiled. “Mister Liang, why do you leave so fast, there will be a dinner banquet later.”

“Wen Yi, what do you want?” She ran out at this time to mock me?

“I want to beat you.” I’m itchy for that.

Liang Chen: “…”

There were quite a lot of journalists outside the science and technology museum, so Liang Chen didn’t think Ming Shu would dare beat him in broad daylight. But seeing the bodyguards coming closer at him, he was not sure about that.

Journalists looked over here, but were frightened by the bodyguards’ ferocious stare. They didn’t dare come closer and only took several distant pictures.

Liang Chen pretended to be calm, “Wen Yi, behave yourself. There’re so many people watching.”

Ming Shu didn’t care, “That’s not a problem, and if you want to revenge, anytime.”

Liang Chen also brought some people around him, but Ming Shu had so many people surrounded them. These bodyguards looked scary even they didn’t do anything and just stood there.

Then Ming Shu gave Liang Chen a fierce beating.

“Mister Liang, remember to be angry more.” Ming Shu patted Liang Chen’s shoulder with a long sigh. “The angrier you are, the more beautiful you’ll become. Trust me, or you can have a try.”

Liang Chen ached all over his body and didn’t have the strength to talk.

Ming Shu strode to leave with his men.

Liang Chen’s face darkened and was supported up. He knocked onto the nearest man, “Waste.”

The big movement pulled open his wound in the body, and Liang Chen’s face got pale at once.

Wen YI!

Just wait!

Ming Shu returned to the villa. While Green Hair was talking about she ignored her proper duties and ran to care about other people’s business, Ming Shu finished her food and walked upstairs slowly, then Green Hair was shut out.

Ming Shu walked to the shower room as she took of her clothes.

Someone suddenly hugged her. A warm body got tightly close to her skin.

Ming Shu paused for a moment then grunted, “Looks like I need to change the bodyguards outside, otherwise any kind of fly can come into my room.”

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The man behind her rubbed her neck with his head. “If I want to come in, they can’t stop me.”

“Come in.”

Hearing Ming Shu’s voice, Green Hair sighed a relief. She is fine.

He gave a look at Yan Zhan whose face became even darker and smiled. “Yama Yan, would you?”

Handing the night snack over to Yan Zhan, Green Hair ran away immediately.

Yan Zhan brought the night snack in. It’s only for one person as Green Hair didn’t know Yan Zhan was also here.

Ming Shu folded her arms around the sleeping robe and sat in the messy bed. Her eyes looked a little empty which made her entire person look very soft.

Yan Zhan held back his unhappy mood and pulled a table nearby to put it before her. The confusion in Ming Shu’s eyes was immediately replaced by some lights. She began to eat the night snack happily, and of course she didn’t have any intention to share.

Humph, I don’t want any food right now…

I want…

After finishing the food, Ming Shu put down the chopsticks and asked casually, “Have you settled down all your issues?”

Yan Zhan pinched Ming Shu’s ankle. “Are you caring about me?”

Ming Shu struggled but was pinched harder by Yan Zhan. “Don’t think highly of yourself. I’m just asking about the enemy’s information.”

Yan Zhan lowered his eyes down. He carefully pinched Ming Shu’s ankle like it was something precious. “Almost done. Xia Xian will handle the remaining ones.”

“Are you not afraid that someone will take the opportunity to get in?” The internal disorder was settled, but what about those staring at him from outside.

“As long as you don’t take action, I won’t have anything to worry.”

“What if I do take action?”

Yan Zhan looked up and his deep eyes looked straight into Ming Shu’s. “I’ll give you everything. What’s mine is also yours.”

Ming Shu smiled wider. “You’re that generous?”

“It’s my duty to be generous to you.” I even sacrificed my body, how the h.e.l.l will I care about those external things.

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