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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 497 - The Crown in the Darkness (24)

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Chapter 497: The Crown in the Darkness (24)

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I’ll see today if she really doesn’t care, or if she’s just pretending.

Ming Shu calmly chewed the popcorns and didn’t answer. The colorful lights flashed across her eyes from time to time, but you couldn’t see the emotion in the bottom of her eyes.

Yan Zhan was so angry that he grinded his teeth, but meanwhile his heart sank a little. She acted like she really didn’t care…

Yan Zhan looked to the three girls and lowered down his voice, “Come here.”

The three immediately walked over. One girl with curly hair took the position beside Yan Zhan. At this time, Little Beastie suddenly popped out and put its claws onto Yan Zhan’s arm, winking at the girls with loving eyes.

Ming Shu looked aside at the curly hair girl with a faint smile as she asked Yan Zhan, “Do you need me to make a room for them?”

The curly hair girl continuously moved very close to Yan Zhan. The expression in Ming Shu’s eyes was cold, but blocked by the lights, Yan Zhan didn’t discover that. He only saw the smile on Ming Shu’s face, which was very dazzling.

Yan Zhan loosened his hand, “That’ll work, Miss Wen.”

Ming Shu smiled and got up to sit on the other side, eating the popcorns leisurely.

Yan Zhan’s arms were empty all of a sudden, and he felt he lost something. Unintentionally, he tried to get Ming Shu back, but Ming Shu left quickly and he didn’t manage to touch her then. He had to take back his hands.

As soon as Ming Shu moved away, another girl immediately occupy her position.

Yan Zhan didn’t hold the girls in his arms because he felt somewhat guilty inside.

Although he didn’t know why he had such a feeling.

He just felt that if he dared reach out his hands, he would probably not going to leave here alive.

The girls, though, didn’t have so much consideration as Yan Zhan, and they kept moving closer to him while speaking in coaxing voices.

The rich fragrance on them made Yan Zhan feel a little uncomfortable.

He only liked the light fragrance on her.

Yan Zhan began to drink alone unhappily. The girls felt a little strange, but they naturally changed the method and also began to drink with Yan Zhan. The guest’s will would be theirs.

Ming Shu texted the message with her head lowered down. Yan Zhan looked at her several times, but he only saw she was focusing on the phone with a smile and didn’t care what he did at all.

She has guts!

Yan Zhan pushed away the girls surrounding him, “Get…”

“Get your hands up!”

Suddenly, some armed personnel with guns kicked the door open and roared in.

Ming Shu put away her phone as she looked at Yan Zhan, then she put her hands up calmly.

In the police station.

Yan Zhan and Ming Shu sat separately on two side, meanwhile Green Hair and Xia Xian were communicating with the police side. Then after Green Hair walked over and said they could leave now, Ming Shu immediately got up and left without any delay.

Yan Zhan delayed for a while. Xia Xian walked to his side and lowered his voice, “Yama Yan, what did you and Miss Wen do?”

You put yourselves into the police station!

Aren’t you ashamed!

What did we do?

How the h.e.l.l do I know what she did?! She called the police by herself. Was she crazy?

Calm, I am not going to argue with an idiot.

I didn’t do anything wrong. She forced me!

After getting out of the police station, Yan Zhan didn’t see Ming Shu, so his expression became even gloomier and he got into Xia Xian’s car.

“Yama Yan, are we going back to Jiangzhou?” The matter at there hadn’t been settled when he suddenly left and came here. If someone took the advantage to cause troubles, all the previous efforts would be wasted.


Xia Xian breathed a sigh of relief and told everyone to drive to the airport.

However, they were hijacked on half way.

The road was totally blocked. Ming Shu leaned against a car and was not eating anything, but she still wore a smile, which was too faint to see.

Yan Zhan pushed the door open and got off the car, looking at her over the darkness and car lights.

He heard her talking: “Bring him back.”

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“Yama Yan?” Xia Xian was a little stunned. What’s this about!

A strong familiar feeling and desire immediately exploded from his deep inside.


“Wen… wu…”

Ming Shu ripped his clothes off. Yan Zhan was still a little dizzy, and Ming Shu’s kissing just made him forget to think now. He felt he had fallen into a ball of soft cotton, feeling the dizziness in her tender kiss.

Yan Zhan wanted to turn over, but was pressed still in the bed and couldn’t move.

She kissed and touched him provocatively but didn’t let him relieve even for one moment.

Ming Shu pressed his wrist and looked down at him domineeringly. Yan Zhan’s desire almost explode himself, but she didn’t let him move a bit.

This kind of torture was killing him.

She bent down slightly and said in a low voice, “Yan Zhan, for what you did today, do you dare do it again?”

“No,” Yan Zhan murmured, “I was wrong. Let me move.”

“Remember what you said, if you dare do it again…” Ming Shu kept his lips in her mouth and pressed him harder. Yan Zhan felt a tremble all over his body and couldn’t help moaning deeply. “I’ll put you to death in person.”

Ambiguous voices sounded in the entire room, but the dominant right was controlled by Ming Shu the whole time. Yan Zhan tried to resist several times but was in vain, so he gave up then.

This is the punishment…

Somehow this word flashed past his brain.

Although it was not a severe punishment, it was torturing, more torturing than the beating. It’s a double torture in mental and physical aspects.

He sought death himself, so he must accept it.

Ming Shu turned over and got down to take a shower, meanwhile Yan Zhan lay in the bed, hating himself in silence. What on earth was wrong with me. Why did I have to challenge her bottom line.


Wait, she acts like this, so does it mean that she cares about him?

Thinking like this, Yan Zhan finally got some comfort in his heart.

I knew it. How is it possible that she doesn’t like some handsome guy like me.


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