Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 496 - The Crown in the Darkness (23)

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Chapter 496: The Crown in the Darkness (23)

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Ming Shu conveniently carried with that robot dog as she left the company. Ji Yue’an saw it but pretended not. Who let her be the big boss.

“Little Yi.”

As the two just walked out of the building, they met the second young Mister Shangguan, who walked over in a few steps with a happy expression on his face.

“Little Yi, what a coincidence.”

Ming Shu: “…” I don’t think so.

Shangguan Qi looked at Ji Yue’an and looked for a little while, then he slightly nodded, “h.e.l.lo.”

Ji Yue’an responded to him stiffly.

Shangguan Qi didn’t stay his eyes on him longer though, and he turned to Ming Shu again. “Little Yi, did you have dinner? Would you like to have a dinner with me?”

He simply skipped the fact that Ming Shu changed her number to avoid him like it never happened.

Hearing this, Ji Yue’an was like seeing a strong light of hope. “Miss Wen, since you and your friend are going to have dinner together, I think I should leave now.”

“Second Young Mister, I’m sorry,” Ming Shu smiled. “but I think I’ve made myself clear. You’re a perfect guy and you can get any kind of girl that you like, so why do you have to spot on me.”

Don’t think snacks can lure me!

I am strong minded!

Shangguan Qi revealed a bitter look, “Little Yi, can we just have a dinner like friends?”

“In order to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding, I don’t think so.”

That psychopath will beat you to death, believe me, so I’m really doing this for your safety.

Ming Shu walked around to pa.s.s him and pulled Ji Yue’an to leave together.

Shangguan Qi didn’t stop. He stood behind, watching their leaving figures.

Ji Yue’an was a little dumbfounded, and when he reacted he couldn’t help commenting, “Miss Wen, weren’t you too cruel?”

“Was I?” Shangguan Qi didn’t like her, because he probably liked the former Wen Yi.

“Even if you don’t like him, do you have to reject him even as an ordinary friend?” Ji Yue’an thought she was a little cruel. If it were him, he wouldn’t have had that cruel heart.

“Some things are better cut off early.”

She couldn’t afford a feeling that she had no way to respond to.

“But he didn’t do anything wrong, he’s just, likes you. Why do you have to be so heartless?” Ji Yue’an continued.

“You’re right, I’m a cold-blooded person. Mister Ji, please walk a little faster, I’m starving.”

Ji Yue’an: “…”

As they walked half way, Ji Yue’an thought of he forgot a thing, so he returned to get it.

[Guest, it’s time to gain some Hatred Points.] The Harmony System suddenly reminded.

Ming Shu ignored it. She was very hungry now and didn’t have any strength to gain Hatred Points.

[Your cook is going to get killed.] The Harmony System put it in another way.

Ming Shu: “…”

Ming Shu also returned to the company. The office building was almost empty now. Ji Yue’an’s company was on the 16th floor, Ming Shu took the lift to the 18th floor and then walked down.

There was also another financial company on the 16th floor, and Ming Shu walked around this company to get to Ji Yue’an’s.

At first glance, she saw Ji Yue’an was controlled by one man. The office was in a mess and the other two men were standing before the computer.

Ming Shu called her own bodyguards to come up. He bodyguards were big, tall, and strong, with unparallel momentum to ordinary people. So when they walked out of the elevator, the watch guy was stunned.

Ming Shu tidied up her clothes and strode over, “Keep them alive.”

The bodyguards took the order and swiftly rushed at the enemies. The three men were everything but the equivalent to the well-trained bodyguards, so in just a few moves, they were beaten down.

Ji Yue’an covered his dislocated arm and looked at Ming Shu with a pale face. “They came for the hololens.”

Not only for the finished product, but also for all the information.

Ji Yue’an didn’t know who was behind this. Technically, except for the compet.i.tion’s sponsor party, no one else knew what their entry was.

He didn’t know who was behind this, but Ming Shu knew.

“Who sent you?”

The three men were silent, and they acted like you would never get anything from them no matter what.

Ji Yue’an wasn’t good at this, so he looked at the big brother Ming Shu.

“You should call the police.” Ming Shu sat on the table and chinned up to the clock. “Mister Ji, it’s over the dinner time.”

I’m so hungry!

“Miss Wen… are you sure you’re in the mood for food now?” Ji Yue’an met with Ming Shu’s smiling eyes and was choked a little, “Okay, of course you are.”

At this time, Ji Yue’an hadn’t gone through the darkness in the market and he was not ferocious to the enemy, either. So he chose to call the police.

The policeman came to take the three and recorded Ji Yue’an’s oral confession. then left. Ji Yue’an wanted to know who sent them, and the policeman told him they would let him know if they got any news.

But usually, something like this wouldn’t have any news.

Ming Shu asked him as she ate something, “Do you want to know who did this?”

Ji Yue’an pushed away the stuff before him and asked nervously, “Do you know it?”

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“Cook me another c.u.min steak and I’ll tell you.”

Yan Zhan pinched Ming Shu’s chin and made her look up at him. “Wen Yi, don’t you think I won’t do that.”

Ming Shu lifted her dress open and patted her thigh with a smile. “Come come come, come ahead. Don’t you dare try!”

If you dare break my leg, I’ll let you know what’s called a real suffer!

Ming Shu’s fair thigh was exposed, and Yan Zhan immediately couldn’t calm down.

F**k, this is different from what the plotline says! She is shameless! Shameless!

She lifted her dress in front of me, is she seducing me!

Deep breath.

Calm down!

I won’t be seduced.

Pah, she is not attractive enough to seduce me.

Yan Zhan calmed himself down in his heart and lowered his voice in a pretentious way, sounding very wronged and upset, “Wen Yi, could you not walk close to them? I can’t bear that.”

“It’s my own business. If you’re not convinced, you can go find other little girls. I didn’t stop you.”

“Don’t you care about me?”

“What’s our relationship, why should I care about you?” Right right right, just get angry!

Yan Zhan suddenly became silent. He knocked on the backboard in front.

The driver slid down the board and asked, “Yama Yan?”

Yan Zhan ordered while gritting on his teeth, “Go to the nearest recreation club.”

The driver was a little strange. Shouldn’t they go to a hotel in such a situation?

Yama Yan’s thoughts were hard to guess.

Yan Zhan pulled Ming Shu into a noisy recreation club with colorful lights. He specially picked one that was not Ming Shu’s property.

Ming Shu watched a row of girls scatter before them. Yan Zhan held her in the arms, meanwhile he swept over those girls in front.

The girls were apparently a little excited. It’s not often to meet a good-looking guest like Yan Zhan, so even if there’s no money, they would also be willing to…

Ming Shu thought Yan Zhan was just seeking death. She ate some popcorns while watching the drama in silence.

“You, you, and you, stay. The others, get out.” Yan Zhan picked out three most beautiful girls.

The three girls revealed happy looks and they almost screamed with excitement. The other girls were very disappointed and walked out reluctantly.

Yan Zhan’s aura was way too oppressive, and the three girls remained unmoved on the spot hesitantly. Because the man was still holding a lady who looked even more beautiful in his arms…

Yan Zhan leaned on Ming Shu and whispered to her ears, “Wen Yi, do you really not care about me? So no matter what I do, you won’t stop me, right?”

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