Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 495 - The Crown in the Darkness (22)

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Chapter 495: The Crown in the Darkness (22)

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Ming Shu received a call from Shangguan Qi as soon as she returned to Green City. She answered with a few words perfunctorily, then hung up the phone. And then she told Green Hair to change another number for her.

Wasn’t her refusal obvious?

I have a head-aching now.

Where’re my snacks!

Shangguan Qi indeed didn’t give up. But Ming Shu changed her number and he couldn’t find her, so he didn’t take further actions for a time.

It’s getting the end of June.

The weather was getting hotter and hotter, so Ming Shu began to have ice suckers all day long.

“Latest news: Liang Chen, the eldest son of Liang Family Group, has recently taken over the Fusheng Technology and gotten the big project that wasn’t dealed for two months. This young and promising…”

Someone adjusted the TV to the entertainment news channel. Hearing Liang Chen’s name, Ming Shu moved to the front of the TV with her ice sucker and stared at the screen.

Fusheng Technology…

This story was mainly based on the storyline of black technology. At the later stage, Ji Yue’an would get a golden finger and develop a powerful empire of technology.

“Green Hair.”

Green Hair popped his head into the door from outside, depressedly, “Big Miss, I have a name. Can you not call me Green Hair?”

Ming Shu moved to sit onto the sofa. “What’s Ji Yue’an doing recently?”

Green Hair frowned. How would he know what Ji Yue’an was doing recently…

“I’ll look into it right away!”

Green Hair shrank back his head and touched his Green Hair, then took out his phone to order some people to investigate Ji Yue’an.

Soon the people below sent some information back.

The Ji family’s att.i.tude toward Ji Yue’an became a lot more polite. Ji Yue’an got a sum of money and was planning to set up a company. But the capital was still not enough and Ji Yue’an was worrying.

Ming Shu sent Green Hair to bring Ji Yue’an over.

As the saying goes, first time strangers, second time friends, and three time will be as calm as normal.

Ming Shu ordered Ji Yue’an to cook and he didn’t complain at all. He happened to have some questions to ask her as well. So Ji Yue’an prepared a big meal.

After Ming Shu finished all the food, and before Ji Yue’an thought of how to start the conversation, he heard the opposite girl ask directly, “Are you short of money?”

Ji Yue’an twitched his mouth corners. “Miss Wen, I won’t sell myself.”

“I don’t take a fancy on you, either,” Ming Shu smiled. “I heard that you’re trying to start a company?”

Ji Yue’an didn’t deny it, “Right.”

Ming Shu reached out to gesture and smiled even more tender, “If you come to cook for me three times a week, I’ll invest unconditionally.”

Ji Yue’an: “…”

Cooking three times can earn the unconditional investment?

Pennies from the heaven don’t come in this way.

“Miss Wen, just tell me your purpose.” Ji Yue’an didn’t think that there would have free lunch in the world, so she must be planning on something. “You’re making me feel anxious.”

“I’ve told you just now.” Others want me to invest but I won’t. If it were not for that you can cook, I wouldn’t have noticed you, either.

“…” The more Ji Yue’an thought, the more he felt it was not right. He looked at Green Hair who stood far away and moved to Ming Shu a bit closer. “Miss Wen, I want to ask you a question.”

“One dish for one question.”

Ji Yue’an: “…”

Is there any gold hidden in my dish?

“Okay, no problem.” It’s just cooking. “Miss Wen, why did you give that necklace to me?”

Before he didn’t know what’s special about that necklace, but now he knew it. She said surely that the necklace was his, so did she know anything?

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Ming Shu smiled. “Do you know the prophet?”

Ji Yue’an wiped his hand and pushed his best friend away. “The race is coming soon. Have you debugged your code?”

“Relax, it’s just tiny issues. I heard that Fusheng Technology will also enter the compet.i.tion.” His best friend sounded more serious when they talked about proper business. “Fusheng Technology has always been the lead sheep in the science and technology industry. Brother Ji, can we win over them?”

Ji Yue’an had the guaranteed plug-in, so he patted his best friend’s shoulder very confidently. “As long as you don’t make any mistake, we’ll surely win.”

Ming Shu bent over the table with a robot dog thing walking back and forth. Little beastie popped out of Ming Shu’s pocket to glance at it several times, seemingly it liked this robot dog a lot.

“You want to take part in the match?”

Ming Shu pressed the walking robot dog and looked the two coming over.

“Ah, yes,” the best friend nodded. “Actually we don’t have any product yet, but if we could stand out in the compet.i.tion, it might win us a first battle.”

Ming Shu tilted her head, “What will you present then?”

Ji Yue’an didn’t really want to tell Ming Shu a lot, but his best friend believed Ming Shu was the big boss, so he introduced to her very enthusiastically.

They’re going to present a hololens at the compet.i.tion. At this time, the world’s technology hadn’t reached the advanced holographic stage and it’s still under development.

If they could make it, the holographic game would be soon realized.

The holographic technology was the lowest level function that Ji Yue’an received, so it’s easy for him to take it out.

“That’s great,” Ming Shu praised normally. But then she lost the interest and went back to continue eating over the table.

The best friend: “…” Hearing all my pa.s.sionate explanation, she just reacted like this?

Right now there’re only a few people in Ji Yue’an’s company, including the best friend and himself, there were merely four. The other two were also his schoolmates.

Ming Shu waited for Ji Yue’an to get off work, and then her eyes lit up immediately. “What do we have for dinner today?”

Ji Yue’an: “…” I work hard all day long, then I still need to babysit for the big boss, so tiring.

His best friend made eyes at Ji Yue’an and then left with the other two schoolmates.

Ji Yue’an: “…” I don’t have any relationship with her!!!

He even doubted that if he couldn’t cook, she wouldn’t have even given a glance at him.

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