Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 494 - The Crown in the Darkness (21)

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Chapter 494: The Crown in the Darkness (21)

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Yan Zhan took a deep breath and let off Ming Shu. He supported on two sides of her head, looking at her, “I heard that Shangguan Qi is pursuing you?”

He left only for a short time, and now someone dared to steal his girl.

F**k, does he think I’m a dead person?

“You heard? You were spying on me, okay. It’s my first time to be treated like this as a savior.”

“So I’m here to give myself to you.” Yan Zhan bent over to approach her ears, “Miss Wen, do you want to examine goods right now?”

I’m vomiting myself.

Keep calm! I can win this!

Ming Shu seemed to be smiling, but the lights were dim and Yan Zhan didn’t see it clearly. Then a pair of soft hands pushed him away. “Don’t squeeze my snacks.”

Yan Zhan: “…”

The snacks at Ming Shu’s side kept making out light noises to show off their existence.

Yan Zhan darkened his face a little and let go of her, sitting up. Romance was fed to the dog.

How can I expect a psychopath to understand romance!

This is a waste of time.

Yan Zhan took out a cigarette to put it into his mouth. He glanced Ming Shu also sit up, and the lighter’s lights shone on her eyes and brows at once. She smiled quietly, like the brightest star in the dark, which was sparkling, sacred, and beautiful.


Yan Zhan couldn’t help gathering the unspoken criticism inside.

The light went out. Yan Zhan turned to one side and lit it up again, lighting the cigarette. But he just smoked once, then put it out.

“You haven’t answered my question.”

Ming Shu held the snacks in her arms. “Why should I answer your question, who are you to me.”

Do you think I will listen to you?

Day dreaming!

Yan Zhan turned his head and accurately captured Ming Shu’s sights. “Let me tell you right now, Wen Yi, from today, you’re my woman.”

“Oh, you just say it and it become the fact? Will I be your ancestor if I say I am?” Ming Shu laughed. “Come, grand son, call me ancestor.”

Yan Zhan: “…”

I should just strangle her.

Why bother conquering such a psychopath.

It’s convenient and fast to directly strangle her.

Yan Zhan moved his sights around Ming Shu’s neck. But in the end, he found himself would more like to kiss on her fair neck and leave his marks on it.

Yan Zhan felt goose b.u.mps all over his body, and he immediately shook his head.

He’d been so tired recently that some mental problems began to appear.

“Wen Yi, I’m serious.” Holding back all kinds of angry bullet screen inside, and acting like a real underworld leader, Yan Zhan stared at Ming Shu with dangerous eyes. “From this moment, you’re my woman, dead or alive.”

“Yan Zhan.”

Ming Shu climbed up from the bed and approached Yan Zhan.

Her eyes were clear and pure, spreading with tender ripples. As she came closer, Yan Zhan could see clearly what’s in those beautiful eyes.

His heartbeat accelerated inexplicably.

Her pink lips turned an abnormal red, which was even more attracting, luring him to kiss on it.

Her aura floated over with a very faint fragrance.


She smiled while speaking lightly and slowly, “Look outside, it’s not getting light now, but you begin to have a daydream. I think your mind must have been stuffed with jelly, and you should go to see a professional doctor. Are you short of money? Just come to me, I’ll subsidize you. If you’re sick, it’s better to take some medicine.”

The beautiful feelings rising in Yan Zhan’s heart were immediately ruined.

You are sick!

I’m very healthy!

Yan Zhan kept his countenance and sneered, looking at Ming Shu in front of him with cold eyes. “Wen Yi, I was just notifying you, not asking for your opinion.”

Ming Shu lay back and smiled a little strangely. “So domineering, do you watch too many stupid opera series?”

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Stupid opera series will kill you!

Ming Shu stopped him. “What are you yelling in the middle of the night? Don’t you let me sleep?”

“Big miss, someone sneaked in.”

Ming Shu smiled. “Someone sneaked in, what were you doing then?”

The cold sweats began to appear on Green Hair’s forehead all of a sudden. “Big miss, I… I just went to the washroom. There’re people guarding at both ends, I, I…”

“Okay, leave it. How long will it take to arrive at Green City?”

Green Hair: “???”

Big miss said leave it be. Green Hair opened his mouth several times, but didn’t say anything in the end. He just answered the question in a dull tone, “We just pa.s.sed Jiangzhou, so it’s still long to get Green City.”


Father Wen said Jiangzhou was Yan Zhan’s place, so… did he get on the train on purpose at Jiangzhou station and come to me?

Ming Shu smiled, then turned to pat Green Hair’s head. “Don’t just tell everything to the old man. You should keep alerted, otherwise you won’t even know it the next time your big miss is kidnapped.”

Green Hair showed a depressed face. Big miss, didn’t we make a deal that we would get over with that?

Why do you mention it again.

He was just worried that the big miss would be cheated by the outside man, all right?

The outside man…

Green Hair’s eyes shone. Wasn’t the figure of the man just now a little similar to that of the outside man?

No wonder the big Miss stopped him.

Green Hair knew that his big Miss treated that man differently. Last time she left so many people behind and ran back specially to home, which was only because she heard that the man fell asleep on the sofa. She returned to cover a blanket on him.

There’re other people in the villa then, why couldn’t she make others do that?

Green Hair organized his words, “Big Miss, the second young Mister Shangguan has the status, the good-looking face, and he is also very polite, why don’t you like him?”

He thought the second young Mister Shangguan was great and a very proper person.

He and Big Miss were like a perfect match when standing together.

But that outside man… he was good-looking as well, but his ident.i.ty… The yama’s people paid 50 million to look for him, so what’s it?

Ming Shu said quietly, “He’s good, but he’ll never become the one that I want.”

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