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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 493 - The Crown Of Darkness (20)

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Chapter 493: The Crown Of Darkness (20)

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Qianzhou still maintained their ancient buildings. All the buildings would not be higher than five stories. The environment in Jiangnan was carefree and calm. It was a good place to retire.

But Qianzhou… was an expensive city.

At Qianzhou, you could find a someone worth one million almost anywhere.

All the sceneries here were created with money, especially those old four courtyard houses. You might not even be able to buy them even if you have the money to.

Wen family was very famous in Qianzhou, not only because they were in the mafia trade, but also because their familiy had been pa.s.sed down for a century.

The Wen family had a house that no one else could buy. It was really big and looked like the kind of place that people lived in the olden days.

“Big Miss is back.”

“Big Miss is back.”

The moment Ming Shu stepped into the house, all the servants started shouting. In the memory of the host, they were always like this. Ming Shu walked into the house calmly.

Father Wen was wearing a Taichi costume and walked out happily. His slightly plump body shook when he ran over. “My daughter is back.”

Father Wen smiled with wrinkles all over his face. You would never know that he was an all-powerful boss last time, He seemed more like a retired old man who drinks tea and walked the birds.


“Yes yes,” father Wen pulled Ming Shu inside, “I knew that you all coming back so I made braised duch for you. Look at you, you look like a monket. People would think that I abuse you.”

Ming Shu smiled happily when she heard that there was food and followed father Wen into the dining hall.

The servants had been preparing for an entire day. They knew that the first thing father Wen would do would be feeding his daughter.

However, the Wen Yi last time didn’t really like to eat. Father Wen never felt satisfied feeding the host. Now that it was Ming Shu, father Wen felt very satisfied.

“My daughter’s appet.i.te has gotten better,” father Wen smiled happily, “daughter, are you pregnant?”


Ming Shu almost spitted the drink on father Wen’s face. She quickly swallowed it to prevent it from being wasted.

“Father, who told you that I am in a relationship?” Even if Shangguan Qi was chasing her, she never accepted him. There was no way father Wen would not know this.

“It was Little Rong,” father Wen felt very innocent, “he said that you might be in love. Shangguan Qi is still chasing you. Daughter, two-timing is not something that our family does.”

Ming Shu looked at Green Hair who was standing outside the dining hall and looking at the clouds. What on earth did he tell Father Wen?

Who is two-timing?

I haven’t even one-time yet!

Father Wen continued, “daughter. I feel that the Shangguan guy is not bad. Don’t date people that you don’t know. Just get together with the Shangguan guy. We know everything about him and I will be at ease too. If he dares to bully you, I will ruin his family.”

Ming Shu: “..” So you think that he is not bad just because you can get hold of them and destroy them easily?

I can’t afford to provoke you.

Eat food eat food.

Father Wen played a one man’s show enthusiastically. However, he continued to emphasized that she must not two-time.

“Father Wen, I don’t even have a boyfriend now. How can I two-time?” Ming Shu finally managed to interrupt father Wen, “can you let me eat my food quietly?”

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“Then you can’t flirt with two man at the same time. I heard Little Rong said that you saved a man last time and even… kissed him,” father Wen did a cute handsign which represented two person kissing. He blew his beard and stared at her, “our family don’t do this.

At 11 pm, Ming Shu was already asleep. She heard the sound of the door opening and then her body was engulfed in cold air. She instinctively kicked the person.

Her leg was pressed against the bed and a cold kiss landed on her nose. A familiar voice sounded, “Miss Wen, are you planning to abuse your future happiness?”

Ming Shu stopped struggling. In the dim light, her small voice sounded really clear, “Mister Yan, when did you change your occupation to become a theif?”

If I didn’t know that it was you, would an idiot like you be able to come in?!

Do you think that I am weak?

“You can change occupation to become a of a mental hospital, why can’t I change to become a thief?” Yan Zhan released some of his strength and kissed her lips. Two breaths interwined, lingering and ambiguous. Miss Wen tucked into his arms softly. The fire in Yan Zhan’s heart started burning. His voice was hoa.r.s.e, “should I get an award for being able to steal Miss Wen?”

Ming Shu smiled. “you are too confident of yourself. A thief can only eat the rice at the police station. Would you like to experience it?”

Do you think that you are the only one that speaks well!

I will not argue with you!

Yan Zhan rolled his eyes. Of course, under the dim lighting, Ming Shu couldn’t see anything so Yan Zhan didn’t bother hiding his expression. He just kissed her lips directly, grinding and biting it…

He seemed to be venting some emotions or trying to show his dominance.

This emotion was strange but familiar.

Ming Shu felt uncomfortable from his kiss and started struggling. Yan Zhan held her hand, “why? Don’t you think that it is a bit too late to resist now?”

“Uncomfortable,” Ming Shu hummed.

Her voice was weak. It sounded like a whisper and a whine. Yan Zhan’s heart softened. He asked without thinking, “did I hurt you?”

“What do you think? You bite me. Do you think that I am edible?”

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