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墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 492 - The Crown Of Darkness (19)

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Chapter 492: The Crown Of Darkness (19)

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Dense gunshots sounded intermittently for around 10 minutes. When ti stopped, there were only smokes of the gunpowrder and blood left.

Xia Xian walked out from the shadows and kicked the people who were lying on the floor, dead.

“They are at their wit’s end,” Xia Xian looked behind.

Yan Zhan was standing not far away. The moonlight shone on his face and formed deep shadows on it. He looked down at the handphone.

Xia Xian didn’t hear Yan Zhan’s voice and felt a bit weird. However, the next second, he heard Yan Zhan’s cold voice, “haul the net.”

“Yama Yan,” Xia Xian was shocked, “it is not time yet.”

Although the other party was at their wit’s end, it was not the time to haul the net yet.

Yan Zhan kept his phone. Viciousness stained his eyes and he almost gritted his teeth and he pushed the words out, “haul the net. I do not want to repeat myself thrice.”

Xia Xian: “…”

What did Yama Yan see just now!

At a spinning restaurant of a five-star hotel.

The environment was refined and peaceful. The warm yellow lights created an ambiguous aura. Fresh flowers were placed in the flower pot on the table and calm music floated through the air. A simple but elegant smell lingered in the air.

Ming Shu was eating her steak calmly. Shangguan Qi smiled as he looked at her and strike some conversations occasionally to prevent the atmosphere from becoming too awkward.

This was the scene Yan Zhan saw.

How can he not be angry?

F**k there are always people trying to make him voilate his character setting and trying to dig his woman away.

Of course, at this moment, Ming Shu didn’t know that Yan Zhan was almost exploding with anger. If she did, she might add oil to the fire.

“Little Yi, does this satisfy you? Shangguan Qi asked thoughtfully only after Ming Shu placed her cutleries down.

“Yes, it is not bad.” It was nicer than the other restaurants but couldn’t be compared to what the female protagonist and male protagonist made. If they opened a restaurant, they would defintely become big chefs.

Shangguan Qi waved. He signalled the attendant to clear the plates and served the dessert.

“Little Yi, I am very sorry about what happened at the banquet. You suffered much,” Shangguan Qi apologised gently, “I have a present for you.”

He pushed a gift bag over, “I don’t know if you like it or not but I think that it suits you. You will definiteyl look good when you wear it.”

The logo on the bag belonged to a famous luxury jewelry brand.

“It was directed at me and had nothing to do with you. Do not apologise,” Ming Shu gid into the dessert and ate it in small mouths. She rejected Shangguan Qi’s gift.

If she was here for the food this time, she had now decided that she would not have a meal with Shangguan Qi anymore. No snacks could make her changed her decision.

Shangguan Qi had feelings for her.

Whether it was the Host Wen Yi or her, they should keep a distance from him.

If that person gets jealous and kills her target again, what will she do?

“Are you still angry at me?”


“Accept the gift then.”

Ming Shu put her spoon down and leaned back slightly. She looked at Shangguan Qi and smiled lightly, “second mister, I don’t like you. Don’t waste time and effort on me.”

Shangguan Qi was stunned. He didn’t expect Ming Shu to say it out so directly.

“It might not be pleasant to the ear but I feel that these things should be said clearly. It is not good to waste both of time,” Ming Shu’s voice was clear, “thanks for you treat today.”

Shangguan Qi’s dazed expression disappeared and he resumed his gentle composure. However, he was a bit nervous, “Little Yi, do you have someone that you like?”

Ming Shu kept quiet for a few seconds, “yes.”

Shangguan Qi stopped breathing for a moment. He mummered, “yes… how come…”

However, he accepted it quickly and said sincerely, “since you are not married yet, I still have a chance, right? Little Yi, you won’t take away my chance to chase you, correct?”

Ming Shu: “…”

Harmony System, can you don’t anyhow give me love lines?

I don’t need them!


A little demon is enough for me to handle.

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Yan Zhan.

Ming Shu lifted her ming shu[a] and got onto the car to leave the place.

The robber was hiding around a corner of the street. He patted his chest and sent a message over.

— Yama Yan, I tried my best. Miss Wen threw it away.

— okay.

The reply was so simple, the robber didn’t know what to think of it.

He felt stifled. Can he not do this again? It is easier to kill someone than to act blur and be a robber.

He felt the Miss Wen was looking at him as though he was an idiot just now.

Even he felt that he was an idiot.

Which robber s.n.a.t.c.hed something and then give the victim another gift?

Of course, he didn’t dare to complain to Yan Zhan.

The Liang family wasn’t having a good time recently. It seemed as though Shangguan family did something so Liang Chen was not having a good time too. Ming Shu had not received any news from him for a long time and she couldn’t get any Hatred Points.

Also, Shangguan Qi didn’t give up. He would sent people to give her food, flowers and jewelley. Everyone in the circle knew that second young mister Shangguan was chasing her.

However, every time the things reached her, it would be changed.

The person s.n.a.t.c.hing it was always the same robber. He just s.n.a.t.c.hed her things only and always compensated her with other things.

The robber felt helpless too. He didn’t want to be a robber without any future.

Shangguan Qi and her issue reached the ears of the old master. He specially made a call to ask her about it.

In the end, he called her back.

The monthly father-daughter renuion show was going to start soon.

The old master was at Qianzhou. It would take 1.5 hours on a plane to reach there. Ming Shu settled everything in Green City and boarded the plane to go and meet the old master.

Everytime she went back, old master would prepare a full table of food. Hence, she was going back to eat those food.

Anyone with food is my big brother.

[a]what goes here??

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