Coming of the Villain Boss!

墨泠 - Mo Ling

Chapter 491 - The Crown Of Darkness (18)

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Chapter 491: The Crown Of Darkness (18)

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#Big mister of the Liang family appeared on the streets unkempt, attempting to attack the ladies on the street#

#A mad big mister of the Liang family#

All kinds of headlines started appearing without a pause. When Liang Chen woke up, this was the nightmare he saw.

He stared at his phone with a furious expression. The red headlines were bold and they were stinging his eyes. His eyes were almost exploding with anger.

He remembered what had happened clearly in his mind.

He was brought to a secluded alley. Ming Shu was eating candies and smiling as she waited for him.

He didn’t know how she knew that it was him but her firm tone and…

Liang Chen couldn’t stand it anymore and admitted it.


She forced him to drink the remaining half of the orange juice and threw him on the streets when the medicine started to take effect.

In order to make sure that she made a fool of herself, he purposely chose those that had a stronger effect. When those medicines were used on him, Liang Chen could still remember the feeling.


Liang Chen threw the things around him on the ground. His eyes were blood red.

The people outside heard the commotion, “aiyo, Chen’er, what happen to you?”

The person who came in was mother Chen. She was very worried, “Chen’er, it’s good that you woke up. Don’t worry, I will settle everything.”

“How can you settle it? Everyone knows that I…” Liang Chen’s voice became higher but he stopped towards the end.

The whole world knew that he…

Mother Liang immediately consoled him, “it’s okay, worse come to worse, we can go overseas until everything die down. In society today, the news would just last for a while. No one will remember it after a few days. Chen’er, don’t worry. I will not let you be wrong. Tell me, who did it?”

Mother, I want revenge!” Liang Chen’s eyes were vicious.

“Okay okay, tell me, who did it?” mother Liang loved her son. Now that something like this happened to her son, how can she not hate? “I will definitely take revenge for you.”

“Take what revenge?” a dignified looking man appeared outside the door. His eyes looked very similar to Liang Chen’s, “the other party had sent me an invitation!”

Father Liang threw the invitation on Liang Chen’s body and scolded him furiously, “look at you. Of all the people you can provoke, why must you go and provoke Wen Yi? I thought that you have a change of heart for the last few days but in a blink of an eye, you created such huge troubles for me.”

Liang Chen took the invitation and had a look.

His expression immediately became hideous. She actually complained to his father and told him about how he tried to drug her. That was why she undertake such a difficult job and taught him a lesson.

She even drew a smiley face at the bottom.

Extremely arrogant.

She was blatantly telling him that, yes she did it. What could you do to her?

Liang Chen opened his mouth but could only say weakly, “father… she harmed me. She was the one that drugged me.”

It was all because of Wen Yi. She was the one that caused him to become like this. SHe purposely threw him on the streets and created such a piece of ugly news for him.

Father Liang was burning with anger, “harm you? If you don’t provoke her, will she harm you? Do you think that she is very free?”

Mother Liang was not happy. She stood up for Liang Chen, “what are you saying? Our child met such a huge grievance. How can you not help him and talk for the other party? What kind of father are you?”

“This happened because you are always pampering him. Look at what he turned into. When he was young, you said that we should let him play. When he grows up, he will become sensible. Now? He even asks for my business a few days ago. If I give my business to him, how would he spend it away?”

Mother Liang still protected Liang Chen, “isn’t it a good thing that the child wants to try his hand on your business? If you don’t let him try, how will he grow up?”

Father Liang was really angry. He didn’t want to talk to mother Liang and pointed at Liang Chen, “let me tell you, Liang Chen. From today onwards, you will stay at home. You are not allowed to go anywhere. If you dare to go out, I will break your leg.”

Mother Liang seemed to have noticed that father Liang was really angry this time and chased after him when he left with his hands behind his back.

Liang Chen held the invitation with the smiley face. The more he looked at it, the more sarcastic it seemed. He tore it up and threw it on the floor. Then, he stepped on it as though he could step on the person who wrote this letter.

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Ming Shu just asked Green Hair to throw Liang Chen away. Who knew that he would throw him on the streets and create such big havoc. However, since there were Hatred Points to gain, Ming Shu just went with it.

Green Hair: “…” How would I know!

He was just in charge of taking a call. Who ask Big Miss to place her phone anywhere.

Ming Shu stretched out her hand. Green Hair gave her the handphone respectfully. However, Ming Shu didn’t take it. She just pressed the speaker b.u.t.ton and continued eating her cherries.


“Little Yi,” Shangguan Qi’s pleasant voice came from the phone, “am I interrupting you?”

“No, why?” Ming Shu was neither enthusiastic nor impolite. Her voice was filled with smiles and there was nothing wrong with it.

“I am really sorry for the issue last time. I want to treat you to a meal. There is a new hotel that opened recently and I heard that the food there is not bad. Will you be free?”



Shangguan Qi chuckled, “Okay, night at 6 pm. We will meet at city hall okay?”

Shangguan Qi didn’t say that he would come to fetch Ming Shu because he knew that her status was different. Her location was always kept a secret. This was a thoughtful gesture.

After hanging up, Green Hair came over, “Big Miss, are you going on a date?”

“What date? There is food.”

Green Hair: “…”

The second mister of the Shangguan family is obviously asking you for a date!

Your main focus was on food?!

How can Big Miss get married next time?

No, the man last time… Big Miss seemed to like him. However, he was h.e.l.l’s man. If he wasn’t they could still find ways to get him over.

While Green Hair was having a bee in his head, Ming Shu was thinking about what she should eat for lunch.

Dinner is settled but lunch is not.

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